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How to Kickstart Your Journey as a Chatbot Reseller

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Aug 4, 20236 min read
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    Table of content

  • What is Chatbot Reselling?
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  • Why Become a Chatbot Reseller?
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  • How to Get Started as a Chatbot Reseller?
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  • Managing and Growing Your Chatbot Reselling Business
  • Meet BotPenguin: Your Perfect Partner for Chatbot Reselling

65% of chatbot resellers fail in the first year without proper direction.

Breaking into the world of chatbot reselling can seem daunting without guidance. 

Many aspiring resellers feel overwhelmed in determining where to start and how to find clients.

However, with the right strategy, chatbot reselling can be a highly rewarding endeavor. 

This blog provides a clear roadmap for successfully launching your journey as a chatbot reseller. Learn insider tips on identifying your niche, establishing key partnerships, optimizing sales strategies, and building your brand. 

With dedicated effort and smart approaches, you can develop a thriving chatbot reselling business. Continue reading to kickstart your success and avoid common beginner pitfalls.

What is Chatbot Reselling?

Let's say you come across a gardening company that doesn't have an online booking system - just a phone number to call. 

You could offer to set up a chatbot to handle bookings for them! You partner with a chatbot platform, create the bot based on the client's needs, and deliver a finished product that saves them time and money. 

The platform handles the underlying technology, while you handle sales and customization. As the reseller, you get a cut of the subscription fee the client pays.

So you profit by selling chatbot solutions to businesses in need of automated tools to improve customer experience. The more clients you build chatbots for, the more recurring revenue you generate. That's the essence of being a chatbot reseller! 


Chatbot Reseller


Why Become a Chatbot Reseller?

In this section, we'll examine the various advantages that come with starting a business as a chatbot reseller.

Capitalizing on Growing Demand

The demand for chatbot solutions is growing rapidly, with businesses across industries recognizing their ability to improve customer service and streamline operations. This surge in demand presents a golden opportunity for those interested in reselling chatbot technologies.

Low Entry Barriers

Becoming a chatbot reseller doesn't require vast technical knowledge or extensive resources, making this an accessible venture for many entrepreneurs. Reselling chatbot services allows you to engage in the tech industry without the need for software development expertise.

Recurring Revenue Model

Reselling chatbot subscriptions can lead to a steady stream of recurring revenue, making for a robust and sustainable business model. This revenue stream can grow as more of your customers sign up for and extend their chatbot service subscriptions.


Become a Chatbot Reseller
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Enhancing Your Service Offerings

If you're already in a customer-facing business, introducing chatbot services can extend your product/service offerings and provide added value to your existing clients. This can lead to increased loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Supporting Business Transformation

As a chatbot reseller, you're not just selling a service, but helping businesses transform their customer service operations. It's a role that brings satisfaction from helping other businesses grow and modernize.

How to Get Started as a Chatbot Reseller?

To get started as a chatbot reseller, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1
Identify Your Target Market

  • Researching Industry Verticals: Identify industries or sectors benefiting from chatbot solutions.
  • Analyzing Market Demand and Competition: Evaluate the demand for chatbot solutions in your target market and assess the level of competition.

Step 2
Choose the Right Chatbot Platform

  • Evaluating Features and Capabilities: Assess different chatbot platforms and evaluate their features, such as natural language processing, analytics, integrations, and customization options.
  • Scalability and Customization Options: Ensure the chatbot platform can scale with your clients' growing demands and offers customization options to meet their unique requirements.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Consider whether the chatbot platform seamlessly integrates with your client's existing systems, such as CRM software or help desk solutions.

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Step 3
Acquire and Train Your Team

  • Recruiting Sales and Technical Professionals: As your business grows, build a team of sales professionals who can effectively communicate the value of chatbot solutions.
  • Providing Training and Product Knowledge: Ensure your team is well-versed in the capabilities of the chatbot platform.
  • Building a Customer Support Infrastructure: Establish a robust customer support system to address inquiries, provide troubleshooting assistance, and ensure client satisfaction.

Step 4
Start Prospecting and Lead Generation

  • Content Marketing and Thought Leadership: Create valuable content, such as blog posts, whitepapers, or videos, that demonstrate your expertise in chatbot solutions. Share unique content on your website, social media platforms, and industry forums to attract leads.
  • Cold Calling and Email Outreach: Contact businesses directly through cold calling or personalized email campaigns. Craft compelling messages highlighting the benefits of chatbot solutions and how they can address specific pain points.
  • Partnering with Complementary Businesses: Collaborate with other businesses that offer complementary services, such as digital marketing agencies or CRM software providers. Jointly promote each other's offerings to expand your reach and generate leads.

Managing and Growing Your Chatbot Reselling Business

Now that you have set up your chatbot reselling business, it's time to focus on managing and growing it. This section will explore essential strategies to help you thrive in this industry.

Nurturing Customer Relationships

Maintaining strong relationships with your clients is pivotal for your business's success. Regularly interacting and providing excellent customer service can help foster loyalty and improve client retention.

Staying Updated with Technology

Keeping abreast with the latest developments in chatbot technology and industry trends ensures that your business stays competitive. Regularly improving and updating your chatbot offerings can help attract more customers.

Conducting Effective Marketing

Promote your chatbot reselling business through effective marketing strategies. Utilize SEO, social media platforms, and digital advertising to reach your target audience and generate leads.

Upselling and Cross-Selling

Offer additional services or features related to your chatbot product, such as customization, advanced analytics, or training services. This enhances client value and can potentially increase your revenue.

Seeking Continuous Feedback

Regularly ask for feedback from your clients to understand their needs and expectations better. Use this feedback to make necessary improvements and address any issues promptly.

Meet BotPenguin: Your Perfect Partner for Chatbot Reselling

Now that you know how to kickstart your chatbot reselling business, it's time to meet BotPenguin - the platform to kickstart your reselling journey.

BotPenguin is tailored for resellers, with extreme customization to craft bots that wow any client. Its user-friendly interface makes building bots easy, even without coding skills.

This is an all-in-one solution for sales, support, lead generation, and more, with attractive pricing. But BotPenguin offers more than just great chatbots.

Stellar 24/7 customer service provides invaluable support as you grow your reselling business. And insightful analytics clearly demonstrate your chatbots' impact to clients.

With a worldwide trusted brand, BotPenguin is committed to your reselling success. When you choose BotPenguin, you gain a dedicated partner ready to propel your business to the next level.

If you're serious about dominating chatbot reselling, BotPenguin is your answer. Join the platform trusted by resellers globally, and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. The journey starts with one step - start with BotPenguin today.

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