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A Beginner's Guide to Live Chat Software

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Oct 20, 202311 min read
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    Table of content

  • Basics of Live Chat Software
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  • Choosing the Right Live Chat Software: Your Ticket to Conversational Success
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  • Setting Up Your Live Chat Software
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  • Writing the Perfect Chat: The Art of Customer Conversations
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  • From Chats to Cherished Customers: Building Relationships
  • A quick recap
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Suppose you're strolling through a digital marketplace, seeking something special. But, you get into some problem. Uh-oh!

You try your best, but still, nothing works. 

Suddenly, a small window pops up, saying, "Can I help you?" You mention your issue, and it gets resolved within minutes. 

How would that make you feel? Relieved? Understood? Welcomed? We bet it's all of them. That’s exactly how your customers would feel when their queries would get resolved instantly. 

How would that happen, you ask? With Live Chat Software

We bet you have tens of questions popping into your mind about Live Chat Software. How this marvel works its magic? Is it any good for my business specifically? Can my team use it? BotPenguin answers all of them in this simple guide. 

We're talking Live chat software explained in a way everyone could understand. Regardless of age, background, expertise, experience, whatsoever!

And, at last, we’ll show you how you can get started without spending a single dime! No, we’re not selling you on any “Free Trial” or “7 days money back guarantee”. You’ll have a fully functioning chatbot on your website for free. Forever!

Guess we’ve built enough hype around Live Chat Software, and now you’re furious to know more about it. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it. 

First, let’s address the elephant in the room…

Basics of Live Chat Software

First things first– What is live chat software, and what are its benefits? This section covers it all. 

Live Chat Software can turn a one-time casual browser into a loyal fan of your brand. It can make a customer feel welcomed and understood (Did it ring some bells?). Plus, your customer success team can focus on more important things. Because the Live chatbot will take care of all repetitive and mundane tasks.

The question is… 

What is a Live Chat Software?

Live Chat Software is a friendly helper on your website. It's that little chat bubble that pops up, inviting your customers to ask questions or get help. 

They can talk to real people or smart bots in real time, making it easy to solve problems and get info without waiting around. 

It's like having a virtual customer service desk that's always open!

Let's break down the mechanics– Live Chat Software puts a chat window on your website, and that's your direct line to your customers. 

Remember the friendly "Can I help you?" we mentioned earlier? That's the software in action, giving your visitors an open door to start a conversation without the hassle of waiting for an email response or being put on hold during a call. 


Live Chat Software


The Multitasking Marvel

Live Chat Software is a multi-tasking expert. It doesn't just help your customers; it helps you too. 

While you're chatting up a storm with one customer, you can still keep tabs on multiple chats simultaneously. It's like juggling a bunch of conversations, minus the stress. 

Plus, your customer isn't left hanging in a digital limbo - quick responses keep the interaction flowing smoothly. It's all about that real-time interaction that customers crave these days.

The Benefits Galore

Let's talk benefits - because who doesn't love a good deal? 

First off, Live Chat Software boosts customer satisfaction through the roof. No more waiting around for hours or days for an email response. Quick, efficient solutions make your customers feel valued and heard. 

Not to mention, Live Chat Software doesn't just rock for customers; it's a win for your team too. While a live chatbot handles all the repetitive tasks, your team could use their energy and time to solve bigger problems. 

But to avail of these benefits, you must choose the right software. How’d you do that? Jump to the next section. 


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Choosing the Right Live Chat Software: Your Ticket to Conversational Success

We've got the basics of Live Chat Software under our belts. Now, let's kick it up and discuss choosing the perfect Live Chat Software. This decision could be a game-changer for your business.  

There are, god-knows, how many softwares on the internet right now. But not everyone is suitable for you. Some might be beginner-friendly, and others might be tech-savvies. 

Let’s help you find the right one. 

Assessing Your Needs: The Chat Checklist

Before you plunge into the sea of options, let's take a breather and assess your needs. 

