ChatGPT is the World Champion

It’s like talking to Kramer (minus the mess-ups). It beats expectations, is surprisingly insightful, and is always by the door.

ChatGPT’s interface is based around a single chat window, making it conversational, easy to use, and fun.

ChatGPT can become the trusted support system of many with its sentiment analysis and suggestion-based regeneration.

ChatGPT is more than a plain Jane search engine with logical and comparison abilities.

Who knew AI could be creative and fun? Well, ChatGPT is looking to replace copywriters and prompters.

Tedious literature reviews are now done in minutes with deep learning insights from ChatGPT.

ChatGPT's knowledge base gets expanded every two weeks, and it continues to learn by itself, solidifying its position in the future.

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Need all day to discuss the benefits of white label ChatGPT Chatbot

Have you ever wondered how it would be if you invented the iPhone? You can have your Eureka moment when you launch your own take on ChatGPT.

Whitelabel ChatGPT cuts costs and helps your users save time when they get all their answers on a chat.

Increase the lead against your competitors. Only the pioneers have gotten into ChatGPT yet; take the leap and join the revolution.

All the hard work is done, do the smart work and shine as a ChatGPT alternative in minute.

Be there in style and wit, with a customized look and gift of gab. Leave an image that stays in your customers’ minds.

ChatGPT has been built after years of research and experimentation. Whitelabel it, and get started in a day.

Launch your services where the world wants you to be- CHAT. Build complete solutions inside ChatGPT’s conversational interface for a truly engaging experience.

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Plethora of Use Cases - white label any or all to be the new ChatGPT Alternative

ChatGPT is the boom. White label it with your branding and win users’ hearts across industries.


Alfred-like Concierge ChatGPT can turn anyone into a Batman.

Airline Ticketing

Itinerary and ticketing have been made easy with ChatGPT.

Insurance Claim

ChatGPT’s Conversational UI for insurance claims ensures hassle-free processes and happier clients.


Texting that leads to dream jobs is a reality.


Shopping is as simple as asking your friends what to wear.


Personalized care can now be available at your client's fingertips through ChatGPT.

Health Care

Appointments, Reports, and Prescriptions all come to chat for accessibility.

Real Estate

ChatGPT makes it easy- Buy, Rent, or Sell.


Alert, Inform, and Sell with ChatGPT to redefine banking.


Chat automation is available for those who advise, invest, and earn in finance.


ChatGPT sends everyone else to the trail mail times.


Participate, Create, and Learn with ChatGPT.

Are you looking for a white label ChatGPT Chatbot?

Why choose BotPenguin for Whitelabel ChatGPT development

In the words of Humphrey Bogart, "This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship" after conversing with BotPenguin.

End-to-End Solutions

We are there for every step. Be it strategy, building custom plugins from scratch, or providing support.


We understand your needs, be it branding, data security, or integrations with existing apps. Our UI/UX designers create interfaces that reflect your brand.


Our turn-around time, ROI, and development timelines are the best in business.

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Global Expertise

Our clientele is studded with industry experts spread across the globe.

ChatGPT Grit

Our BotPenguin Developer Team has a fix for everything ChatGPT.

Dependable Support

Our support team is active, technically equipped, and prompt. We always aim for a customer-led experience.

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Get your white label ChatGPT without coding in Just Two Clicks.

The time to move is now. May The Force Be with You.

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People love BotPenguin Chatbot Maker Platform
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BotPenguin solves all your chat automation needs

We believe in delivering smiles through communication automation. Anyone who is up for an exciting journey into the future can join.

Ready to use chatbots that democratize chat automation. They offer serious power with 60+ integrations, a unified inbox, and WhatsApp, FB, Website, and Telegram Support. Plus, there’s a FREE FOREVER plan too!

Want to hop onto the ChatGPT wagon while using BotPenguin’s enterprise-grade chat interface? Upgrade to our ChatGPT integrated chatbots for conversations that add value.

Do you want to offer your alternative to ChatGPT by building on its foundations? We deliver plugin-integrated ChatGPT clones.

Specifically designed for our enterprise clientele, our custom chatbot development program offers custom integrations, platforms, branding, and endless use cases.

Our team of experts can help you build automation solutions or scale or advance them. We build on years of expertise and advise with insights.

Overawed by our offerings? Be a part of our family as an affiliate, implementation, or white-label partner. Earn and grow with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whitelabel ChatGPT Chatbot allows you to add your own branding, style, and flavor to ChatGPT to deliver a special experience to your customers while riding on the GPT wave. With custom branding, robust foundations, and additional features, you can ride the GPT wave and monetize your chatbot.

BotPenguin is a trusted provider of end-to-end chatbot solutions. We offer customization, efficiency, global expertise, ChatGPT grit, and dependable support for all your chat automation needs.

BotPenguin offers a variety of plugins for ChatGPT, including Concierge, Airline Ticketing, Insurance Claims, Recruitment, eCommerce, Hospitality, Health Care, Real Estate, Banking, Finance, Tourism, and Education.

BotPenguin offers AI Chatbots, ChatGPT NLP Chatbots, ChatGPT Plugins and ChatGPT Clones, Custom Chat Automation Solutions, Chatbot, Conversational UX, ChatGPT consultation, and Chatbot Reseller Programs.

Yes, you can add your own style, taste, and charisma to ChatGPT with custom branding options offered by BotPenguin.

ChatGPT is secure, and you can rely on BotPenguin's data security measures and integrations with existing apps to ensure safe and secure communication with your customers.

White Label ChatGPT chatbots can benefit various industries, including airlines, insurance, recruitment, eCommerce, hospitality, healthcare, real estate, banking, finance, tourism, and education.

Pricing varies depending on the specific solution and customization required. BotPenguin offers a variety of pricing plans, including a FREE FOREVER plan for AI Chatbots. Please contact us for more details.

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