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Jul 10, 20248 min read

Suki Tutorial: How to use Suki in 2024

Updated onJul 10, 20248 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What is Suki?
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  • Benefits And Features Of Suki
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  • How to use suki?
  • How does Suki function?
  • A few Suki-related facts
  • The Omnichannel Healthcare Chatbot is here
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs
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The healthcare IT stack is being reimagined to be more transparent and helpful. Using the most recent advances in natural language processing and machine learning, Suki provides rapid and accurate voice experiences. Whether you're a medical professional or a tech partner, Suki can be of assistance. To simplify doctors' processes, Suki interfaces with popular EHR systems.

Suki, a renowned technology business, offers healthcare speech solutions driven by AI. Its goal is to rethink the healthcare IT stack that is invisible and helpful, relieving doctors of some of their administrative duties.

Suki has seen a 72% rise in users and an extension of assistance to physicians across 30 specialties, in addition to quadrupling its income in 2024. Suki functions as a web app, a native Windows program, and a mobile app (iOS and Android).

What is Suki?

What is Suki?

Suki is a voice-enabled, AI-powered digital assistant designed specifically for healthcare professionals. It uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to help doctors and other healthcare providers complete administrative tasks more quickly and accurately, allowing them to spend more time focused on patient care.

Suki is designed to be an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that can be integrated seamlessly into a healthcare provider's existing workflows. It can be used to complete tasks such as creating and updating patient charts, filling out orders and prescriptions, and generating referral letters and other documentation.

It uses advanced encryption and other security measures to protect sensitive patient data and ensure that healthcare providers can use the tool with confidence.

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Benefits And Features Of Suki

Suki is also designed to be highly secure and compliant with HIPAA and other data protection regulations. Here are some features to discover below.

1. High-quality voice recognition technology

Suki uses the most advanced voice recognition technology. It is present in other well-known programs like Siri and Alexa. Suki is adept at understanding voice, and one aspect that provides it an advantage is its voice model.

The application's database already contains medical words and other jargon, so taking notes is error-free. Doctors and employees don't need to worry about correctness while recording information on their systems; they may accomplish so effortlessly by speaking. 

2. Support for all systems and devices

Suki is compatible with all of the available platforms. It is compatible with all of the hardware and software used in the medical sector. Tablets, desktops, webpages, or smartphones. Suki produces outstanding results and works with all platforms.

Now, with the help of Suki, physicians may take notes while on the road. The ability to work virtually from anywhere eliminates the requirement to be physically present in the workplace.

3. Help in increasing revenue for hospitals and clinics

Help in increasing revenue for hospitals and clinics

Through its services, Suki aids in increasing income. The comments and information that Suki's servers have collected have led to the following conclusions:

  • It makes income by boosting patient-doctor interactions by 12%.
  • It produces more revenue by lowering the claim denial rate by 20%. Accurate diagnosis produces fewer claim denials & better treatment.
  • Improves doctors' effectiveness and efficiency, allowing them to focus on more patients.

It helps physicians work more effectively and efficiently, so they may focus on more patients.

4. Constantly changing the input from experts.

Suki has an outstanding team of respected medical professionals in their specialties. These medical professionals come from many origins and civilizations. They utilize Suki continuously for their work and correct her when they find a mistake.

In this manner, the problem will only arise when other doctors utilize Suki. These medical professionals also help Suki's voice model. Although accents might be challenging to distinguish, Suki only makes some errors thanks to this diversified panel.

How to use suki?

With Suki, scheduling appointments becomes effortless as patients can book directly through the chatbot while doctors receive all the necessary information. Here are some use cases to discover

1. Schedule an appointment

Direct appointment booking from your chatbot is available to patients. Additionally, the bots may assign a doctor to your patient, contact the doctor with patient information, and schedule a time window for both the patient and the doctor in their calendars. People may schedule appointments online with the least amount of work and worry, thanks to this!

2. Observing symptoms

Patients may quickly assess the seriousness of the condition and search for symptoms on a healthcare chatbot. Patients can submit different information when they want an update since the chatbot remembers specific patient facts.

3. Giving assistance and pertinent information

An intelligent chatbot might be helpful when patients repeatedly call with the same set of simple queries. As a result, healthcare chatbots are also tasked with handling these additional inquiries and cutting down on unnecessary phone calls.

When healthcare practitioners need to access patient information, chatbots can also be helpful.

4. Insurance and claims

 Insurance and claims

A healthcare chatbot will give patients a simple method to obtain the information they need, whether they want to check their current coverage, submit claims, or monitor the progress of a claim. Doctors can also pre-authorize billing payments and other requests from patients or healthcare authorities as they can quickly access patient information and inquiries.

5. Increasing patient satisfaction

Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a doctor there to help you whenever you need them. Although it couldn't be the case, a bot can still be helpful. Every time one of your patients needs an answer, a chatbot is there to provide it since healthcare chatbots often have an uptime of over 99.9%.

6. Supporting therapy

Chatbots for therapy can aid with mental health support. The goal of mental health chatbots is to support licensed mental health practitioners rather than to take their place.

