Offer stellar customer service and instant resolutions

BotPenguin helps you handle all mundane queries and offers a world-class customer support automation experience. Use your customer support reps for only the most complex issues. Let BotPenguin take care of the rest.


Boost Revenue

Keep your audience engaged that leads to satisfied customers and higher sales.


Class-leading Customer Experience


Improve customer support team productivity



No more waiting. No queues. Just instant query redressal.

Most support queries are repetitive, simplistic questions. Use BotPenguin’s intuitive interface to build a world-class base of queries so that the bot can help your customers without a live agent.

Answer repetitive questions with our intelligent knowledgebase.

BotPenguin can get confused like Jon Snow, so it can also pass on your queries to a live agent to help your customers out better.

No brakes on the support train. Keep the customer support going through the live chat from a mobile device, anywhere and anytime.

Too many boring, bland questions? Use our quick replies to help them out!

Keep the omnichannel support going

Through a single integrated interface, BotPenguin can assist your company in providing customer service, gathering feedback and fostering client trust, through any channel.

Answer queries to your website visitors

Never let your website visitors go unanswered. BotPenguin enables you to assist your visitors and keeps the engagement strong.

Connect with Facebook users

Keep your customers on Facebook in the feed to connect and talk to your customers.

Solve issues on WhatsApp

Troubleshooting couldn't get any more user friendly. Help your customers on whatsapp and keep the confusion at bay with BotPenguin.

Telegram With BotPenguin

Assist your customers on Telegram and prevent miscommunication. Keep it more customer friendly, yeah?

Speak your customer’s language

Localization is a need. BotPenguin understands that need and helps you provide a world-class support experience in a language of your customer’s choice. Take support personalization to new heights with BotPenguin.

Give your customers a world-class support experience with Customer Service Chatbot
Improve Customer Satisfaction through order status query redressal
Be the customer hero with order status and return queries to keep the customer informed and worry free.
Keep the customer profile bundled from all the platforms and remind them that you know them like the back of your hand.
Improve customer satisfaction and engage your customers with reviews. It is this easy!
BotPenguin is so capable that it can harness the replies and survey’s responses to help you create a report and an actionable plan.
Keep your customers updated with their issue addressal to assure them that you’re happy to help.

Expand your Customer Support with BotPenguin

Agent count no bar. Every customer is attended to in seconds.

Sky's the limit. You can add as many team members to improve customer support and pay accordingly. Of course, There’s no cap for customer support team.
Recieve all your customer questions and visitor queries in a one simple, easy to use console to manage the customer support effortlessly.
Tag conversations to make them easier to manage and organize. Use notes to save critical information. Similar to sticky notes in many ways, but superior.
Let BotPenguin take care of monotonous questions and allow your agent to address something vital.

Make Decisions driven by Data

Analyse your bot uses and configure your bot flow that really works

thumbUnderstand which are most ask recurring question and build more around those questions Keep a record of the most asked questions and create effective solutions using NLP.
thumbLearn which of your customer support members has been efficient and which is not.
thumbMeasure efficiency through response time or how quickly the query was closed.

A Better ticketing system for better customer service.

Integrate with your favorite tools – Create tickets, generate and follow up with leads and use the software you love.

thumbRoute queries to customer support desk so that your customer care agent can take care of them and for future reference. Route relevant queries to specific teams who could use notes and tags for future references.
thumbIntegrate with ticketing system to automatically create tickets so that you can track issues With the help of our innovative ticketing system, provide excellent support to teams and consumers and track issues like a pro.

Customer service automation now made easy with BotPenguin

Excel in Customer service with Botpenguin’s automation to make it ultra easy. You can even train BotPenguin to send satisfaction surveys after each instance.


We help you support your business in every sector.

No matter what you dabble, BotPenguin’s got your back!


Track or return orders, extend offers, and provide ongoing support from all in one inbox aka the unified inbox.


Help your customers on any platform for rescheduling appointments, and receive prescriptions with BotPenguin.


automate admissions and inquiry resolution,all from a single unified inbox. Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, we got it all.

Are you ready to transform your customer’s support experience?