Change the game with BotPenguin’s Chatbot for telegram

Do you know that chatbots can help you grow your business on Telegram? Try BotPenguin and benefit from our cutting-edge features that include:

Your offerings should entice your audience. BotPenguin can assist you in increasing sales and engaging your audience.

Provide amazing customer support and be available for a wider audience.

Keep your customers engaged with drip campaigns

Why force your customers to choose? Support them on the platform they trust 24/7.

Support your customers easy, with our awesome unified inbox to support custopmers from any platform.

Support your customers easy, with our awesome unified inbox to support custopmers from any platform.


Active Users





Integrate and Launch on Telegram easy

Enjoy seamless and easy integration and launch your chatbots in just 4 easy steps. Integrate and configure your Telegram chatbot without writing a single line of code.


Authenticate Yourself

Enter your phone number and Authenticate yourself with Verification Code


Create your Bot

Name your bot and share some other basic details to kickstart your bot.


Activate your Bot

Nothing to be done from your end, We have automated it all for you


Activate desired widgets

BotPenguin helps your team engage with customers and get more done for less!

Conversational Ai-driven marketing on Telegram

BotPenguin’s powerful AI-driven no-code bot builder leverages our experience in building bots for thousands of customers. Benefit from BotPenguin’s signature analytics dashboard, live chat console and much more!

Redirect your customers to the bot of your choice by using ads, a Telegram button, a website, a QR code, and a reference URL.

Now, you can boost engagement simultaneously using drip campaigns to offers and promos. Turn visitors into loyal customers.

Sell and inform your customers using bulk messaging.

Send your users notification for a new product, services or if the any new changes occur.

Make Telegram a successful marketing channel. Create fantastic marketing campaigns to persuade customers to buy your products.

Chatbot for telegram makes HR super easy

Maintain simplicity throughout the process. Keep the team's creativity while delegating the majority of the work to the chatbot.

Broadcasting is the way to go. Hire more for less work.

Upload resumes, portfolios or any document of your relevance.

Use our live chat to conduct panel interviews or just to have a general discussion.

Book interview slots easily with BotPenguin on Telegram. Calendly who?

Book interview slots easily with BotPenguin on Telegram. Calendly who?

Transform customer experience on Telegram

Build an AI-driven conversational experience with your customers through our simple, no-code bot builder. Architect personalized conversations across the customer lifecycle!

Personalized welcome messages enable you to greet your customers in the same way that you would in person.

The customers are everywhere so we prefer building a profile with information from all platforms.

Enhance customer service by training BotPenguin to respond to FAQs

Manage and handle our fantastic ticketing system well, and reroute inquiries to better manage customer assistance.

Use our live chat application to make your customers feel at ease with the constant support

Send out alerts and notification, for almost anything related to a new product or service or any return/orders requests.

Human Resources needs BotPenguin

Keep the process simple. Keep the team's creativity while letting the chatbot handle the bulk of the work.


Send bulk messages

Broadcasting is the way to go. Hire more for less work.


File Upload


Live chat


Interview Booking


Send Telegram notifications

Use BotPenguin to scale your business on Telegram

Rich Messages for Telegram Messenger

Put images, buttons and quick replies and make it super engaging



Insert images more for a more context or we do love a good meme.


Card and Carousel




Quick replies



Grow your business on Telegram with BotPenguin

BotPenguin loves startups (and enterprises and SMEs)! Take our no-cost trial and see how BotPenguin can help you elevate your customer service experience!


Telegram gets better with BotPenguin

Make your website your users' one-stop shop for everything they need, from sending product catalogs to tracking orders.

thumbSend Product Catalog
Recover abandoned carts
Discounts and Offers
Back in stock Alerts
Order Tracking
Offers and discounts

Be the best at Real Estate with Chatbot for Telegram

BotPenguin can handle it all, from lead generation to customer service. Create the best customer experience customers deserve

thumbDrip Campaigns and Bulk message campaigns
Integrate with your CRM
Live chat with your Telegram customers

Telegram for Healthcare

Be super lucrative on Healthcare with BotPenguin Keep your users informed with prescriptions, appointments, and the best assistance available right away.

thumbAutomated appointment booking
Send Patient Reports
Post consultation support

Telegram for EdTech

Serve your audience better. Answer admission queries, give class reminders and share students reports effortlessly with our chatbot with Telegram.

thumbAnswer admission queries
Class reminders
Share Student reports

Get more

We offer more, take a look.

thumbApproved chat templates
No coding required
Native Integrations
Customer Analytics
Telegram Quick replies
Multiple Telegram Widgets - Image with Barcode, Click to chat link, website button,

Test-drive BotPenguin and build your own chatbot today!