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Is live chat software an alternative to mail and telephone

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Mar 17, 20234 min read
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    Table of content

  • Introduction
  • Is live chat software an alternative to mail and telephone?
  • Why has Livechat mostly replaced telephone support?
  • Conclusion


In one of its surveys, American Express found that 40% of customers prefer speaking to a live agent over the phone for more complex interactions, such as payment disputes.

The situation changed, however, when Econsultancy reported that 79% of businesses prefer to engage with clients via live chat on their website rather than email (61%), phone (44%), or social media (48%).

It is evident how customers are switching from phone assistance to live chat. 

In this blog, we will talk about why livechat software is an alternative to mail and telephone services. 

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Is live chat software an alternative to mail and telephone?


Is live chat software an alternative to mail and telephone?

When you need to get in touch quickly and receive a speedy answer but can't or don't want to use a phone, this can be a very useful option.

Users frequently utilize live chat at several online retailers. Because users are aware that ordering online or calling someone on the phone will almost always take longer. 

In contrast to a phone call, we may terminate the live chat session any time. As a result, in some circumstances, it is a great option.

The way individuals communicate with one another nowadays is evolving quickly, becoming simpler, more casual, and quicker. Thus, instant messengers are replacing email and phone assistance.

Businesses prioritizing their consumers must adapt to this trend or risk losing a significant portion of their clientele.

Additionally, live chat eliminates any errors from a poor connection or hearing. All chat histories are saved and available for viewing.

Why has Livechat mostly replaced telephone support?


Why has Livechat mostly replaced telephone support?

There are multiple reasons why livechat software can be a great alternative to mail and telephone services. Here’s why:

  1. According to a Nielsen survey commissioned by Facebook, 56% of consumers prefer to address customer care concerns via chat rather than over the phone. 
  2. Quicker resolutions and responses have a significant beneficial influence on the customer's purchasing choice.
  3. Impatient customers will no longer have to wait for someone unfamiliar with their issue.
  4. Reduce bounce rates by flashing the message “Hey, can I help you locate something?”
  5. It is less expensive than building a help desk system or a call center.
  6. 77% of visitors who want to talk to someone in person are now making purchases from your website.
  7. 38% of respondents acknowledged that they had purchased something as a result of the live support session.
  8. After using the live support software proactively, 94% of the clients say they are entirely happy.
  9. According to the data, More than 44% of the virtual clients admitted that having their questions answered and concerns addressed by a live agent in the middle of the purchase session truly saved their purchasing choice and time.
  10. Because they received terrible live help, 78% of users decided not to make any transactions.
  11. These figures show that a live chat tool is essential to improve lead generation and customer service.
  12. Any virtual website wanting to build a solid and meaningful relationship with its clients may greatly benefit from the live support software. The software's lead-generation technique will assist you in making sure that your potential customers are satisfied before and after the transaction, which is quite outstanding.


While emails and phone conversations are often reactive, with consumers initiating the interaction, live chat allows you to be proactive. 

You may send automated messages to your visitors to give assistance or alert them about special deals.

By offering live chat, you provide clients with a method to contact you when they have inquiries or issues they cannot resolve on their own. 

This is considerably more satisfying than emailing support staff because you never know when to hear back from them.

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