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Jun 19, 20249 min read

Telegram Bots: Top 8 Bots That Make Life Super Easy

Updated onJun 19, 20249 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What are Telegram bots?
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  • Types of Telegram Bots
  • Some facts about Telegram
  • How to Use Telegram Bots?
  • Why Use Telegram Bots?
  • How to Find Bots on Telegram?
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  • Let's take a glance at the best 8 Telegram Bots
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  • Benefits of Telegram Bots
  • Conclusion
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Did you know that bots are not limited to only websites and computers? Chatbots and bots are now there on your phone too. Popular apps like Telegram have included bots in their list of features. Telegram was set to be a messaging application alternative to WhatsApp and other traditional apps. 

The folks at Telegram thought, why stop here? 

Since then, Telegram has evolved into an application that is a one-stop application for many tasks that require different apps. 

Do you want to download movies, convert files, and send mass text messages? Telegram can accomplish each of these things for absolutely free!

That is an awful lot for a simple messaging application, but it isn't simple now? 

It's Life-altering! Now, how do Telegram bots have the ability to do these things? Don't think too much; the answer is bots. 

Yes, Telegram hosts a ton of bots on its server. Every bot has a different function that can perform everyday tasks that require a bunch of apps. 

Let us take a look at the best eight telegram bots and their benefits-

Telegram is a free messaging application launched in 2013 as a prolific alternative to traditional chatting apps. Since 2013, Telegram has been including more and more features with every update. These updates have almost made the app a solution for every task at home and office. 

Here are some examples of tasks you can do with the help of Telegram. 

  1. You can get information about anything from Wikipedia directly on Telegram. 
  2. You can convert a PDF file into a DOCX document with Telegram. 
  3. You can also set reminders and alerts from the app without ever using the clock application on your phone. 

What are Telegram bots?

Telegram alone doesn't have the software capabilities to do these tasks, so it does them by Telegram bots

Why are these Telegram bots so popular?

Telegram bots are simple programs designed to accomplish various tasks. These bots are developed by the official telegram developers and the user community. 

Telegram users who have the skills to create programs can create bots with the help of Telegram's API(application programming interface) or by using telegram bot builder. The Telegram API allows users to create Telegram bots by giving them an API token. This API token links the program with the official Telegram servers and renders it official. 

Once a bot is created, users have only to search its username, and they can start using it. Sounds pretty simple, right? 

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Types of Telegram Bots

There are different categories of bots available on the Telegram platform to help users manage various aspects of their lives. Below are some of the common types of Telegram bots that cater to different needs.

Data-gathering Bots

Data-gathering bots are designed to collect and present relevant information for users. Examples include news bots, weather forecast bots, or bots providing exchange rates. 

These bots help users stay updated and make informed decisions, making them an essential part of a telegram bot list.

Casino and Sportsbook Bots

Casino and Sportsbook bots allow users to indulge in gambling, betting, or playing games of chance right within their Telegram app. 

These bots contribute significantly to the telegram ai bot list as they often use machine learning and AI to provide an engaging user experience.

Trading Bots

Trading bots provide users with financial market insights and automated trading assistance. By using these bots, users can efficiently manage their portfolios without monitoring the market constantly. 

No list of useful telegram bots would be complete without including trading bots.

Productivity Bots

Productivity bots streamline users' daily tasks, helping them stay focused and organized. Examples include task managers, reminders, polls, or note-taking bots. 

Any top telegram bots list would undoubtedly include these productivity powerhouses.

Moderation Bots

Moderation bots are used by groups or channel administrators to maintain a healthy environment by filtering out inappropriate content or spam. Their advanced moderation features make these bots a must-have for an all telegram bot list.

Exploring these types of bots will help you find the most suitable one to enhance your Telegram experience. By adopting the useful telegram bots from this list, you're sure to take your messaging app to a new level of functionality and enjoyment.

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 7 Facts about Telegram Bot you Did not know!

Some facts about Telegram

  • The Telegram app has about five hundred million monthly active users. About forty out of a hundred users of Telegram are from Asian countries. 
  • There are almost fifteen billion daily messages between users on average.
  • Telegram is in the top ten most downloaded applications in the world.
  • There are about fifteen to twenty thousand stickers on the Telegram apps for interactive and dynamic chatting.
  • Telegram has never advertised the application anywhere in the world. The company has never set aside money for a marketing budget. 
  • Telegram has created its cryptocurrency called TON (a token based on the Telegram blockchain)

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BotPenguin offers several features, including messaging, SMS notifications, data analytics, Facebook messenger integration, live chat support, and more. You can get your bot up and running in minutes, and it is perfect for both small businesses and large corporations.