How does Suki function?

Suki, a virtual assistant, was created to support doctors concentrating only on their patients. It utilizes the most recent Google machine learning and artificial intelligence models. It works well with dictation and can quickly complete a simple repetitious task.

Suki may enhance healthcare in two different ways:

  • Suki as a personal assistant to a doctor: Suki has had experience using this technique as a personal assistant to a doctor. It is an application that any doctor may download to their mobile and personalize to fit their work schedule.
  • Suki as an improvement to medical technology: Suki has also demonstrated considerable potential in this approach. Electronic medical records (EMRs) may be connected to Suki. In this manner, medical professionals may easily access information from anywhere. They wouldn't have to sign into a system and request information. Consequently, a diagnosis may be made more quickly.

A few Suki-related facts

  • Four hundred million dollars overall have been invested in the Suki voice assistant. The team has performed admirably and has received sponsorship from many sources.
  • In the following five years, virtual assistants' market share in the healthcare industry will reach $1 billion.
  • Suki's speech models are recognized for their accuracy, which is 91%.
  • 99 out of 100 times, Suki can understand any medical phrase said by any doctor without making a mistake.
  • Through a top-notch team of knowledgeable doctors, Suki continuously develops and learns.
  • Ten physicians from various ethnicities and backgrounds make up Suki's team. They all continually provide comments to Suki so she may overcome obstacles. They assist in the speech models for Suki, which helps the software learn.
  • According to data gathered by Suki's users, the effectiveness of taking notes has been enhanced by 70%.

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Without a doubt, Suki is a ground-breaking device with a wide range of potential uses in the future. It may be integrated into any hospital or clinic in the world. Furthermore, it has and will continue to acquire a large sum of money based on its qualities.

Suki has already exceeded the milestone of 1000 actual patient encounters. Suki has proven its worth by reducing doctors' workloads by a factor of 70% and assisting them in coming up with a workable treatment plan.

Imagine a society in which medical forms are obsolete. A patient only has to share their medical history with their doctor once. Suki wants to make this a reality and improve healthcare standards. Suki's qualities and advantages allow patients to have higher expectations than before.

A similar service Botpenguin provides chatbots for virtual support. They are a sharp group that understands how to use these modern tools. You should visit the website to provide your patients with a welcoming, practical, and intelligent healthcare experience.


What is the role of AI in healthcare?

Role of AI in Healthcare

Applications for natural language processing (NLP) that can comprehend and categorize clinical documentation are often used in the healthcare industry. NLP systems can examine unstructured clinical notes on patients, providing amazing insight into quality, enhancing procedures, and increasing patient outcomes.


What is Suki and how can it be utilized in 2024? 

Suki is an AI-powered digital assistant that enables healthcare professionals to streamline clinical documentation. In 2024, it can be used to transcribe and document patient encounters in real-time, reducing administrative burdens and allowing physicians to focus more on patient care. By leveraging natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, Suki accurately converts speech into text, saving time and improving the accuracy of medical documentation.


Does Suki work with electronic health record (EHR) systems? 

Certainly! Suki is compatible with various EHR systems commonly used in healthcare settings. It seamlessly integrates with popular EHR platforms, enabling physicians to input clinical notes and patient information directly using voice commands. This integration enhances workflow efficiency, reduces transcription errors, and facilitates smoother documentation processes.


Can Suki understand medical terminology and jargon? 

Absolutely! Suki is designed to understand and accurately transcribe medical terminology and jargon. It has been trained on extensive healthcare data and continuously improves its language comprehension capabilities. Physicians can confidently dictate medical terms, diagnoses, treatments, and specialized terminology, knowing that Suki will accurately transcribe them.


Does Suki support voice commands in multiple languages? 

Yes, Suki supports voice commands in multiple languages. It accommodates various language preferences, transcribing and processing speech in different languages. This feature enables healthcare providers in multilingual settings to effectively utilize Suki for their documentation needs.


How does Suki enhance the productivity of healthcare professionals? 

Suki significantly enhances the productivity of healthcare professionals by automating time-consuming documentation tasks. Physicians can dictate their notes and patient information, eliminating the need for manual typing. This allows them to focus more on patient care, improve efficiency, and potentially see more patients during their workday.


Does Suki provide customizable templates for different medical specialties? 

Yes, Suki offers customizable templates for different medical specialties. Physicians can personalize the templates to match their specific documentation needs and workflows. This customization feature allows healthcare professionals to create templates tailored to their specialty, ensuring efficient and accurate documentation aligned with their practice requirements.


Is training required to effectively use Suki? 

Suki is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, requiring minimal training to use effectively. Healthcare professionals can quickly familiarize themselves with the system and start dictating patient encounters. However, Suki's performance can further improve with continued usage as the system learns individual speech patterns and preferences, resulting in more accurate transcriptions.

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Table of Contents

  • What is Suki?
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  • Benefits And Features Of Suki
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  • How to use suki?
  • How does Suki function?
  • A few Suki-related facts
  • The Omnichannel Healthcare Chatbot is here
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs