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Jun 8, 202410 min read

What are Shopify Chatbots & its Pros and Cons

Updated onJun 8, 202410 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What is Shopify Chatbot?
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  • Examples of Shopify Chatbots
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  • Pros of Shopify Chatbots
  • Shopify Chatbots Cons
  • Conclusion
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Shopify chatbots are every shopper's much-needed sales assistant in an online store. Apart from answering queries, these bots also send order updates, promote products and coupon codes, greet users on special occasions, and more. 

AI chatbots assist merchants in achieving top rankings on Shopify. As a result, their websites have become more dynamic, engaging, and customer-centric, and their Google rating has also improved. 

As per Netomi's prediction, 57% of customers will abandon their basket if their queries remain unanswered for a long time. 

Therefore, employing a Shopify chatbot for your e-commerce platform is essential, as they are the ultimate tool for creating a personalized shopping experience. But even roses have thorns.

Although chatbots for Shopify work wonderfully, they still have limitations, such as fewer channels, integrations, and weak AI training methods.

In this article, we will look deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of Shopify chatbot bots. 

What is Shopify Chatbot?

What is Shopify Chatbot

Shopify Chatbots are software applications that mimic human conversations and talk to your customers like a sales or support agent would. 

These bots can be rule-based or AI-driven to provide various shopping-related services within a chat interface. You can implement these chatbots on your Shopify store, social media, app or messaging service. 

You are most likely using three tools to connect with your customers: phone calls, emails, and social media. As discussed earlier, each tool represents a short-term failure in communicating with customers. 

However, chatbots have a much higher open rate and CTR than conventional methods. Typically, chatbots boast a click-through rate ranging from 15% to 60%, far surpassing the 5% to 10% range seen with emails. Additionally, their open rates soar above 90%, dwarfing the average email open rate of 22%.

Examples of Shopify Chatbots

Here are the top 4 examples of the best Shopify Chatbots. You are free to explore any chatbot that meets your requirements. 


BotPenguin AI Chatbot Maker
Check Out BotPenguin's Chatbot on Shopify's App Store

Boost customer satisfaction and sales with BotPenguin's AI-powered chatbot for Shopify. Streamline your operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences with automated notifications, order updates, and personalized recommendations. 

You can send notifications for abandoned cart recovery, provide round-the-clock support, and enhance the shopping experience with generative AI. 

Integrate with your existing system, customize the chatbot to reflect your brand's voice, and enjoy an easy setup with no coding required. 

Maximize customer engagement with WhatsApp integration and automate marketing campaigns. Provide timely support, answer FAQs, and collect feedback to improve your store's performance. 

Features of BotPenguin’s Chatbot for Shopify 

  • Order Tracking: Generate automated tracking links on WhatsApp chat to inform customers about delivery status with one click.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Re-engage potential customers and boost revenue by sending cart recovery notifications to customers who abandoned their carts.
  • Order Updates: Send automated order confirmations and real-time updates on order status, cancellation & fulfillment.
  • Return/Refund Request: Notify customers about the return and refund process, streamlining the return process and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
  • COD Order Created: Send order placement notifications for cash-on-delivery orders, informing customers about their order and payment method.
  • Live Chat: Our Shopify live chat software connects customers to a live agent when the chatbot can’t answer users' questions or when a customer requests a live chat. 
  • AI-Driven: The Shopify live chat app enables you to use artificial intelligence (AI) to communicate, assist, and convert your customers 24/7. 
  • Drag-and-Drop Chatbot Builder: Create your chatbot for your Shopify website with a drag-and-drop chatbot builder that requires no technical skills.
  • Analytics Dashboard: BotPenguin provides a dashboard for viewing orders, exporting them to CSV, and analyzing important metrics and ratios like conversion and engagement.
  • CRM Integration: Whether you use Freshworks, Hubspot, Salesforce, or ZOHO, your leads will be sent immediately to the CRM or tickets raised in your ticketing system.
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tidio shopify chatbot

The Tidio Shopify chatbot is a customer experience platform designed to enhance online stores' customer service and boost sales. Its features include live chat, AI chatbots, ticketing, and email marketing, all in one place. 

The platform offers ready-to-use sales and support chatbots to increase revenue and answer common customer queries immediately. Tidio allows users to seamlessly interact with visitors, solve problems, and sell proactively through live chat.

The addition of the Lyro AI bot can automatically address and assist customers with their questions. It also lets users preview carts, check order history, recommend products, and manage and resolve customer requests through a simple ticketing system. 

Features of Tidio Shopify Chatbot

  • Tidio provides chat widget customization.
  • It has visitor notifications and monitoring.
  • With Tidio, you can send messages automatically and prefabricated answers.
  • Tidio is an AI chatbot with intent recognition. Additionally, it can aid in lead generation and cart abandonment templates.
  • It enables advanced free chatbot creator.
  • Tidio connects you to standard CRM solutions, and Tidio Shopify chatbot integrates Facebook Messenger and Instagram.
  • The agents can get push notifications via their mobile apps.


