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Let’s Calculate OpenAI API Pricing

Select the model you want to use, enter the expected word count, and get an estimated pricing of OpenAI API.

OpenAI API Pricing Calculator

Easily estimate the costs of using OpenAI’s APIs with our Pricing Calculator. Get a clear understanding of the pricing structure and plan your budget effectively.

BotPenguin How it Works
This tool calculates OpenAI API cost based on model selection, prompt length, & desired word count.

Pricing Details


Total Cost


Tokens Used

OpenAI Pricing Estimates

Pricing Estimates for GPT-4 (8K), GPT-4 (32k), and GPT-3.5 Models (Per, 1000 Words)

Number of WordsGPT-4 8KGPT-4 32KGPT-3.5

In this table:

  • "Number of Words" represents the word count for your input text.
  • "GPT-4 8K Estimated Cost (per 1,000 words)," "GPT-4 32K Estimated Cost(per 1,000 words)," and
  • "GPT-3.5 Estimated Cost (per 1,000 words)" columns represent the estimated costs per 1,000 words
  • for using the respective models.

Frequently Asked Questions

OpenAI's pricing is based on the total tokens processed, counting both inputs to and outputs from the API. Each token processed contributes to your total bill.

While OpenAI provides a playground for experimentation, in-depth utilization of its API comes with a cost and is not available for free.

The conversion of tokens to words varies due to token length diversity. Generally, 1K tokens average around 500-600 English words.

Daily OpenAI cost is dependent on usage. It's calculated based on the total tokens processed via the API within that day.

To request OpenAI API, visit the OpenAI website. Navigate to the API section and follow the outlined signup process and instructions.

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