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6 cool features of for Discord users 2024

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Oct 31, 20238 min read
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  •'s six exciting additions for Discord users in 2024
  • The final verdict 

Discord has quickly become one of the most popular online communities and gaming platforms, with millions of users worldwide. 

One of the things that makes Discord so appealing is the ability to add bots to servers, which can help automate tasks, provide useful information, and even add some fun and games to the mix.

If you're a Discord user, you've likely already discovered the power of bots. But with so many bots, it can be hard to know where to start. That's where comes in. is a bot list that helps Discord server owners discover new bots and add them to their servers. 

The platform has a comprehensive list of bots sorted by category, rating, and number of servers using the bot. But that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to's features.

In this blog post, we'll be taking a closer look at six cool features of that Discord users should know about. From bot reviews and verification to a powerful API, has much to offer bot developers and server owners. 

So, whether you're a seasoned Discord user or just getting started, read on to discover some of the coolest features of's six exciting additions for Discord users in 2024

API provides an API that allows developers to integrate their bots with the platform. This API is built to be simple and easy to use, allowing developers to quickly add their bots to the bot list and unlock additional features.

One of the main features of the API is the ability to track server counts for bots. By integrating with the API, developers can easily update their bot's server count on the platform, displayed to users on the bot's page. This can help increase visibility and attract more users to the bot.

In addition to server count tracking, the API also provides access to features such as voting, reviews, and analytics. This allows developers to gain insights into how their bot is being used on the platform, engage with users and encourage them to leave reviews or vote for their bot.

Bot Listings

The Bot Listings feature of is a comprehensive directory of Discord bots that can be added to servers to enhance their functionality. It allows users to browse many bots, filter them by category, and search for specific keywords.'s discord bot directory includes bots that perform various tasks, such as moderation, music playback, or automated announcements. Users can filter bots by categories, such as gaming, entertainment, or utility, or search for specific keywords to find bots that match their needs.

Adding a bot to a server is easy with's Bot Listings feature. Once a user finds a bot they want to add, they can do so with just a few clicks. They can also see a list of recommended bots based on their interests, which can help them discover even more bots that match their preferences.

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Server Listings

The Server Listings feature of is a comprehensive directory of Discord servers that allows users to browse a large selection of communities and find ones that match their interests. It provides a platform for server owners to showcase their communities and attract new members.'s server directory includes servers catering to various interests, such as gaming, music, art, or socializing. Users can filter servers by categories, such as language, region, or interests, or search for specific keywords to find servers that match their needs.

In addition to browsing servers, users can also sort them by popularity, activity level, or rating. This can be useful for finding active, engaging servers with a large and enthusiastic user base.

Overall, the Server Listings feature of is a powerful tool for Discord users to discover new communities and connect with like-minded individuals. 

It makes it easy to find servers that match their interests and preferences and helps users decide which servers to join.

MEE6 Commands


The Voting feature of is a unique and valuable tool for Discord users to support their favorite bots and servers. It allows users to vote for their preferred bots and servers daily, which helps these communities to gain visibility and attract more users.

Users who vote for a bot or server receive rewards such as in-game currency or special privileges on the platform. This incentivizes users to vote regularly and helps to keep communities engaged and active.

Voting is simple and easy with discord's platform. Users can search for the bot or server they want to support, click the "vote" button, and complete a captcha to confirm their vote. They can vote once daily for each bot or server and track their voting history on their profile page.

Voting not only helps communities to gain visibility, but it also benefits the users themselves. By supporting their preferred bots and servers, users can help ensure that these communities remain active and thriving and enjoy the benefits of being part of a vibrant and engaged community.

The Voting feature of is a valuable tool for Discord users to support their favorite bots and servers and help these communities grow and thrive. It incentivizes users to vote regularly and helps to keep communities engaged and active.


The Reviews feature of is an important tool fo Discord users to share their experiences with bots and servers and to help other users make informed decisions about which ones to use.

When users leave a review for a bot or server, they can share their thoughts on its features, performance, usability, and any issues they may have encountered. They can also rate the bot or server on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, which helps to provide an overall picture of its quality and popularity.

Reviews also benefit the bot and server owners themselves. They can use user feedback to improve their products, fix issues, and enhance functionality. This helps to create a better user experience for everyone and can also help to attract new users to the community.

User Reviews and Ratings
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The Analytics feature of is a powerful tool for bot and server owners to track and analyze their performance on the platform. It provides valuable insights into key metrics such as user engagement, growth, and retention. It helps owners make data-driven decisions about improving their products and communities.

With Analytics, bot, and server owners can see detailed information about their user base, such as the number of daily active users, new users, and returning users. 

They can also track user engagement metrics, such as message and command usage, to see which features are most popular and how users interact with their bot or server.

Owners can also track growth over time, such as the number of new users per day or week. They can see how their bot or server performs compared to similar communities on the platform. 

This can help owners identify areas where they may need to improve and can also help them set goals for future growth.

Analytics also includes retention metrics, allowing owners to see how many users return to their bot or server over time. This can help owners understand whether users find their product useful and engaging enough to continue using it long-term.

The final verdict is a valuable resource for Discord users looking to enhance their server and bot experience. With features like bot and server listings, voting systems, and analytics, provides users the tools they need to create engaging and active communities. 

Whether you're a server owner looking for a new bot to add to your server or a Discord user looking to discover new communities, has something for everyone. 

In 2024, we can expect to continue to innovate and provide new features to its users, further solidifying its place as a must-have tool for Discord users. 

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