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How to Create Engaging Automated Whatsapp Messages?

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Jun 23, 20235 min read
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WhatsApp is a massive platform with more than 2 billion users per month worldwide.

Fascinating, right? 

Do you want to use WhatsApp messages fruitfully and make them more engaging and interactive so that it fosters the growth of your business and profit?

You should consider using WhatsApp Automation. 

Automate WhatsApp messages with information-rich content that can encourage customers to take action, such as—ordering, booking a doctor's appointment, ordering movie tickets, or asking for a service.

This blog is a comprehensive guide on how to create Engaging Automated WhatsApp messages. 

Dig in to know more about it!

 1. Choose a template that suits your industry and customer needs

You should always choose a template that complements your industry objectives and customer needs. 

This is the most common approach, as it lets you simultaneously be relevant to both ends. 

For instance, if you're selling travel services, then your message might read: “We're sorry we couldn't book your trip because our travel partners cancelled unexpectedly.”

If there's someone who likes posts about cats but doesn't care about travel posts, then maybe this isn't the right thing for them after all! 

Automate WhatsApp messages accordingly.

 2. Use an engaging subject line that goes with your message content

Your subject line should be engaging and relevant to the message content. You can use several different techniques. 

Use WhatsApp automation in the following ways:

  1. Using keywords in your title or body of the message. This will help you find messages more quickly when they are sent out on Whatsapp.
  2. Using emoticons or stickers that relate directly to your audience’s interests or values (e.g., if you send a message about content marketing).

 3. Customize the content of the messages

Don’t forget to add a personal touch by letting them know how much you appreciate their business or service. 

Don’t forget to customize the names and order details, including name, company name, etc. 

Automated messages are sent by the bot, which means they’re sent at a scheduled time and in response to specific events, so don’t forget to add your own personal touch to bolster the string of your leads with your business. 

This is very useful for businesses because it allows them to send out automated customized human-like messages that reflect their business needs without requiring any human involvement.

4. Don't push marketing messages too hard

Sending marketing messages also helps businesses improve customer engagement and establish a meaningful connection with customers. 

This helps them remain top of mind for their target audience. 

Use WhatsApp's automation time feature to schedule your message at the right time so it doesn't get deleted or ignored by the recipient.

Automate WhatsApp messages to deliver relevant content at the right time during the user's journey, making them feel heard and valued and converting them into loyal customers.

5. Automate WhatsApp message responses

The most common way of using WhatsApp bot is by creating automated real-time that users can send in real-time.

This is known as an “Expert bot.”An expert bot will provide answers based on its knowledge base or pre-built templates, allowing users to interact with it via artificial intelligence (AI). 

This helps to solve all the FAQs and issues instantly and efficiently.

 6. To keep up the consistency in approaching your leads

Automate WhatsApp messages content in a way that should be convincing timely, and personalized to attract your audience. 

It should also be consistent with other messaging campaigns you're running in order to maximize engagement rates across WhatsApp. 

This is especially important because email marketing has been declining over recent years. 

So, if you want people to open up their inboxes again, then you need a new strategy that can excel with the help of WhatsApp automation!

You can also choose how many times you want each message to be sent out before it expires. 

This will allow for more frequent communication between yourself and your audience, especially if something is happening within their lives, like an appointment reminder or scheduled conference.

7. Use the pre-built templates to send automated messages

Use a template that suits your industry and customer needs (e.g., if you sell products, use the same format as what they see on their website)

Use an engaging subject line that goes with your message content.

 For example, “The best laptop ever!” vs. “Buy this laptop now!” Make sure every field is customized, so it shows up in the right way.

Choose the templates that allow WhatsApp automation to command the WhatsApp bot to send and revert their customers and users who have opted-in for personalized communications.

8. Use API to automate the creation of engaging automated messages

Whatsapp Automation handles your communications on the platform. 

The features and capabilities of this API are similar to those of other third-party apps, such as Facebook Messenger, but it has its own set of rules and regulations to follow. 

You can use WhatsApp API or a chatbot solution that allows you to create and send information-rich messages and offers by using WhatsApp Business API interactive automation.

9. Automate WhatsApp messages to follow up with current clients

To drive customers to take the desired actions, make the follow-up messages.

Engaging and inviting so that it makes the customers feel like they have something valuable in their hands and are being valued.

Easy to understand and don’t make the audience read unnecessary long paragraphs.

Using such WhatsApp automation can be highly beneficial in engaging your customers with relevant actions.

Wrapping it up

Automated Whatsapp messages are a great way to reach out, engage with and convince your customers. 

They help you leverage the power of WhatsApp automation and artificial intelligence, making WhatsApp one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world today. 

If you are looking to automate WhatsApp Messages and enhance engagement with your audience, then these tips will help you get started.

Do you also feel like incorporating Whatsapp chatbot into your websitewebsite and other social media platforms?

Don’t worry! BotPenguin has got your back.

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