It's like shopping for shoes – you wouldn't buy flip-flops for a marathon, right? 

Similarly, understanding your business requirements is crucial. Are you a small boutique or a massive online marketplace? Your needs will dictate the kind of Live Chat Software that fits like a glove.

Essential Features: Sorting the Chat Gems

Let's talk features. Live Chat Software isn't just about the chat window; it's a treasure trove of tools. 

Think canned responses for speedy solutions, file sharing for those "help me, it's not working!" moments, and even chatbots that dazzle your customers with quick answers. 

Don't forget the power of customization – making your chat window look and feel like an extension of your brand. 

But here's the deal: not all Live Chat Software has the same features. Some are basic, and some, like BotPenguin, are like a Swiss Army knife of solutions. 

And the arsenal of BotPenguin is pretty packed up for your every chatbot need. The only step for you is to make a choice: 

Integration Elation: Where Does It Fit?

We're not done yet. The tech landscape is like a puzzle, and your Live Chat Software should be a piece that fits perfectly. 

Check whether the Live Chat Software you're eyeing plays nicely with your existing tech. Compatibility with your website platform, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and other tools you use is key here. 

BotPenguin easily integrates with 60+ platforms. Without any coding!

Up Next: Getting It All Set Up

You're probably thinking, "Alright, I've got my business needs and a mental list of features to chase. What's next?" Don't worry, we've got your back. 

In the next section, we'll hold your hand and walk you through getting your Live Chat Software all set up. 

Setting Up Your Live Chat Software

So, you've unboxed your shiny new Live Chat Software. What's next? 

The setup! 

But don't sweat it; it's not rocket science. It's more like assembling a LEGO set with clear instructions. Most Live Chat Software, like BotPenguin, has user-friendly interfaces that guide you through the process. 

Think of it as connecting the dots – you provide some basic info about your business, and the software molds itself to your needs. Easy-peasy, right? Let’s go, then. 

Designing for Delight: Customization Magic

Customization is where the magic happens. Imagine your chat window blending seamlessly with your website's vibe like it's always been there. 

Change colors, add your logo, and tweak the fonts – it's like dressing up your chat window for a grand party. 

Your visitors won't just be greeted by a chat window; they'll be greeted by a visual representation of your brand's personality. And who doesn't love a little extra dose of personality?

Chat Experience Crafting: Personal Touch vs. AI Magic

Now, let's talk about the heartbeat of Live Chat Software: the actual conversations. 

You've got two options here: go old-school with a personal touch, or embrace the AI magic with chatbots. 

The personal touch means real humans, on the other side, typing out responses like a digital pen pal. It's like having a friend guide you through a tech glitch.

Conversely, chatbots are like your trusty assistants – quick, efficient, and available 24/7. They have answers at their digital fingertips and can handle multiple chats like a champ.

But here's the secret sauce: it's all about balance. Blend in some chatbot magic with the human touch for a conversation that is both swift and personal.

Up Next: Perfecting the Chat: Crafting Conversations That Convert

You're almost there! You've set up your Live Chat Software, given it a personalized touch, and maybe even unleashed a chatbot or two. 

But now comes the icing on the tech cake – crafting chat messages that truly resonate. 

In the next section, we will guide you through perfecting the chat. From writing messages that engage like a captivating story to infusing that warm human touch, we've got the playbook to turn casual chats into meaningful conversions.

Writing the Perfect Chat: The Art of Customer Conversations

You've set the stage with your Live Chat Software, but now it's time to put on your wordsmith hats and craft those chat messages that charm like a magnet.

How to do that? Put yourself in your customer's shoes. 

Picture this: You're a customer looking for answers. What do you want? Quick, clear, and friendly responses, right? That's the golden rule of crafting chat messages. Keep them short, sweet, and to the point. 

It's like sending a text to a friend – no need for Shakespearean eloquence here. Remember, you're not writing a novel; you're having a friendly chat.

