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Telegram bots: Top 5 Best Telegram bots for groups

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Oct 18, 20238 min read
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Are you an admin of a Telegram group and struggling to keep up with the demands of your members? 

Are you constantly bombarded with requests and queries, leaving you with little time for anything else? 

Well, fear not because Telegram bots are here to save the day!

These nifty little programs can make your life as a group admin easier by automating tasks and providing valuable assistance. 

Whether you need help with moderation, analytics, or even just some fun features for your members, there's a bot out there.

This blog post will explore the top 5 best Telegram bots for groups. We've scoured the internet, tested countless bots, and narrowed down the best of the best, so you don't have to.

From powerful moderation tools to engaging games and trivia, these bots will surely enhance your group experience and take the load off your shoulders.

So, sit back, relax, and let us introduce you to the game-changing world of Telegram bots for groups. Trust us. Your members will thank you for it.

Why use Telegram bots for your group?


Why use Telegram bots for your group?

Running a successful Telegram group can be daunting, especially for admins juggling responsibilities like moderating discussions, managing members, and scheduling events. 

It can be overwhelming, and that's where Telegram bots come in handy.

A Closer Look at
Telegram Bots

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Automate tedious tasks

One of the biggest advantages of Telegram bots is that they can automate tedious tasks that would otherwise consume an admin's valuable time. 

Bots can handle routine tasks such as sending welcome messages to new members, scheduling events, and managing polls.

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24/7 Availability

Telegram bots are available 24/7, meaning they can handle members' requests at any time of the day. 

Admins no longer have to worry about being available to answer every question or request from group members.

Enhance Group Moderation

Telegram bots can help with group moderation by monitoring member behavior and filtering spam. 

You can configure bots to remove inappropriate messages, ban members, and warn users who break group rules.

Why use Telegram Chatbots?

Easy Integration

Integrating Telegram bots into a group is straightforward. 

With just a few clicks, admins can set up bots to handle various tasks and improve the overall user experience.

Streamline Group Management

Telegram bots can handle many administrative tasks, such as kicking or banning users, setting up polls, or controlling the group's welcome messages. 

Group admins can focus on creating content and engaging with members rather than dealing with mundane administrative tasks.

Enhanced Security

Telegram bots can add an extra layer of security to a group. 

For example, Spambot can automatically detect and remove spam messages or users. 

At the same time, the @botprotection bot can prevent unauthorized access to a group.

Personalized Experience

You can customize your bots to fit the group's specific needs. 

For example, you can program the GroupButler bot to welcome new members with personalized messages or provide them with important information about the group.

Increased Engagement

Telegram bots can provide interactive, engaging content that keeps group members entertained and informed. 

For example, the @triviabot can run quizzes or trivia games, while the @gifbot can provide endless amusing GIFs.


Telegram bots can handle many users, making them ideal for large groups or communities. 

They can also be programmed to perform specific tasks based on group members' activities, improving the user experience.

How to add a Telegram Bot to your group?


How to add a Telegram Bot to your group?

Here's how to add a bot to your Telegram group in simple steps.

Step 1: Search for the Bot

Search for the Bot in telegram

First, search for the bot you want to add to your Telegram group. 

You can do this by entering the bot's name in the search bar or clicking on a link that leads to the bot.

Step 2: Click on the Bot

Once you have found the bot, click on it to open the bot's profile.

Step 3: Click on the "Add to Group" Button

Click on the "Add to Group" Button

You should see an "Add to Group" button in the bot's profile. 

Click on it, and you will be prompted to select which group you want to add the bot to.

Step 4: Choose the Group

Choose the Group

Select the group you want to add the bot to from the list of your groups. 

Ensure you have permission to add a bot to the group.

Step 5: Confirm the Bot's Access

Confirm the Bot's Access

After you have selected the group, the bot will request access to the group. 

You must confirm this request before the bot can interact with the group.

And that's it! The bot is now a member of your Telegram group and ready to assist you with your tasks. 

Remember that different bots may have different instructions. Check the bot's documentation or help section for any issues.

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Best Telegram Bots for groups


gif bot

Add some fun to your Telegram conversations with the @gif bot by Tenor. 

You don't have to leave the chat window to search for the perfect GIF. 

Simply enter the bot name and do a quick search using keywords. The search results in load quickly, and there are no lags while using the bot.



Combot is an efficient bot that can assist you in managing your Telegram group. 

This bot provides a range of useful tools for managing large communities. 

You can use Combot to fight spam, automatically delete unwanted content or messages, collect and share interesting statistics, and even level up users to encourage them to contribute more to the group. 

The pricing of Combot varies depending on your region. In the United States, it costs $6 per month after 200 members.



Adding Spotybot to your chat can be a great idea if you have a music-loving group. 

This bot allows everyone in the group to search for songs or artists within the Telegram group. 

It returns a 30-second audio clip to help set the mood and a link to the full song on Spotify. 

