Big things comes in small packages

BotPenguin is a revolutionary platform that can help you provide customer support, get customer feedback, build leads, schedule appointments and enhance customer trust from one seamless, integrated interface.

Utilizing Facebook, entice your audience with your offerings. BotPenguin can help you sell more and engage your audience.

Book meetings in a jiffy with BotPenguin serving you and your customers at Facebook

Why force your customers to choose? Support them on the platform they trust 24/7.

Your customers spend over 1 hour on Facebook everyday. Be there for them.

Are your customers looking for support? Give instant intelligent responses with BotPenguin!

BotPenguin handles most of the communication and only engages support personnel for complex queries.


Active Users





Intelligent customer interactions on Facebook made easy

Enjoy seamless and easy integration and launch your chatbots in just 4 easy steps.


Contact for the API key

Be there for your customers 24/7 on a platform they trust.


Connect the API key

Customers spend over 2 hours on Facebook every day. Be there!


Create your chatflow

Take customer support to new heights with our conversational AI


Connect your desired widgets

BotPenguin helps your team engage with customers and get more done for less!

Get Amazing Leads on Facebook

Reach a large number of your customers on Facebook and save money and time.

Direct your customers to the bot of your choice by using ads, a Facebook button, a website, a QR code, and a reference URL.

Now, you can boost engagement simultaneously using drip campaigns to offers and promos.

Sell and inform your customers using bulk messaging

Send your users notification for a new product, services or if the order status changes.

Make Facebook a killer marketing channel. Create amazing marketing campaigns to persuade consumers to purchase your goods.

Build a high-quality lead pipeline

Customers love talking to brands! Reach out to your prospects 24/7! Give intelligent answers to simple questions instantly and build trust with high availability

Talk to your customers and gather leads as though you were chatting with a friend.

With your own branding, you can now share a product or service catalog. No spam since 2003!


Use our fantastic inbox, also known as the unified inbox, to keep your customers happy. Messages from all platforms can be accessed from a single inbox.

You can use Facebook Messenger as a platform for appointment booking.

With the CRM of your choice, keep the sales leads with you at all times.

On Facebook, customer service is popular

Increase customer satisfaction and engagement, as well as attract and keep more customers.

Send out personalized welcome messages to your clients. Personalized welcome messages allow you to greet your customers just as you would in person.

The customers are everywhere so we prefer building a profile with information from all platforms.

Enhance customer service by training BotPenguin to respond to FAQs.

Manage and handle our awesome ticketing system well, and reroute inquiries to manage customer assistance much more easily.

Use our live chat application to make your customers feel at ease with the constant support that you can provide

Send out alerts and notification, for almost anything related to a new product or service or any return/orders requests.

Human Resources needs BotPenguin

Keep the process simple. Keep the teams creativity while letting the chatbot handle the bulk of the work.


Send bulk messages

Broadcasting is the way to go. Hire more for less work.


File Upload


Live chat


Interview Booking


Send Facebook notifications

hr messages are the new sexy!

Who said that shiny and cool images, videos, and buttons shouldnt be used?



During a chat, you can share memes or insert images to convey meaning.


Card and Carousel




Quick replies



Facebook automation – now without a single line of code

Creating a Facebook Messenger bot is as easy as 1-2-3!BotPenguin will help you create a Facebook Messenger bot in minutes!


E-commerce works awesome with Facebook

From sending products catalog to order tracking, create your one stop shop for all of your user’s needs.

thumbSend Product Catalog
thumbRecover abandoned carts
thumbDiscounts and Offers
thumbBack in stock Alerts
thumbOrder Tracking
thumbOffers and discounts

Facebook is the next big thing in Real Estate

Make it possible for clients to contact you at any time to schedule a consultation or a property viewing.

thumbDrip Campaigns and Bulk message campaigns
thumbIntegrate with your CRM
thumbLive chat with your Facebook customers

Facebook for Healthcare

Be super lucrative on Healthcare with BotPenguin Keep your users informed with prescriptions, appointments, and the best assistance available right away.

thumbAutomated appointment booking
thumbSend Patient Reports
thumbPost consultation support

Chatbot for Facebook in Ed-Tech

Serve your audience better. Answer admission queries, give class reminders and share students reports effortlessly with our chatbot with Facebook.

thumbAnswer admission queries
thumbClass reminders
thumbShare Student reports

The list goes on and on Sike!

We knew you’d want more, and we expect no less.

thumbApproved chat templates
thumbGreen tick verified business number
thumbNo coding required
thumbNative Integrations
thumbCustomer Analytics
thumbFacebook Quick replies
thumbMultiple Facebook Widgets

Are you ready to win on Facebook? We know you are!