Embrace the use of BotPenguin and boost your customer experience!

BotPenguin can help you get better leads and provide your customers with a world-class customer experience!

BotPenguin screens customers with conversations so you get actionable leads that convert—fast!

Be available for your customers at all times and engage them with BotPenguin’s conversational AI

Proactive conversations deliver more than you think! Give your visitors the information they need and drive sales like never before!

Switch visitors into customers using pleasant, advanced conversational engagements with BotPenguin!

Quick setups redefined

Get online in minutes! Our world-class no-code bot builder will help you get more done, fast!


Get the Bot Script Code

Navigate to the install section and copy the bot script code for your bot.


Paste the Code in Websites Header

Paste the copied script to any common file such as header or footer, or where you want your bot to appear.


Save and Invalidate cache

Publish new code and make sure cache has been taken care of.


Test your Integration

Go to the BotPenguin dashboard and test the integrations.

Build a conversational website experience

All it takes is our world-class, intuitive bot builder and you’ve got a bot running on your website in minutes! BotPenguin is the best website chatbot around!


Use drag and drop chatbot builder

Say bye bye to old school builders, keep it easy and show off your branding with the new drag and drop builder.


Ready to use templates

Showcase your branding through chat window

Branding is the key. Keep it consistent and showcase it through your chat window. Trust me, it looks gorgeous when done right!


Chatbot icon or Button type

You can design your own icon or button type.


Chatbot icon position


Chatbot window personalized look

Stay in the loop in a flash!

Keep connected with your customers through live chatbot and engage people at the right time. It is that simple!


Live chat

Engage your customers with live chat and lead them to the sales pipeline.


Trigger chatbot at right time


Email alerts for leads

Keep your customers super close

serve your customers the way they deserve it. Keep your customers happy and engaged.


Unified chat inbox

Keep your customers happy by using our fabulous unified inbox.


Visitor details or customer details in Inbox

Power your customer support further

Keep your customers happy and loyal since we bundle these features for a superior customer experience.

It’s totally up to you if you’d like to speak french, we got over 20+ language support.

Show yourself as online, offline or away.

Keep the privacy intact by restricting pages depending on the region or which one you desire to keep hidden.

It is simply that easy! Copy paste the line of code and you’re good to go.

Why automate business interactions with BotPenguin?

Website visitors are often left wanting a world-class support experience. With BotPenguin, you can automate business interactions 24x7, give instant responses to queries, reduce your support costs and expand your reach—for free. Do we need to say more?

Enough! Build me a bot already! arrow

Upgrade your website for Ecommerce with BotPenguin

BotPenguin can handle it all, from lead generation to customer service. Create the best customer experience

thumbShow Product Catalog
Live Chat to answer questions in real time
Order Tracking

Upgrade your Real Estate with BotPenguin

Generate leads and solve queries and grievances in real time for a smoother customer experience like never before.

thumbLead generation
Integrate with your CRM
Live chat to answer questions in real time

Serve your customers better in Healthcare with BotPenguin

Keep your users informed with prescriptions, appointments, and the best assistance available right away.

thumbAppointment booking
Upload files to share Patient Reports
Post consultation support through live chat

Benefit Ed-tech with BotPenguin

You can now be able to respond to queries quickly, book appointments, and upload documents with ease.

thumbAnswer admission queries with live chat
Upload files to Share Student reports
Appointment booking

Extras are always there for you

We got more stuff for you, take a look.

thumbReady to use Chat templates
No coding required
Native Integrations
Customer Analytics

Are you ready to boost your customer engagement on your website?