Netomi's Shopify chatbot integration is a real game-changer for online businesses and customer support teams alike. Powered by AI, it effortlessly handles a high volume of inquiries across various channels like email, chat, social messaging, and even voice. This means faster responses and happier customers all around. 

The best part? The chatbot jumps in exactly when it's needed, providing helpful answers on everything from product sizes to return policies. And getting it up and running is a breeze – no coding, no need to retrain your agents, and no new platforms to learn. 

With Netomi's Shopify chatbot, you can provide top-notch customer service and improve your customers’ shopping experience. 

Key Features: 

  • Shopify chatbots with artificial intelligence are now accessible. Today, excellent customer service is essential to product quality and pricing in driving customer affection, loyalty, and spending.
  • Scale the seamless, rapid, and convenient customer care they expect across all channels. 
  • AI-powered Shopify chatbots are being used by e-commerce businesses to automatically address issues across email, chat, social media, and phone channels. 
  • With the world's most potent Shopify chatbot, powered by Netomi, you can now grow online commerce and provide outstanding customer care.


Botsify shopify chatbot, is an AI-driven chatbot platform designed to elevate your Shopify store's customer experience. Whether it's providing quick answers to inquiries or guiding users through quizzes, ensures your clients receive prompt and satisfactory assistance around the clock.

Simplify your customer interactions with's friendly chatbot. It learns from your feedback to get better over time. Not just for answering questions, it helps you track orders, suggests products tailored to you, and handles cancellations and refunds smoothly.

Key Features:

  • Detailed FAQ integration for comprehensive product explanations.
  • Incentive publishing to increase shopping cart value effortlessly.
  • Order tracking functionality to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Revenue-boosting upselling and cross-selling capabilities.
  • Access to optimized sales and support templates for seamless implementation.
  • Effective solution for reducing abandoned cart rates and maximizing sales potential.

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How can BotPenguin help you build a Shopify Chatbot?

Pros of Shopify Chatbots

Chatbot represents a few of the benefits of an online-based business. Verloop works with major e-commerce platforms, so let's start with the Shopify integration.

Chatbots help you close that gap and communicate with your customers in real-time. Using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the chatbot may also converse with your consumers when you are not present. 

Sometimes, your website has traffic from visitors or when you are too busy. Like Shopify, you can create a chatbot without design or coding skills. 

Enhance your bot's powerful features with the customer flow and unique templates, which give you complete control of the bot's look and feel. Where your customers are talking to you, create a catalog and connect with them from a single dashboard.

24 * 7 Availability

benefits of shopify chatbot

Unlike customer service executives, they make your brand available 24 hours a day to assist customers, helping to enhance your operations. The chatbot works nonstop 24 * 7 without interruption. 

They do not disappoint with odd customers. Moreover, they don't even need vacations. With this, the validity of the chatbot is always higher.

There is no solution to waiting for an operator for minutes, but Shopify chatbots are the most likely to solve it. Maintaining a 24-hour response system guarantees that the vendor and the customer constantly communicate. This reward, of course, is proportionate to how effectively the bots perform.  

Shopify Chatbots Are Cost-Effecient to Develop and Maintain

When it comes to customer support for Shopify, the bot is far less expensive than paying an entire crew to maintain the required software. Maintenance and maintenance are also limited and are likely to cost little. 

Since a chatbot is the equivalent of many employees, it can easily communicate with thousands of customers simultaneously. Sometimes, we only need a few people to converse when necessary. 

Therefore, it drastically reduces costs and greatly increases revenue and customer satisfaction.

Companies may meet the need to grow their customer service staff by deploying more capable bots to answer increasingly complex inquiries. Shopify chatbot deployment will incur specific fees. 

However, this cost may be cheaper than consumer service salaries, infrastructure, and education. Aside from the installation price, the additional costs of chatbots are relatively cheap. 

These issues might include topics like guaranteeing and increasing chatbot security. 

However, expecting the expenses to fall in the long run is unrealistic. Juniper Research predicts that chatbots will save banks $209 million in 2019 and $7.3 billion by 2023.

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Key Benefits of WhatsApp Integration on Shopify

Provide Real-time Responses to Common Questions

Shopify chatbots provide instant feedback to help customers find the right product or service. In today's digital, ever-online world, people expect businesses to help and support them quickly, even outside regular business hours. 

Although availability and many other factors influence human agent response times, chatbots can respond quickly at any time of the day. An operator may focus on one consumer at a time and answer one question. On the other hand, Shopify chatbots may answer thousands of inquiries at once. 

Cloud, internet, and software technologies permit instantaneous responses. When speaking with a customer support representative, the consumer has no confidence that subsequent agents will provide identical, consistent replies. 

