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Suki, a startup selling 'Siri for Doctors,' is valued at $400 Million!

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Dec 25, 202316 min read
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  • What is Suki?
  • How does Suki works?
  • Suki, a Start-up Selling 'Siri for Doctors,' Is Valued at $400 Million! All you want to know about Suki
  • Conclusion

Who doesn't want to have an assistant who works for you at any time? As we all know, humans cannot do that without getting tired. That's why many industries have adapted AI assistants. It comes in the form of chatbots or voice assistants. When covid hit, medical professionals were bound to overwork. How about if they get a similar AI assistant that solely focuses on doctors and nurses. Well, with Suki, it is possible now.

Suki is an AI-powered voice start-up platform used by health care professionals. They can use for generating medical notes and reducing administrative work. Suki is also known as "Siri for doctors" as it completes tasks 76% faster than any human. Medical workers can use Suki on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or the web to integrate their health record system. 

Further, it brings voice control and helps in their daily workflow. You can give Suki the simple command to record and retrieve patient data or check scheduled appointments.

With all these premium features, Suki has a valuation of 400 million dollars. Continue reading to find out more about Suki.

What is Suki?

Burnout among doctors is on the rise. Up to 70% of doctors claim they feel burned out, and the main reason for this is the tremendous amount of administrative work.

Suki's objective is to relieve doctors of administrative burdens so they may focus on what matters. Our team consists of clinicians and technicians developing an award-winning solution based on doctors' real-world demands. 

For organizations like Apple, Google, and IBM Watson, the Suki team has vast expertise in designing and creating cutting-edge technology, consumer, healthcare, and corporate solutions. They are proud to have received awards like Google's Partner of the Year for AI & ML, Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies, and Fierce Healthcare's Fiercest Cost Saving Solution. 

How does Suki works?

Suki, the pioneer in artificial voice intelligence (AI) technology for healthcare, revealed today that its flagship Suki Assistant now offers additional voice-enabled features. Physicians using the digital assistant now have a more simplified information retrieval and documentation experience thanks to a vast choice of instructions. It reduces administrative stress and frees up more time for patient care. Suki has rapidly released new capabilities that address an increasingly broad range of clerical jobs. It is the most recent addition.

With new "show me" instructions, clinicians may swiftly get a wide range of patient data. Using new " show me " instructions, they can check vital signs, medicines, allergies, and medical and surgical histories, using new "show me" instructions. This feature enables physicians to obtain crucial information without relying on the electronic health record (EHR), spending more time with their patients.

Suki, a Start-up Selling 'Siri for Doctors,' Is Valued at $400 Million! All you want to know about Suki

Suki AI Inc., a health firm that creates a digital assistant for doctors similar to Siri, has secured a fresh round of venture funding valued at $400 million.

On Tuesday, the five-year-old start-up will announce that it has raised $55 million in a deal headed by March Capital, a growth equity firm. According to Punit Soni, its CEO, it has reached an arrangement with Google's cloud division to begin selling Suki's services to healthcare organizations.

The upstart is likewise on the trail of a colossus. Microsoft said in April that it intends to spend roughly $20 billion buying Nuance Communications, a business providing note-taking services to doctors for more than two decades. Soni said, "We're trying to catch up with firms who have been doing this for 20 years."

Suki plans to use the funds to develop its software for speech recognition and automated data entry for doctors. According to Wes Nichols, a March Capital partner, "the start-up proposes that it can relieve doctors of onerous labor without forcing health networks to alter IT infrastructure." Koninklijke Philips NV funded Suki's current round, a Dutch medical supplier with aspirations to integrate the company's technology into Philips devices.

According to the company, it presently sells to 95 health care networks, with its goods costing an average of $200 a month. The boards did not disclose the sales of the privately held corporation. "The revenue is significant enough," Soni says.


Undoubtedly, Suki AI is one of the leading technologies that provides AI-powered voice assistants for the healthcare sector. The main goal of Suki is to change the healthcare tech facilities and lift the administrative burden from the doctors. Its voice assistant helps healthcare professionals to complete administrative tasks faster. It also offers its proprietary voice platform for creating good quality voice experience with natural language processing and machine language. There is no wonder that Suki is serving as the right hand to doctors and nurses. With its accuracy, natural and quick voice experience, Suki has an appropriate valuation of 400 million dollars.

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