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Jun 10, 202410 min read

5 Things to look for in a Shopify Chatbot builder Platform

Updated onJun 10, 202410 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • 1. User-Friendly Interface
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  • 2. Integration with Shopify
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  • 3. Customization Abilities
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  • 4. AI and NLP Capabilities
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  • 5. Analytics and Reporting
  • Conclusion
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Chatbots are revolutionizing how ecommerce stores like Shopify connect with customers. According to Statista, the global chatbot market will reach $10.5 billion by 2026 as more businesses adopt conversational interfaces.

However, not all chatbot platforms are created equal when building one for your Shopify store. You want a solution that seamlessly integrates, provides a robust feature set, and delivers real business value. 

Recent surveys by Statista have found that 70% of customers prefer chatbots for quick communication and 68% say bots create more positive shopping experiences.

As AI chatbots become increasingly critical for digital shopping, selecting the optimal platform tailored to your Shopify store's needs is crucial. 

Having the right chatbot solution can help drive higher conversion rates, increase average order value, and lower operational costs for your ecommerce business.

So continue reading as this article will explore the 5 key things to evaluate when choosing the right chatbot for Shopify so you can maximize satisfaction and sales. 

1. User-Friendly Interface

Shopify Chatbot builder Platform

An intuitive and user-friendly interface is crucial, especially for non-technical users who want to dive into the chatbot world without getting tangled in code. 

So, what features should you look for to ensure ease of use and customization? 

Let's take a peek:

  • Pre-Built Templates
    Seek platforms that offer pre-built templates aligned with different industries or chatbot purposes. These templates can provide a head start and make your life a breeze.
  • Easy Customization
    Your chatbot should reflect your brand's voice and style. Look for a platform that lets you customize your chatbot's appearance, messages, and workflows with ease. This way, you can create a chatbot that feels like an extension of your brand.

Chatbot Builders with User-friendly Interfaces

Well, here are a few examples that fit the bill:

  • Botpenguin
    Botpenguin is a chatbot builder platform that focuses on simplicity and ease of use. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows you to create and customize chatbots with ease, even if you have no coding experience. With predefined templates for common customer service scenarios, you can set up automated conversations in just minutes with a few clicks. The platform uses conditional logic, tags, and natural language processing so your chatbot can understand customer questions and respond intelligently.
  • Chatfuel: With its intuitive drag-and-drop builder, Chatfuel allows you to create chatbots without any coding knowledge. Plus, it offers a range of templates and customization options to make your chatbot truly unique.

2. Integration with Shopify

There are certain key integration features you should consider. Let's explore:

  • Order Processing
    A Shopify chatbot should be able to assist customers in the purchasing process smoothly. Look for a platform that allows your  Shopify chatbot to take orders, provide shipping details, and process payments seamlessly within the Shopify ecosystem.
  • Inventory Management
    Keeping your inventory up-to-date is crucial for avoiding those dreaded out-of-stock scenarios. Look for  Shopify chatbot builder platforms that integrate well with Shopify's inventory system, enabling your chatbot to provide accurate product information and availability.

Chatbot builders with Shopify Integration

  • Botpenguin
    Botpenguin provides seamless integration with Shopify, allowing your  Shopify chatbot to streamline the order processing and inventory management processes. With Botpenguin, you can ensure a smooth customer experience from product exploration to purchase.
  • ManyChat
    ManyChat offers seamless integration with Shopify, allowing you to sync your product catalog, provide order updates, and even enable customers to make purchases directly through the chatbot.
  • Octane AI
    Octane AI is another  Shopify chatbot builder platform that integrates smoothly with Shopify. It enables features like abandoned cart recovery, personalized product recommendations, and support for order updates, all within the Shopify ecosystem.


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3. Customization Abilities

Shopify Chatbot Customization

Let's explore the importance of customization abilities and some examples of  Shopify chatbot builders that offer high customization.

When selecting a  Shopify chatbot builder platform, it is essential to look for one that offers robust customization capabilities. This allows businesses to tailor the chatbot to match their brand's personality and aesthetics. Here are some key elements that should be customizable:

  • Appearance
    The visual representation of a  Shopify chatbot is the first thing customers see. It should be consistent which ensures a visually cohesive and engaging experience for customers.
  • Messages
    The language and tone used by a chatbot should reflect the brand's voice. A friendly, warm, and conversational tone can go a long way in creating a positive customer experience.
  • Workflows
    The conversation flow of a chatbot should be tailored to meet specific business objectives and customer needs. Look for a platform that enables you to easily customize and map out the chatbot's workflows. This allows you to create engaging and intuitive conversations that guide customers towards their desired outcomes. 

Whether it's providing product recommendations or answering frequently asked questions, customizable workflows ensure that the chatbot aligns with your business goals.

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Examples of Chatbot Builders with High Customization Abilities

When it comes to customization abilities, some chatbot builders stand out from the crowd.

  • BotPenguin
    Botpenguin really shines when it comes to personalization. You can customize chatbot avatars, greetings, and messaging styles and even give your bot a unique brand personality. Broadcast messaging, lead gen forms, and live chat handoff are also seamlessly integrated to boost engagement. Users also get robust analytics with insights on conversation metrics, customer sentiment, and bot performance.

And the tech for BotPenguin just doesn't stop there. It makes sure that you reach your customers where they are by offering chatbots for multiple platforms, thus making omnichannel support look easy: 


Chatbot Development Platform- BotPenguin


  • Chatfuel
    Chatfuel offers a drag-and-drop interface that allows businesses to easily customize the appearance, messages, and workflows of their chatbots. From choosing the chatbot's avatar to creating personalized messages, businesses have full control over the chatbot's customization.
  • Tars
    Tars provides a user-friendly platform that enables businesses to create highly customizable chatbots. With Tars, businesses can customize the chatbot's appearance, messages, and workflows to align with their brand's voice and style.

4. AI and NLP Capabilities

What really makes chatbots "smart"? It's artificial intelligence and natural language processing powering their capabilities behind the scenes. 

AI gives  Shopify chatbot the ability to continuously learn and improve based on new data and interactions. With machine learning algorithms, bots become more intuitive and responsive over time.

Meanwhile, NLP is what enables chatbots to go beyond just keywords and instead understand full sentences and questions. Advanced NLP allows conversations to flow naturally by analyzing context, relationships, and nuanced human language.

Combining AI that evolves and NLP that adapts is what gives chatbots human-like conversational abilities. These technologies drive automated yet natural and productive experiences between bots and users. They facilitate everything from meaningful personalized interactions to providing accurate answers by analyzing requests based on overall meaning and intent.  

AI and NLP give chatbots their brainpower. With these capabilities, chatbots can offer 24/7 support, engage audiences, and help businesses serve customers better.

Platforms with Advanced AI and NLP Capabilities

When choosing a chatbot builder platform, it is important to look for one that offers advanced AI and NLP capabilities. Here are a few examples of chatbot builders known for their strong AI and NLP features:

  • BotPenguin
    BotPenguin leverages advanced AI and NLP technologies to enhance the functionality of its chatbots. With its strong AI capabilities, BotPenguin's  Shopify chatbot can understand and respond to user queries accurately, improving the overall customer experience. With advanced features like sentiment analysis, lead scoring, and omnichannel support, Botpenguin provides a comprehensive chatbot-building experience. Their team offers excellent onboarding, support, and pro services to ensure your bot delivers value. 
  • ManyChat
    ManyChat's AI-powered Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine allows chatbots to understand complex user queries. Hence, provide accurate and quick responses.
  • Dialogflow
    Dialogflow, by Google, offers powerful AI and NLP capabilities for chatbot development. It enables businesses to build chatbots that understand natural language queries, perform intent recognition, and respond accordingly.


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5. Analytics and Reporting

chatbot analytics

Building a Shopify chatbot for your business is just the first step. To ensure its success, it's crucial to track and analyze its performance. Analytics and reporting provide valuable insights into how your chatbot is performing, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to improve customer engagement and achieve your business goals. 

Given below are key analytics and reporting features to consider:

  • Monitoring Chatbot Performance 
    Understanding how your Shopify chatbot is performing allows you to continuously improve it over time. Look for a platform that offers robust analytics and reporting capabilities through an intuitive dashboard.
  • Chatbot Usage Statistics
    You'll want access to detailed usage statistics showing how customers engage with your  Shopify chatbot. Important metrics include conversations volume, sessions per user, messages per session, and average session duration.
  • Conversion Rates 
    Conversion rate reporting tracks how well your chatbot converts users into taking desired actions. This includes vital ecommerce metrics like purchases, add-to-carts, and lead generation actions like form fills.
  • User Feedback Analysis
    Analyze real user feedback and sentiments to find common questions, pain points, or dissatisfaction. This insight helps improve your chatbot's knowledge base and responses.
  • Agent Handoff Rate 
    Monitor the percentage of conversations handed off to a live agent. High handoff rates may indicate the need to improve self-service capabilities.

With powerful analytics, you can keep your finger on the pulse of your chatbot's performance. Continually refine strategies and optimize engagements using data-driven insights for maximum business impact.

Examples of Chatbot Builder Platforms with Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Several chatbot builder platforms offer comprehensive analytics and reporting features. Here are a few examples:

  • BotPenguin
    BotPenguin provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing you to track and analyze key metrics such as chatbot usage, conversion rates, and user satisfaction. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily access and analyze data to make data-driven decisions for your business.
  • ManyChat
    ManyChat offers robust analytics and reporting features that provide in-depth insights into chatbot performance. Its analytics dashboard allows you to monitor key metrics, track conversion rates, and analyze user interactions. With ManyChat, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how your chatbot is performing and make informed improvements.


When selecting a Shopify chatbot builder, the decision ultimately comes down to finding the right balance of key capabilities. You want an intuitive interface that makes building bots easy for everyone. 

But it also needs advanced AI features that make those bots smart and effective. Tracking performance through analytics is crucial, but that data means little without the tools to act on insights. And let's not forget about support - having experts ready to help you succeed is vital. 

The Shopify chatbot builder that combines all these elements is Botpenguin. Its simple drag-and-drop builder allows anyone to create personalized, feature-rich chatbots in minutes. Conversational AI handles queries naturally while you monitor engagement and continuously improve experiences. 

With Botpenguin's robust platform, unmatched support, and proven ROI, you get the full package to drive results. When you're ready to launch next-level Shopify chatbots that convert visitors into satisfied customers, Botpenguin has you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How user-friendly are these chatbot builder platforms for non-technical users?

Many Shopify chatbot builders are designed to be user-friendly, with drag-and-drop interfaces and templates for easy setup.

Do Shopify chatbot builder platforms provide templates for common e-commerce tasks?

Yes, you can find templates for tasks like order tracking, product recommendations, and customer support on many platforms.

How do I measure the performance of a Shopify chatbot built using these platforms?

You can measure performance through metrics like response times, conversation completion rates, and customer satisfaction feedback.

Are there Shopify chatbot builder platforms that offer AI capabilities for advanced interactions?

Yes, some platforms integrate AI and natural language processing for more advanced chatbot interactions.

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Table of Contents

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  • 2. Integration with Shopify
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  • 3. Customization Abilities
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  • 4. AI and NLP Capabilities
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  • 5. Analytics and Reporting
  • Conclusion
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)