Embracing Empathy: Connecting Through the Screen

The secret sauce that makes your chat messages unforgettable is empathy. It's like sprinkling magic dust over your words. 

Put yourself in your customer's shoes – understand their frustration, and celebrate their excitement. Show them that you care about their concerns. It's as simple as saying, "I understand how frustrating tech glitches can be. Let's get this sorted together!"

Managing Tone: From Friendly to Professional

Every chat isn't the same. Sometimes you'll be chatting with a tech-savvy person, and other times with someone who's still figuring out the basics. 

Adapt your tone accordingly. 

Think of it as talking to different people at a party – you wouldn't use the same language with your boss as your best buddy. Striking the right tone ensures your customers feel comfortable and understood.

From Chats to Cherished Customers: Building Relationships

We now know which software we want, how to set it up, and how to customize it. It’s time we take things to more advanced levels. 

Let’s see how we can turn a one-time casual browser into a loyal, raving fan of our brand. Like everything in this guide, that’ll also be a piece of cake. 

Beyond FAQs: Real-Time Assistance That Wows

Remember the days of sifting through FAQ pages? Well, those days are history. 

Live Chat Software takes customer service to a new level. Customers can ask questions about products, shipping, or even recommendations and get instant responses. It's all about the "now" – making your customers feel heard and valued.

Proactive Magic: Anticipating Needs Before They Ask

Imagine this: a visitor spends a good chunk of time on your pricing page but doesn't make a move. Ding-ding! Live Chat Software can nudge them with a friendly "Hey, need help with anything?" It's like a waiter suggesting a dessert after a meal. 

Being proactive shows you care about their journey, and it might just be the push they need to seal the deal.

Turning Inquiries into Sales: The Art of Closing

Alright, let's talk business – literally. 

Live Chat Software isn't just about solving problems; it's a sales superstar too. Imagine a potential customer asking about a product's features. A skilled chat agent can turn that into a sales pitch that hits the bullseye. 

It's like turning a curious browser into a paying customer. The secret sauce? Listening to their needs and offering solutions that fit like a glove.

A quick recap

We’ve touched the basics of the Live chat software, understood their powers, what they can do for businesses like yours, and how they can multitask & save time for your team. 

Next, we moved to choosing the right platform. Then, we discussed how you can setup a chatbot by yourself and how you can customize it. 

Remember, we mentioned that you can start using live chat software without paying any money? 

Now is the time to talk about that and introduce you to your guide– BotPenguin

With BotPenguin you can make your chatbot for free. No need to share any credit card details. It’s not a trial either. You can use your chatbot for free forever. 

BotPenguin chatbots can easily integrate with 60+ platforms natively. This means, you can integrate your chatbot with your CRMs, E-commerce platforms, Website builders, and even ChatGPT. 

What’s more? All of your messages will be shown in a unified chatbox. This means, you can answer all your customer queries from a single place. Talk about simplicity!

Customer support, appointment booking, lead generation, Marketing automation, BotPenguin can do pretty much anything. 

How to get started? Click on the “Get Started Free” button and fill out simple details and we’ll get back to you. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly is Live Chat Software?
Imagine a helpful chat window on websites. It connects you directly to actual people or smart bots for instant support.

What's the big deal about using chatbots?
Chatbots are like super-smart assistants. They can quickly answer common questions and handle multiple chats at once, saving you time and your customers' sanity.

Do I need to be a tech whiz to set up Live Chat Software?
Not at all! Setting it up is as simple as making a cup of coffee. Most software comes with user-friendly interfaces that guide you through.

Can I customize the chat window to match my brand?
Absolutely! Think of it as virtual decorating. You can change colors, add your logo, and style it as a spitting image of your brand's personality.

How do I balance professionalism and friendliness in chat messages?
It's like a friendly handshake with a dash of respect. Adapt your tone based on who you're chatting with – be professional with a touch of warmth.

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