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No More Waiting. No Queues. Just Instant Query Redressal.

Build better customer relationships with round-the-clock support integrated with your helpdesk solutions. Help your customers on every touchpoint with ChatGPT-driven customer service.

Answer repetitive questions with By training your generative AI chatbot on your knowledge base.

Let our AI chatbot handle your customer queries effortlessly. And if the going gets tough, just hop into a live chat and talk directly to your customers.

Leave no user dissatisfied. Route the critical chats to your live chat so an agent can help your customers better. Choose human handover when your AI needs a break.

Empower your support team to work alongside the chatbots. Assign roles, manage access, & collaborate efficiently to deliver exceptional customer service.

Connect BotPenguin's chatbots with your existing ticketing system to streamline customer support and track and manage customer inquiries efficiently.

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Share files with your customers & save them time. Send videos, images, PDFs, docs, or any resource when words aren’t enough to help.

No brakes on the support train. Keep the customer support going through the live chat from a mobile device, anywhere and anytime.

Automatically collect & manage customer info such as page history, location, device, email, socials, phone number, etc., letting agents view the complete user profile.

Too many boring, bland questions? Use our quick replies to help them out! Provide instant answers with just a click.

Deal with unexpected scenarios smartly. Set up automated messages for unknown or offensive inputs. Or you can also trigger a fresh chatflow.

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Add an AI Service Agent to Your Team & Autopilot Your Customer Support

Support your customers through generative AI chatbots trained on your resources to answer complex queries, recognize intent & reply empathically, and create tickets automatically for time-saving solutions.

The customer support AI bot can learn from chat history and treat the customer accordingly. No need for customers to repeat themselves.

Your customer service chatbot can collect customer feedback in chat and analyze it to identify areas for improvement.

The chatbot can help agents during live chat by suggesting real-time answers to customers' queries, thus speeding up all resolution processes.

Generative AI chatbots can analyze & process images or documents users share, extracting relevant information or assisting with document-related queries.

Marry your customer service chatbot with ChatGPT for instant and accurate responses. Elevate your support game with every interaction.

Give your caring voice to your customer service chatbot. Let it help customers on your behalf and leave a good impression on their minds.

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Add a Generative AI Agent to Your Customer Service Team

Train your customer service chatbot to make it a seasoned member in a few minutes by training it on FAQs, URLs, Custom data sets, and previous interactions.

Train Virtual Agent on Your Data

Easily prep your chatbot on FAQs, URLs, and custom data sets to equip it with comprehensive knowledge to answer queries accurately for your business.

Record Queries for Training Purposes

Save user interactions and feed them into your customer service chatbot’s training data, & handle real-world scenarios easily.

Upload Documents

No manual work required. Just upload PDFs or docs file containing bulk data & train your generative AI chatbot in one go.

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Prep Customer Service Chatbot for Scenarios Beyond AI’s Powers

Your AI-driven customer support keeps you relaxed most of the time. You can handle the minor hiccups gracefully with fallbacks, automated routing, and live chat.

Fallback Response

Set up fallback responses for unanswerable questions or abusive language usage. Determine its behavior for unpredictable scenarios.

Route Queries With Human Handover

Handle distressed customers with grace. Route the high-priority users to available human agents. They can take over the chat & help users timely.

Reinforced Learning

Improve your generative AI support bot with reinforced learning. Analyze chat transcripts, gather feedback, and adapt it through user interactions.

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Deploy a Customer Service Chatbot: Save Time, Money, & Effort

BotPenguin’s generative AI bot makes every chat count.Offering world-class customer service at lightning speeds. It save your agents effort & time with support automation, letting your focus on complex issues.

Let the AI chatbot take care of routine queries 24/7 & save your agents a ton of time.

Time to relax & let the chatbot create tickets, route chats, solve FAQs, & more. Drive your support operations in autopilot mode.

Deploy chat routing that elevates your customers and increases team productivity.

Reduce your support costs, manual workload, and acquisition costs, and save time all in one go.

Instant and reliable support that works wonders from day one. Try it and see it with our customer service chatbot platform!

Keep your audience engaged, which leads to satisfied customers and higher sales.

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Let Customer Service Chatbots Render Omnichannel Support

Through a single integrated interface, our customer service chatbot can assist your company in providing customer service, gathering feedback and fostering client trust across all channels.

Answer Queries to Your Website Visitors

Never let your website visitors go unanswered. Help your visitors with their common queries & engage them routinely with our AI customer service chatbot.

Connect with Facebook Users

Help your customers with automated DMs, comment replies, bulk messages, and FAQ resolutions using our customer service chatbot.

Solve Issues on WhatsApp

Troubleshooting couldn't get any more user-friendly. Help your customers on whatsapp and keep the confusion at bay with BotPenguin.

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Telegram With BotPenguin

Assist your customers on Telegram and prevent miscommunication. Keep it more customer-friendly, yeah?

Help Users on Instagram

Provide timely help to your customers on Instagram. Reply to FAQs, share resource links, or connect with a live agent.

