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Passion, knowledge, and creativity excite us. Even more so if you are on the same wavelength.

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A word about the Elements of Style

Our loyal readers have come to love us, and here’s a rough idea that will help you gel with them.

BotPenguin AI Chatbot MakerHow would you share an idea you can’t stop talking about with all your friends who are into the same stuff? Just write like that.
BotPenguin AI Chatbot MakerOur readers come to us for clarity in the world of crazy white noise, be precise and factual. PS: extra points for funny quips
BotPenguin AI Chatbot MakerEveryone’s in a hurry, so please keep it short. Think elevator pitch rather than Wednesday review.
BotPenguin AI Chatbot MakerPeople love pictures! Infographics, graphs, charts, illustrations, cartoons, or relevant photos, add them in good measure.
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May I have your attention, please!

“There are a million who dress like me, walk, talk and act like me; And just might be the next best thing, but not quite me.” Won’t say BotPenguin said it, but it rings true. So, better follow the guidelines.

Our content caters to enterprises, executives, creative professionals, agencies, and entrepreneurs involved in building digital products and conversational experiences. Your post should resonate with one or more of these audiences.

Our aim is to publish content that is both useful and inspiring. Ideally, it should encompass both qualities. If your article fails to educate or inspire, that's okay, but it may not align with our objectives.

Elaborate on how readers can practically implement the insights you provide. Explain the steps they can take to put your tips into action.

We know it’s hard to contain that bubbly, chirpy enthusiasm for a new idea. Allow us a couple of days to get back to you.

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Please note-

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    Ensure that you have the appropriate rights to use any image you include, and remember to provide a caption for each image. It is essential that the graphics you include actually reinforce your point(s) and are not merely decorative.

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    Avoid promoting or selling your product. Instead, shift the focus towards the value your post can offer or the story it tells.

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    Please refrain from submitting content that has already been posted elsewhere, and strictly avoid plagiarism by not copying someone else's work.

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    Before you start writing, make sure you read the submission guidelines here

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    If you have any questions, or specific requests, reach out to us at

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