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Updated on
Mar 29, 20245 min read

Suki, a Siri-like voice platform for doctors, is it the next big thing?

Updated onMar 29, 20245 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • Introduction 
  • What is Suki?
  • Is Suki the next big thing for doctors?
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  • Here are the top 5 reasons why Suki is the next big thing for doctors and the healthcare industry! 
  • Wrapping it up
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The health world has experienced the most significant development and the most difficulties in the past two years. 

The healthcare sector has been put through extraordinary hardship during the pandemic like never before. 

Such hardships have resulted in developing the modern technologies and Artificial-Intelligence based inventions that will further govern a huge part of the healthcare industry.

Do you want to experience ‘you command it, you get it’? 

If so, no worries because Suki has got you covered. Suki is a Siri-like voice assistant. 

Suki has secured up to $55 million in the Series C round of funding. As a voice assistant, Suki can streamline all your jobs quickly and accurately. 

Keep reading to learn how!

What is Suki?

Suki is a voice-activated, AI-powered virtual assistant made especially for doctors. 

Suki’s objective is to make administrative work easier for healthcare institutions. 

It involves Suki assisting physicians with dictation, information retrieval, and EHR (Electronic Health Records) integration to make the daunting work seamless. 

Is Suki the next big thing for doctors?

Is Suki the next big thing for doctors?

Suki is based on Artificial intelligence technology (AI). 

The ultimate aim of the AI-based Suki voice assistant in healthcare is to revolutionize treatment approaches to enhance patient service. 

Suki can assist in evaluating complex medical data and producing conclusions without requiring direct human involvement, researchers in making discoveries, and many more. 

It claims to improve diagnostic efficiency by 70%, and thus far, the outcomes have been favorable. 

Suki offers various features that ease the work by just uttering and speaking out the commands. 

Since the start of January 2022, Suki has seen a 38% rise in the healthcare system and clinic clients and a 70% increase in users.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Suki is the next big thing for doctors and the healthcare industry! 

1. Suki provides real-time information

Acquiring reliable information at the right time is essential for detecting medical problems. 

Medical professionals can use Suki to provide real-time, precise data to speed up and improve critical healthcare decisions and treat the patient at its best. 

Suki also entails improved preventive measures. 

Having Suki in your clinic accounts for cost reductions and lessens the need for more workforce. 

Beneficial, right?

2. Suki streamlines a large number of tasks

Suki streamlines a large number of tasks

The usage of Suki has upscaled the quality of tasks carried out by the healthcare clinic. 

Suki performs all tasks, including scheduling appointments, entering the data, translating clinical facts, and monitoring patient history. 

Administrative burdens, such as filing, evaluating, and settling accounts, are also automated by Suki. 

It also digitally aligns the waiting line list and makes separate files for each patient.

3. Suki saves plenty of time and resources

Time is money in every industry, especially during emergency cases at hospitals. 

Medical teams get more time to analyze patients and identify ailments or conditions, as most of the other work is automated with the aid of Suki. 

It speeds up the work processes like moving data, categorizing data, or sending reminders for appointments in order to produce more productive hours. 

This also saves money as you don’t have to pay salaries to the additional workforce to accomplish such tasks.

4. Suki assists in research work

Suki assists in research work

Suki helps to acquire vast quantities of data from several sources effortlessly. 

There are numerous emerging treatments for different diseases and illnesses. Suki renders every bit of information on the asked topic.

The capacity to rely on extensive and expanding data enables more effective illness analysis, and research should be done meticulously. 

In terms of real-time data, research profits from the vast amount of data accessible, which in turn is easy to look for with the help of Suki.

5. It may reduce medical stress

According to recent research, more than half of primary care doctors are pressured by deadlines and other job factors.

Suki, a voice assistant, aids in streamlining procedures, the automation of activities, the quick sharing of data, and the organization of operations. 

All of these autonated tasks relieve clinic people from the stress of balancing many tasks.

Wrapping it up

Consider a future where medical forms are no longer used. Patients need to tell their physician about their medical records once, and they will never have to do so again. 

A Siri-like voice assistant, Suki makes it a reality. 

Suki can provide you with a real-time solution, save time, and may reduce medical stress.

Suki, has constantly been releasing new features that address an increasingly broad range of clinical tasks. So, why not give it a whirl?

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction 
  • What is Suki?
  • Is Suki the next big thing for doctors?
  • arrow
  • Here are the top 5 reasons why Suki is the next big thing for doctors and the healthcare industry! 
  • Wrapping it up