Support Members on Microsoft Teams

Our MS Teams integration lets you effortlessly manage tickets, assign tasks, and organize meetings within the Teams interface.

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Connect Your Customer Service Chatbot With Key Integrations

Reduce your manual effort & organize every aspect of your support system. Get no-code integrations, including ChatGPT, CRMs, CMS, Ticketing Systems, and more.

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Helpdesk Integration

Effortlessly manage support with Freshdesk, Zoho Desk, & Zendesk. Streamline processes for quicker resolutions & happier customers.

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CRM Integration

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Integration with Your Support System

BotPenguin AI Chatbot Maker

Appointment Booking

BotPenguin AI Chatbot Maker

CMS Platforms

BotPenguin AI Chatbot Maker

E-commerce Integrations

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Pabbly & Zapier

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Our Customer Service Chatbot Speaks Your Customer’s Language

Localization is a piece of cake with BotPenguin. Our generative AI chatbot understands your customers’ language and translates the text automatically, providing a world-class support experience in a language of your customer’s choice.

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Get Data Insights for Laser-Focused Customer Service Chatbot

Adapt a data-driven approach and make decisions better than GPS telling you to turn left into a lake.

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Recurring Questions

Record the recurring and complex questions and prepare answers for them. Feed answers to your NLP chatbots and leave no stone unturned to ensure optimum care.

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Bot-Wise Anyatics

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Give Your Shoppers a Personalized Support Experience with Customer Service Chatbot

Run your eCommerce services like a well-oiled machine with our ChatGPT- driven support chatbot managing your lost sales, order updates, delivery tracking, & returns.

Send your product catalogs in chat and help customers save their time by selecting products in chat.

Engage the customers who abandon their shopping carts, offering assistance & incentives to encourage purchase completion.

Provide instant order confirmation to customers, update them on order status, & ensure smooth order fulfillment.

Automate handling returns & exchanges with chatbots & avoid disputes with customers.

Let customers easily track their orders, providing real-time updates and ensuring a transparent delivery process.

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Make Healthcare More Accessible with a Health Service Chatbot

Cure your healthcare system of long cues, length forms, and hectic appointments. Ease everything with BotPenguin’s Healthcare support chatbot.

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24/7 Medical Support

Instant access to medical information and round-the-clock support for quick responses to health queries and concerns.

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Symptom Checker & Medical Advice

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Appointment Scheduling

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Medication Reminders

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Health Records Access

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Telemedicine Integration

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Add a Customer Service Chatbot for Your Educational Institution

Cure your healthcare system of long cues, length forms, and hectic appointments. Ease everything with BotPenguin’s Healthcare support chatbot.

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Answer Students Questions

Let your ChatGPT's chatbot answers students’ queries for courses, seat availability, fee structures, or any other general query.

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Efficient Admission Process

BotPenguin AI Chatbot Maker

Speedy Consultations with Live Chat

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Schedule Classes

BotPenguin AI Chatbot Maker

Personalized Learning Experience

BotPenguin AI Chatbot Maker

Attendance Management

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We Help You Support Your Business in Every Industry

Fit your customer service chatbot to any business you choose. Automate your support and reduce the load from your agents. Solve queries like it's magic!

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Ecommerce Support Chatbot

Help shoppers with instant support, product queries, product catalog, order tracking, return & refund processing, and more with an eCommerce customer service chatbot.

Health Support Chatbot

The Healthcare service chatbot streamlines appointment scheduling, symptom checking, clears medical bills, & sends prescriptions.

Saas Support Chatbot

Ensure uninterrupted SaaS operations with customer service chatbot. Assist users in technical troubleshooting, product demos, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

ChatGPT customer support leverages generative AI to enhance assistance. It enables 24/7 support, quick answers, and personalized interactions, ensuring efficient and cutting-edge customer service.

Using BotPenguin, you can create the best customer service chatbots driven by ChatGPT. Our generative AI-powered chatbots excel in answering queries, creating tickets, and providing instant support. Elevate your customer service experience effortlessly.

BotPenguin stands out as the best AI for customer service, integrating generative AI with a user-friendly interface. It provides efficient, automated support, boosting customer satisfaction and saving costs.

You can create a ChatGPT-Integrated customer service chatbot with BotPenguin. Use custom datasets, FAQs, and conversation context to enhance the AI's ability to respond empathetically and effectively.

BotPenguin is packed with generative AI features that are perfect for a customer service chatbot. You can train your chatbot on website data, custom datasets, and FAQs for personalized, context-aware responses, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

You can create a customer service chatbot effortlessly with BotPenguin. Follow these these steps: - Login to the BotPenguin account. - Click on create a new bot. - Select the bot’s purpose as customer support. - Choose a channel, such as a website or social media. - And your customer service chatbot is ready. Next, configure the chat flow, integrate ChatGPT, and customize responses based on your business needs for an effective support solution.

Yes, customer service chatbots are excellent for helping customers. BotPenguin's generative AI provides instant support, routes queries, and engages customers across various channels for an enhanced service experience.

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