How to Use Telegram Bots?

Telegram bots are an integral part of the Telegram platform, offering various functionalities to enhance the user experience. With an array of bots in Telegram at your disposal, it's possible to find the best Telegram bots suitable for your needs.

Firstly, it's necessary to understand what these bots in Telegram actually do. Telegram bots are small applications that run inside Telegram. 

They can help with tasks as simple as setting reminders or as complex as providing customer service for an organization. Based on your requirements, you'd choose the best chat bot in Telegram.

Following is a simple guide on how to start using these interesting Telegram bots:

  1. Search Bot: Head over to the search bar in Telegram and type the name of the bot. This can be anything from the bots for Telegram - to manage your messages efficiently - to bots specialized in tasks like organizing tasks or providing weather updates.
  2. Start Button: Once you've found your desired bot, simply click on the start button located at the bottom.
  3. Follow Bot Instructions: After starting the bot, it will likely greet you and provide a list of commands or options it recognizes. Follow these instructions to interact with and use the interesting Telegram bots.
  4. Experiment: Have fun experimenting with the various commands. Get involved with the different best Telegram bots to unlock their vast potential.

Remember, there are interesting Telegram bots readily available to cater to a myriad of needs. From organizing your personal tasks to managing a bustling online community, the best chat bot in Telegram is right at your fingertips with the right search. So, why wait? Start exploring these bots for Telegram today and make your life easier!

Why Use Telegram Bots?

Telegram bots are an extension of the Telegram messaging app that perform a variety of tasks to help enhance users' online experience. 

The core reason to use Telegram bots is to automate repetitive tasks, save time, and increase productivity.

Being highly versatile, these bots cover a wide spectrum, from fun and games to serious tasks like managing finances or gathering data. They help simplify processes, substantially augmenting your Telegram experience. 

The top Telegram bots not only facilitate better communication and management but also make use of the platform engaging and highly rewarding.

How to Find Bots on Telegram?

Finding bots on Telegram is straightforward. Start by clicking the search icon in your Telegram app and simply type 'bot' or the specific name of the bot you're looking for.

Browsing through a well-curated telegram bot list online can also offer a great range of options covering everything from AI chatbots to sportsbook bots. Websites that feature all telegram bot list provide comprehensive insights, including bot descriptions and user reviews, ensuring you find the most useful Telegram bots suitable for your needs.

Start exploring and make the most out of your Telegram experience!

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Let's take a glance at the best 8 Telegram Bots

Top 8 Telegram Bots one should know about,

StoreBot - Add On Telegram by @storebot

Store bot is the Wikipedia of all Telegram bots. It collects data regularly and adds new bots to the directory. Users can search and explore different bots for tasks through this bot. 

Features Of this Telegram Bot builder

  1. Wide range directory of all telegram bots available to use 
  2. Gives a detailed description and tutorial to use every bot listed in its directory.
  3. Has a categorical classification of all the bots, which makes searching effortless. 

SkeddyBot - Add On Telegram by @SkeddyBot

Speedy is a personal assistant that helps you plan out your whole day from the Telegram app itself. If you have a lot going on during your day, this bot can lighten your stress and cheer you up.

Features of this Telegram Bot builder

  1. It can send personalized messages as notifications to a user.
  2. You can set a reminder for a task and get notifications when the time comes.
  3. You can schedule messages to be sent to yourself. 
Skeddy Telegram Bot

AirTrack Bot - Add On Telegram by @airtrack_bot

COVID-19 restrictions have caused a lot of uncertainty for travel planning. Air track helps you out by keeping track of flight prices. It will send you notifications according to your destination. 

  1. Helps you plan your travel by getting you the best flight price
  2. Keep track of the average flight price the moment you give the command.
  3. Track prices from every airline around the world

SmokeyBot - Add On Telegram by @smokey_bot

As the name suggests, Smokey is an indicator of smoke, specifically air pollution. Smokey is advanced with tons of geographical data at its fingertips. 

  1. It tells you about the air quality of any location you want to know.
  2. It tells you about the average quality of air of a location.
  3. Smokey also has information about pollutants in the air and offers solutions too.

File To Bot - Add On Telegram by @filetobot

Running out of storage on your device? File to bot offers an unbeatable solution. Now upload your files on digital cloud storage with no limits. Yes, upload unlimited files with no invasion of privacy. 

File To bot offers to store your files categorically with a key known to you only.