Even if a customer service agent is useless, a client might call again to see if the next one is better. Because most consumers prefer to keep their conversations private, there is no contact record when a customer service agent speaks with the client.

On the other hand, a consumer can capture a screenshot if she wants to recall the chat or question and answer supplied by the bot. For more information on chatbot natural processing, schedule a free demo.

shopify chatbot for common queries

Increase Shopify Revenue

Shopify bots are utilized for customer support since they are clever and enhance sales by selling the correct items to the right clients, resulting in maximum income.

Bots may be an easy-to-use platform for presenting users with suggestions that intelligently expose clients to new items and services from your organization. Bots can also increase sales since they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and respond quickly. 

Customers despise waiting, and excessive wait times lead to missed sales. Industry experts say chatbots have raised revenue by 67 percent on average.

shopify chatbot for product recommendation

Ease of Access

As most people spend their time on mobile and social media, messaging apps like FB Messenger, Slack, etc., make it easier to develop bots that provide more customer interaction at a lower cost.

Multiple Languages

Shopify bots can talk in many languages to entice website visitors. Chatbots interacting with users in multiple languages ​​are an excellent asset to any organization. Most people who visit your website may come from different parts of the world.

Chatbots can handle many languages, which is extremely important for worldwide companies. At the start of the chat, chatbots can either ask the user which language they prefer or determine its language based on their input words.

Collect Feedback from Customers 

Customer feedback is the heartbeat that drives change across companies and domains. Production teams use feedback to prioritize their roadmaps. 70% of customers prefer to communicate with a chatbot because it is faster and saves time. 

You can configure a feedback collection flow. After each interaction or product delivery, you can send a feedback message and collect reviews in a timely manner. 

Shopify Chatbots Help Build Relationships With Customers

They maintain consistent customer relationships without any additional burden on agents. For example, they remember birthday wishes, unique day gifts, etc. they track everything. 

Chatbots intelligently manage customer support conversations, which one can utilize to adapt service based on consumer behavior.

Shopify Chatbots Lead To Faster Lead Generation

Facebook Messenger chatbots are the best at gaining new customers. They offer the fantastic advantage of Instant Lead Capture from 100% new contacts. 

It implies that by shifting traffic-driving efforts from website landing pages to messenger lead magnets, customer service for Shopify may significantly increase your lead volume.

Shopify Chatbots Cons

There are a few cons of Shopify chatbots, depending on which chatbot you install. Here, I have prepared a list of disadvantages of the Shopify chatbot below: 

  • Limited Omnichannel Support: Some chatbots, like Gotbot or, may not offer omnichannel capabilities, leading to reduced customer interaction across multiple platforms.
  • Lack of Sales Analytics: Certain chatbots, such as Tidio, might lack robust sales analytics features, making it challenging for businesses to analyze their growth and performance effectively.
  • Potential Integration Issues: Depending on the specific chatbot, integrating with other systems or platforms may present challenges, leading to operational inefficiencies.
  • Lack of Customization: Some Shopify chatbots may have limited customization options, restricting the ability to tailor the chatbot's responses and functionalities to the business's specific needs.
  • Reliability and Downtime: In some cases, Shopify chatbots may experience reliability issues or downtime, impacting the seamless customer experience and support.

These points highlight potential drawbacks users should consider when evaluating Shopify chatbots for their e-commerce operations.


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Shopify business owners should evaluate their sales process to determine which Shopify bot is ideal for them. Conversational AI chatbots are generally the ideal answer for almost every Shopify shop.

Furthermore, integrating these Shopify AI chatbots with Live Chat forms one of the most successful engagement solutions for solving sales obstacles and improving customer retention and profitability. 

But with the advantages come limitations. Now that you know both sides of the coin, how about implementing one for your Shopify website with BotPenguin

Our AI-driven chatbot for your Shopify store can handle all aspects of your business, including marketing, lead generation, customer support, appointment scheduling, and more. 

You can train the AI bot using your resources like the web store, product knowledge base, documentation, FAQs, previous customer chats, etc., making it the most intelligent virtual agent for your business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main advantages of using Shopify chatbots for e-commerce?

Benefits include 24/7 availability, cost-effectiveness, real-time responses, revenue enhancement, multiple languages, and quick lead generation.

How do Shopify chatbots enhance the customer experience and business profitability?

They provide instant support, collect feedback, build relationships, and generate leads, improving customer experience and profitability.

What are the limitations or potential drawbacks of using Shopify chatbots?

Some limitations include limited omnichannel support, lack of sales analytics, potential integration issues, customization restrictions, and reliability downtime.

What are the top examples of Shopify chatbot applications available for e-commerce businesses?

Botpenguin, Netomi, Botsify, and Tidio are popular applications that offer various functionalities suitable for different e-commerce needs.

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Table of Contents

  • What is Shopify Chatbot?
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  • Examples of Shopify Chatbots
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  • Pros of Shopify Chatbots
  • Shopify Chatbots Cons
  • Conclusion
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)