Additionally, Spotybot provides the original cover art for the song, which is pretty cool.



Share files with ease by adding the @drwebbot to your Telegram group. It scans files and links automatically to prevent viruses from infecting your device. Add the bot to your group, and it will work magic in the background.



The @skeddybot is a reminder bot that helps you set reminders in natural language. 

You can use it as your reminder system or inside a group. 

For instance, if you have a travel group planning a trip, each member can be assigned a task they need to do and reminded of. 

You can also use this Telegram bot for reminders of upcoming events.


VOTE bot

Having trouble deciding on something? 

Create a quick poll with the @vote bot and have everyone vote on the options. 

You can even allow participants to select multiple answers if necessary. 

The voting can be done anonymously if the question is rather controversial.


VID bot

Share YouTube videos with ease by adding the @vid bot to your group.

It helps you find videos on the fly inside the group chat window. 

Simply select the video from the list, and it will share instantly in the group with a link to the YouTube app and a large preview.



Choose from a couple of classic games like Lumberjack using the @gamebot. 

Simply choose a game and add it to the group to play with friends in real time. 

The games are designed to be lightweight to account for Telegram's limitations.



Discover other bots and easily add them to your Telegram groups by searching the store for bots with @storebot. 

It's like the mother of all bots, helping you dip your feet in the water and find the perfect bots for your group.

Telegram Bot use cases for groups

Automate Group Administration with Combot

Combot is an all-in-one bot that can help group admins manage their communities efficiently. 

With Combot, you can fight spam, delete unwanted content and collect interesting stats all while helping user engagement by leveling up users to contribute to the group. 

Its powerful tools make group administration a breeze, and its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use.

Boost Engagement with Polls

Polls are a great way to increase engagement in Telegram groups. 

With bots like QuAnBot or PollBot, you can create and share polls with group members to get their opinions on various topics. 

It's an excellent way to gather feedback and insights from the group and make everyone feel more involved in the community.

Integrate Spotify with SpotyBot

If your group loves music, SpotyBot is the perfect bot. With SpotyBot, everyone in the group can search for songs or artists right inside the Telegram group.

It returns with a 30-second audio clip to help set the mood with a link to the full song on Spotify. It also links to the original cover art, which is pretty cool.

Manage Events with EventBot

EventBot is a bot designed specifically for event management in Telegram groups. 

With EventBot, you can create events, set reminders, and manage RSVPs all in one place. 

It's an excellent tool for groups that host regular events and need an easy way to manage them.

Provide Customer Support with HelpDeskBot

If you run a business that uses Telegram for customer support, HelpDeskBot is a must-have bot. 

With HelpDeskBot, you can manage customer inquiries, assign tickets to team members, and track customer feedback in one place. 

It's a great way to streamline customer support and provide a more efficient customer experience.

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Telegram bots are incredibly versatile tools that can help group admins manage their communities more efficiently. 

From automating group administration to boosting engagement with polls, there's a Telegram bot for everything. 

But what about a custom bot that caters to your user's needs. Don't know how?

One word, BotPenguin!

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BotPenguin is a cutting-edge chatbot creation platform for Telegram. You don't need to know how to code. With a handy user interface, you can create bots in no time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 5 Telegram bots for group moderation?
The top 5 Telegram bots for group moderation include GroupButler, Combot, BotFather, Group Help, and Anti-Spam Bot. GroupButler and Combot offer a wide range of moderation features, BotFather helps create custom bots, Group Help assists new users, and Anti-Spam Bot effectively combats spam.

Which bots are best for managing media and content in Telegram groups?
For media and content management, two notable bots are Skeddy for scheduling messages and Butlergram for automating file transfers. Skeddy allows scheduled content posting, while Butlergram simplifies media sharing tasks by enabling users to send media files and documents to the bot and then redistributing them as needed.

How can I run polls and surveys effectively in a Telegram group using bots?
To conduct polls and surveys, use the Pollbot, which allows easy creation and management of polls in your group. By simply sending the Pollbot the question and answer options, it will create the poll for you and collect responses, making the process seamless and efficient.

What are the benefits of using bots for group interactions on Telegram?
Using bots in Telegram groups offers numerous benefits, including enhanced moderation, streamlined content management, automated responses, increased engagement with polls and surveys, and improved overall group management. Bots help reduce the burden on administrators and foster a more organized and interactive group environment.

Are these Telegram bots for groups free to use, or do they require payment?
Most of the mentioned bots offer basic functionalities for free. However, some may have premium features that require payment. Group owners can choose between free and paid options based on their group's specific needs and budget.

Can I create my custom Telegram bot for my group, and if so, how?
Yes, you can create your custom Telegram bot for your group using BotFather. By sending a specific command to the BotFather, you can create and configure your bot, including setting its name, username, and custom commands. Once created, you can add functionalities to suit your group's requirements.

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