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What everybody ought to know about telegram bots

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Apr 16, 202410 min read
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    Table of content

  • Telegram Bots
  • Telegram Features
  • What does a Telegram Bot do?
  • Can the bots replace personal assistants?
  • How to create your Telegram Bot?
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  • The practicality of telegram bots in business
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  • Best five telegram bots for your business
  • Conclusion
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Millions of people have downloaded Signal and Telegram Messenger, making them the two most popular apps worldwide. With "end-to-end encryption," which Signal supports, only the sender and recipient can see a message's contents.

While Telegram includes some encrypted messaging options, it is most well-known for its group chat rooms, where users may talk about various topics.

The popularity of Telegram messenger and Signal is primarily due to concerns regarding WhatsApp's privacy regulations. Although WhatsApp's data handling practices remained exact, people instantly misunderstood the app's privacy notification last week to suggest collecting all private data, including voice calls and chat logs, and sharing it with companies.

Quickly denying that it could see anything inside encrypted messages and calls, WhatsApp clarified that users were misinformed. It was too late, though.

The rise of Telegram Messenger had just begun, and WhatsApp was seen as a tool to invade privacy.

Telegram Bots

These little robots can complete a wide range of jobs quickly in the era of smartphones, simplifying your life in ways you weren't even aware you needed it.

Quick updates on the weather, traffic, news stories, sports scores, and much more can be sent to you. They can assist you with placing a pizza order or learning what films are showing at your neighbourhood cinema. 

They can even monitor the results of your favourite teams while you're not watching TV

Nearly as long as the service itself, Telegram bots have existed. When Telegram's Bot API went live in 2015, the first ones started to show up. 

Since then, more than 100 000 developers have produced bots that Telegram users may employ to automate certain tasks and add to their chats.


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Telegram Features

Telegram Messenger blends the rapidity of WhatsApp with the transience of Snapchat. Like WhatsApp, Telegram can send texts, images, videos, audio files, location data, contacts, and documents and display a communication partner's online status. However, you can also choose to give this information a time limit and have it immediately erased.

The security of Telegram Messenger is another unique characteristic. All interactions, including chats, groups, and participant-shared media, are secured. It implies that things cannot be seen without first being understood. Telegram's "private conversations" feature also allows for end-to-end encryption between chat members.

The future funding of Telegram messenger, a free app without advertisements, will come from donations. The app competes with other mobile instant messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and is accessible on all popular platforms. Downloads of the Telegram app are far ahead of those of rivals Signal and Wickr, but they are still far behind those of WhatsApp and Facebook.

It was revealed in January 2021 that Telegram has 500 million active users monthly who send tens of billions of messages daily. The majority of the Telegram clients' source code is available for free. The server provides an open programming interface (API).

Telegram Features

What does a Telegram Bot do?

A Telegram Bot is computer software that operates in addition to acting like a typical conversation companion. Without the user's input, it works independently to complete predefined tasks. The word robot is where the word "bot" comes from.

A bot can do almost everything a human conversation partner can accomplish in Telegram. It can provide you with the following details automatically or upon request:

  • SMS messages
  • Images
  • Additional types of video files
  • Any file

One can build their bot using Telegram bot builder.

A vital feature of a Telegram bot is the ability to issue commands in a Telegram chat that immediately initiate actions or make requests for information. 

For instance, you might give the bot the command "/help" or "/help," which would then output all of the commands this bot is capable of as text responses in the chat. Here's an example of the following command list:

  • /status
  • /temperature
  • /last alarm
  • /stop

Telegram messenger data, including all chats and bots, is encrypted and kept in the cloud. Therefore, it is not necessarily necessary to have an external backup of the Telegram data, and logged-in users have access to all of their settings from any device, anywhere, at any time. 

However, the sensitive information and commands the bot accesses externally may be accessible elsewhere, such as on local company servers or in their databases.

Public Telegram bots are not private by default. Anybody may locate and utilize them. However, suppose a separate channel of communication is established with the bot. In that case, Telegram bots can also only be made available to specific users.

The suffix "bot" will always serve as a reliable indicator of a Telegram bot. "@weatherbot," "@relinnsappsrhinoBot," or "@my first testbot" as examples.

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Can the bots replace personal assistants?

A Telegram bot can be helpful in this situation because many of us are fans of the Internet of Things (IoT). It can quickly inform and respond in the environments that you describe. 

Telegram messenger allows individuals to communicate with one another and with programmed devices, thanks to Telegram Bot builder. Thus, we can receive communications from you or forward them to various devices with a single click.

Public bots can be found online either in third-party directories or overviews (such as or or by using the Telegram user search function (for example, type "Relinns" in the search to find the Relinns-Telegram bot).

The administrator of the Telegram bot must "invite" private bots to a private group.

The text commands defined during creation or programming, which always start with "/," are used to communicate with a Telegram Bot. These could be instructions such as

  1. /start
  2. /end alarm
  3. /status
  4. /last error.

The "/help" command always lists all available commands.

How to create your Telegram Bot?

You only need to download the Telegram messenger on a device, log in, and create your account to build a Telegram Bot for yourself. 

The Telegram messenger is available on the official Telegram website,, and in app stores for other devices (such as the Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

The process of building your bot is typically pretty straightforward. You receive assistance from the fictional user "Botfather," the primary platform for creating Telegram bots

Therefore, you must first seek this user on Telegram messenger and initiate communication with him. Make sure to choose the user who has been verified (with a blue tick).