Dr. Web Bot - Add On Telegram by @DrWebBot

Download a lot of files and software from the internet? Well, who doesn't? Dr. Web is an amazing bot powered by the leading antivirus software on the market. 

It will scan all your files before downloading and inform you about any threats.

Get Media Bot - Add On Telegram by @getmediabot

Get media is a web crawler bot; it can help you obtain any media files from the internet. All users have to do is put in their query and decide which file they want to download. 

  1. Here is a list of media you can download
  2. Movies 
  3. Videos
  4. Lyrics
  5. Instagram Stories 
  6. You can also download Large files directly from links on the internet.

File Converter Bot - Add On Telegram by @newfileconverterbot

Official work is mostly done digitally because of its speed and convenience. Digital work requires different file formats according to the software you use. If you need to edit a pdf or add something to it, you convert it to a word file first. 

Converting a file can be difficult if one doesn't know how to start. File Converter bot takes all hassle out of the equation. It offers to convert your files to a ton of different formats instantly.

File Converter Telegram Bot

Benefits of Telegram Bots

There are many benefits of Telegram Bots such as

Free and Open Source Telegram Bots

Telegram is a free and open-source application that opens many doors for businesses and users. Businesses can spread their marketing campaign through Telegram without paying anything at all. 

Users can create groups, find people and interact seamlessly through Telegram. Since Telegram is a free, secure, and encrypted small and medium businesses can target any number of people without worrying about anything. 

People can also make money by creating groups with many people and showing them advertisements from different businesses. 

Revolutionary customer engagement through Telegram Bots

How do businesses stay open? Through getting more deep and deep with customers, engaging and interacting with them. You can use Telegram to connect with your customers through various channels and options. 

You can create channels and groups on Telegram. The main difference is one is interactive, and the other is not. You have a feed of different materials on channels that you show people. 

Channels can receive feedback through comments, but no more than that. In a Telegram group, you can have a large number of people and can chat with them as dear friends. 

Ease and Availability Of Telegram bots

Telegram is available on any platform you can think of: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and IOS. You can download the Telegram app on any operating system and avail the benefits. Hence, you can connect with any customer on the global platform and solve their problems. 

Telegram is available across platforms, which means you can collect data from everywhere at once. You won't need any separate apps; you can deploy your Telegram bots to collect valuable customer feedback and prepare an insightful report.

Ease Of Payments Through Telegram Bots 

Running a business across different platforms makes it harder to track all the transactions and makes recordkeeping an annoying task. Telegram tackles this problem by providing you with the facility to link bank accounts with the app itself. 

This way, a user would pay without leaving the app. This will make keeping track of transactions and pending payments effortless. Providing a payment gateway can also be used in calamities when there is too much false information everywhere. 

Telegram's payment gateways can help reach people willing to step up and donate without worrying about fraudulent information. 


Telegram bots can make life easy and hassle-free. People have come to love these bots and the functionality they offer. If you liked this list of bots and their task, there is something more for you.

BotPenguin is a smart and AI-powered chatbot creator platform. If you want to create a bot that makes small tasks easy, try BotPenguin now.

We hope you enjoyed learning about some of our favorites, and we wish you luck finding the perfect bots for your needs.

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We hope you enjoyed learning about some of our favorites, and we wish you luck finding the perfect bots for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Telegram bots?

Telegram bots are automated programs that interact with users on the Telegram messaging app. 

They can perform various tasks, such as delivering news updates, providing weather forecasts, playing games, and assisting users with managing their schedules.

How do I use Telegram bots?

To use Telegram bots, you can search for them within the app and start interacting with them by sending messages or commands. The bot will then respond with the requested information or action.

Can I create my own Telegram bot?

Yes, you can create your own Telegram bot using the Telegram Bot API, which allows developers to build custom bots for various tasks within the app.

What are popular use cases for Telegram bots?

Popular use cases for Telegram bots include providing news updates and weather forecasts, managing tasks and projects, playing games, performing calculations and answering questions, and transcribing audio and video messages.

Can Telegram bots be used on desktop or web versions?

Yes, Telegram bots can be used on desktop and web versions of Telegram in addition to mobile versions. The process of finding and using bots is the same across all versions of the app.

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Table of Contents

  • What are Telegram bots?
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  • Types of Telegram Bots
  • Some facts about Telegram
  • How to Use Telegram Bots?
  • Why Use Telegram Bots?
  • How to Find Bots on Telegram?
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  • Let's take a glance at the best 8 Telegram Bots
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  • Benefits of Telegram Bots
  • Conclusion
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)