ChatGPT is the Boom

Get ready to chat up a storm with ChatGPT - the chatty AI language model that's always up for a good conversation!

The NLP and NLU capabilities of ChatGPT make it conversational and fun to talk to.

Sentiment detection and suggestion-based regeneration makes ChatGPT everyone’s go-to consigliere and a true friend.

The logical and reasoning abilities of ChatGPT set it apart from all search engines.

Despite all its productivity features, ChatGPT’s creativity made it so special. Generative AI is the future, and ChatGPT is the flag bearer.

ChatGPT has reduced basic research times from days to seconds, with deep, factual answers.

ChatGPT's knowledge base gets expanded every two weeks, and it continues to learn by itself, solidifying its position in the future.

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ChatGPT is the ever-evolving whizkid, plugins are its cool friends

ChatGPT Plugins are tools designed to help ChatGPT access up-to-date information, run computations, and integrate third-party services. The benefits of having your own ChatGPT plugin are endless.

ChatGPT Plugins cuts costs and helps your users save time when they get all their answers on a chat.

Increase the lead against your competitors. Only the pioneers have gotten into ChatGPT yet; take the leap and join the revolution.

Leads convert themselves when the pitch is as perfect as ChatGPT’s. Users interact, get answers from your plugin and go straight to shop on the easiest-to-use conversational UI.

Be there in style and wit, with a customized look and gift of gab. Leave an image that stays in your customers’ minds.

Questions get answered with precision in real time, for assured user satisfaction with trained plugins.

Launch your services where the world wants you to be- CHAT. Build complete solutions inside ChatGPT’s conversational interface for a truly engaging experience.

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Launch your custom plugin to enhance the capabilities of ChatGPT

There’s always a ChatGPT plugin for the ones who seek it. Your creativity is the limit. A plugin can do many fun things; check out these popular options for a glimpse.

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Knowledge Sharing Plugins

Want to inform and engage in a particular field where public knowledge is limited? Integrate specialized knowledge tools that build graphs and run typical computations.

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Booking and Planning Plugins

Offer itinerary, planning, and booking information like never before with conversational, engaging, and human-like suggestions on ChatGPT.

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Research ChatGPT Plugins

Deliver deep insights on chat using ChatGPT learning and summarizing capabilities.

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Productivity ChatGPT Plugins

Create decision trees, action triggers, and connections that boost productivity and bring people to your platform.

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E-commerce ChatGPT Plugins

Sell where the world is. Convert as your plugin converses into higher revenue and sales with product suggestions and comparisons.

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Creative ChatGPT Plugins

Want ChatGPT to sing, paint or create images? Deliver that to your audience by making a plugin and redefining the ChatGPT experience.

Are you looking for a custom plugin development company?

BotPenguin builds the chatGPT plugins that fit your specific use case

ChatGPT is the boom, can’t find a solution to fulfill your needs? We’ve got you covered.

Concierge ChatGPT Plugins

Everyone can be Batman with our Alfred-like Concierge Plugins on ChatGPT.

Airline Ticketing ChatGPT Plugins

Itinerary and Ticketing Made Easy.

Insurance Claim ChatGPT Plugins

Claims on conversational UI that make hassle-free processes and happier clients.

Recruitment ChatGPT Plugins

Texting that leads to dream jobs is a reality.

eCommerce ChatGPT Plugins

Shopping is as simple as asking your friends what to wear.

Hospitality ChatGPT Plugins

Personalized care at your client's fingertips.

Health Care ChatGPT Plugins

Appointments, Reports, and Prescriptions all come to chat for accessibility.

Real Estate ChatGPT Plugins

Our chat automation saves time and money. Buy, Rent, or Sell.

Banking ChatGPT Plugins

Alert, Inform, and Sell with our trustable and secure plugins.

Finance ChatGPT Plugins

Chatting automated for those who Advise, Invest and Earn.

Tourism ChatGPT Plugins

Use our plugins, Let your worries take the train.

Education ChatGPT Plugins

Make Learning Fun with ChatGPT.

Why choose BotPenguin for custom chatGPT plugin development

“This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship”, said Humphrey Bogart after talking to BotPenguin.

End-to-End Solutions

We start from strategy, build custom plugins from scratch and provide support.


We understand your needs, be it branding, data security, or integrations with existing apps.


Our turn-around time, ROI, and development timelines are the best in business.

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Global Expertise

Our clientele is studded with industry experts spread across the globe.

Enterprise Experience

Formidable industry leaders as integration partners and clients, our extensive experience has equipped us to handle enterprise-specific challenges proficiently.

Dependable Support

Our support team is active, technically equipped, and prompt. We always aim for a customer-led experience.

People love BotPenguin Chatbot Maker Platform

BotPenguin solves all your chat automation needs

We believe in delivering smiles through communication automation. Anyone who is up for an exciting journey into the future can join.

Ready to use chatbots that democratize chat automation. They offer serious power with 60+ integrations, a unified inbox, and WhatsApp, FB, Website, and Telegram Support. Plus, there’s a FREE FOREVER plan too!

Want to hop onto the ChatGPT revolution while using BotPenguin’s enterprise-grade chat interface? Upgrade to our ChatGPT integrated chatbots for conversations that add value.

Do you want to offer your alternative to ChatGPT by building on its foundations? We deliver Whitelabelled ChatGPT chat windows with custom branding and plugin-integrated ChatGPT clones.

Specifically designed for our enterprise clientele, our custom chatbot development program offers custom integrations, platforms, branding, and endless use cases.

Our team of experts can help you build automation solutions or scale or advance them. We build on years of expertise and advise with insights.

Overawed by our offerings? Be a part of our family as an affiliate, implementation, or white-label partner. Earn and grow with us.

People love BotPenguin Chatbot Maker Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

ChatGPT Plugins are tools designed to help ChatGPT access up-to-date information, run computations, and integrate third-party services.

The benefits of having your own ChatGPT plugin developed by BotPenguin are endless. Some benefits include being integrated into ChatGPT's action, having access to ChatGPT's large audience, having a seamless conversion for leads, having an engaging conversational user experience, and having exclusivity, as only a few plugins are approved.

BotPenguin can develop many different types of plugins for ChatGPT. Some popular options include sharing specialized knowledge and itineraries, planning and booking information, delivering deep insights, boosting productivity, selling products, and creating unique experiences.

You should choose BotPenguin for custom ChatGPT plugin development because we offer end-to-end solutions, customization, efficient turn-around time, global expertise, enterprise experience, and dependable support.

ChatGPT plugins can benefit businesses across various industries, including healthcare, real estate, finance, hospitality, e-commerce, and more. By leveraging the power of ChatGPT's conversational interface, businesses can provide their customers with a more engaging and personalized experience.

The time it takes to develop a custom ChatGPT plugin can vary depending on its complexity and the client's requirements. At BotPenguin, we work closely with our clients to understand your needs and develop a tailored solution that meets your requirements.

Yes, ChatGPT plugins can be designed to integrate with third-party services, such as payment gateways, booking systems, and CRM software. This can help businesses streamline their operations and provide a more seamless customer experience.

ChatGPT plugins can help businesses grow by providing customers with a more engaging and personalized experience. By leveraging the power of conversational AI, businesses can improve customer satisfaction, drive more sales, and build a stronger brand.

BotPenguin provides end-to-end support for ChatGPT plugins, from strategy and design to development and implementation. We also offer ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that our clients' plugins continue to deliver value over time. Our support team is available around the clock to help with any issues or questions that may arise.

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