The practicality of telegram bots in business

The practicality of telegram bots in businesses

Telegram bots can be extremely practical for businesses. Here are a few benefits of using telegram bots in business:

Engage with current and prospective customers

One of the most labor-intensive tasks for most organizations is interacting with customers. Answering inquiries is a crucial component of providing good customer service.

Additionally, you must be able to deal with demands while working.

A Telegram messenger bot can be used to build a "knowledge warehouse." Your clients' FAQs can be answered in this knowledge base. You could never do it as well as a robot, though!

Brand promotions

Users are encouraged to participate in brand promotions using Telegram bots. They can take selfies with your products in front of your store, in your café, or nearby. They might shoot pictures on social media and transmit them to you in exchange for something.

It is nearly free and performs just as well as conventional radio or television advertising. Customers enjoy them because they can receive a prize at the end and are enjoyable and straightforward.

Better service

Compared to human agents, chatbots are more affordable and effective. Customers are eager to communicate with them.

These bots have in-depth discussions. Although the language is the main form of communication, they also use media formats like images.

Rich content is valuable since it allows businesses to highlight their goods.

Additionally, Telegram messenger has access to 200 million users and a massive audience.

Easy Feedback

Customers can also contact you through Telegram bots. This function provides insightful data to help you develop your Telegram messenger business strategy. Asking your customer for input on a new product or service is all it takes.

Calls are expensive, and people get annoyed if you call at an inconvenient hour. The mail is nearly always ignored by customers. The best escape route is via message and hence the bots.

Lighter on the pockets

Businesses reportedly handle 265 billion customer queries each year. Investing in Telegram bots enables businesses to reduce the cost of customer support. Companies should not disregard these expenses as they are never inexpensive.

AI helps small businesses cut costs by enabling them to automate repetitive tasks. They can scale up chat help during peak AI times. It offers fresh customer service paradigms.

Schedule posts and save time.

You can use Telegram bots to schedule posts and view channel statistics. you may use it to write rich text articles, add react buttons, etc.

Additionally, Telegram messenger eliminates the necessity for press releases and other conventional ways of message distribution. You can send a message to all of your customers with only one click.

Telegram messenger has a broader audience and is cost-free. It is the quickest and shortest route to your clients, no matter where they are.

Best five telegram bots for your business


BotPenguin is a NO-CODE  AI chatbot maker platform that lets you easily train your chatbot on custom data, paint them with your logo and branding, and offer human-like conversational support to your customers

With all the heavy work of chatbot development already done for you, BotPenguin allows users to integrate some of the prominent language models like GPT 4, Google PaLM and Anthropic Claude to create Telegram AI chatbots with features like:

AllQ Bot

The AllQ Bot is perfect for this capability if you need to poll your audience about an idea; it links you up with other users in your network so they may respond to your inquiries. 

With this bot, you can also benefit by answering other users' questions on the telegram messenger.

Online Tools Bot

Online Tools Bot will be very helpful in your endeavors if you own a business or firm or are a product or service creator.

This bot is trained to look for and locate the most effective tool options to assist you in completing your chores.

Planning, marketing, research, and sharing tools are a few features. It is currently among the best business bots available.


LikaOne Bot ensures that all projects are in one location if your business uses group projects to prevent confusion or information gaps.

You can also create numerous projects, add new team members, insert reports. Also, you can request updates for each project so that everyone on the team knows the order of the work.

Metrics Bot

It allows you to view Google Analytics using Telegram messenger. It is one of the most innovative ways to evaluate the effectiveness of your website and the campaigns you have developed.


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Overall, Telegram bots allow you to complete various tasks without leaving the messaging platform.

Although incorporating many different features is a great benefit, we cannot disregard the potential security dangers associated with the employment of bots.

It may compromise the encryption of your messages due to the security concerns raised about how Telegram embeds bots using Telegram Bot Builder. After all, outside parties create bots, not Telegram (with a few notable exceptions, of course). Therefore, it is better to exercise greater caution while downloading software from unidentified sources.

If these bots don't meet your demands, you can start making your own. Head over to BotPenguin and create bots according to your needs and requirements. Oh, you don't need coding skills or any sort of language to create your very first chatbot!

It is that simple and easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I find and add a bot on Telegram?

To find and add a bot on Telegram, you can search for specific bot names or browse bot directories like BotList or BotFather. 

Once you find a bot you want to use, simply click on the "Add Bot" button or follow the instructions provided by the bot developer.

What tasks can Telegram bots perform?

Telegram bots can perform a wide range of tasks, including sending automatic replies, providing weather updates, delivering news articles, managing to-do lists, playing games, offering language translation, and much more. 

The capabilities of a bot depend on its programming and the APIs it has access to.

Can I create my own Telegram bot?

Yes, Telegram provides an API that allows developers to create their own bots. The BotFather bot is often used to create and manage bots on Telegram. 

By following the BotFather's instructions, developers can set up commands, customize bot behavior, and deploy their own bots for various purposes.

Are Telegram bots safe to use?

Generally, Telegram bots are safe to use. However, it is essential to be cautious while interacting with bots, especially if they request personal information or access to your account. 

Stick to reputable bots with positive reviews, and avoid sharing sensitive information with unknown or untrusted bots.

Can I use multiple bots in a single chat or group?

Yes, you can use multiple bots in a single chat or group. Telegram bot builder allows you to add and interact with multiple bots simultaneously. 

Each bot will have its own set of commands and functions, providing users with a versatile and customizable experience.

How can I remove a bot from a chat or group?

To remove a bot from a chat or group, you can go to the chat settings and find the list of participants or members. 

Locate the bot's name and select the option to remove or kick the bot from the chat. This will revoke the bot's access to the chat and prevent it from interacting further.

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