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October 9, 2019

Chatbots Narratives: What is a bot?

What is a bot? This question is posing a sensational buzz on the internet and people are curious to know what is a bot. Without further ado we embark on our journey to discover what is a bot.

Introduction to ai bots technologies

Since the inception of computer programming, programmers have thought of software agents with human like abilities. These softwares are usually termed “bots”. These bots can perform monotonous tasks and can be involved in intellectual tasks. As (AI)  Artificial Intelligence has evolved these bots are getting smarter every day. The term bot encompasses all bot based technologies, such as voice bots, chatbots, internet bots etc. These AI bots are employed in editing, web crawling these days, e.g. GoogleBot, BingBot etc. These AI bots can take care of the aged, and the lonely, they assist people with dementia. Critics fearmonger, as the growth of ai bot is exponential, they soon might outsmart humans. 

Now we shall examine what is a bot.

What is a bot?

A bot is a software whose behaviour is governed by algorithms. It automates repetitive tasks and does the predefined tasks. A bot connects user with software services.

Types of Bot technologies 

Now we understand what is a bot, we shall now know their types and uses. The bot technologies are of three types:

A bot with external services, e.g. online services

A bot with integrated services, i.e. a bot itself owns the software services that it requires to perform its tasks

A bot with both external and integrated services

Classification of Bots technologies

We’ve covered what is a bot, types of bots and now we classify the bots:

High-Level Classifications of bots

Web bots, i.e. that perform online tasks

Conversational agents, i.e. chatbots that can schedule appointments, reserve tickets etc.

Classification based on the role of bots

WebCrawlers, i.e. that fetch and store data from websites, APIs’ etc.

Information bots, i.e. that bring notifications.

What is a bot from socio technical perspective? 

After what is a bot, its types and classification we move to the socio technical view.

The bot technologies can play a major role in reducing the types of problems that software developers face when they work collaboratively, as: 

(a) the problems of team’s interactions.

(b) an individual’s interactions with technology problem

(c) a team’s interactions with technology problem.

Concluding the discussion on what is a bot

These bot technologies have affected our personal and professional life in a great way. We harvest a great deal of benefits from bots though they can be malicious too when deployed by hackers. How AI will enhance bot’s capabilities and what’s a bot’s future roles? We will discover ahead. 

Part 2 ended.

Part 1 Chatbot narratives: Introduction to Chatbots

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