15 of the Best WhatsApp Chatbot Tools for 2023

Mar 24, 202317 MIN READ
People love BotPenguin Chatbot Maker Platform


People love BotPenguin Chatbot Maker Platform

The demand for the WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp bots has skyrocketed as more and more companies recognize the potential of WhatsApp for Business to improve their customer service.

There's no way you haven't heard of WhatsApp bots by now, what with the app's meteoric rise in popularity among businesses.

The market is currently dominated by several chatbot providers who have made it painless for businesses to offer chatbot help on the most popular messaging platform, WhatsApp.

These tools allow you to create WhatsApp bots with minimal or no coding, giving your team a powerful new ally in the fight against customer service tickets.

If you haven't heard about WhatsApp bots, though, I'd want to share some information about them and some ideas for how you may use them.

‍Chatbots on Whatsapp, Aren’t humans chatty enough?

You may ask, "Why a WhatsApp chatbot?"

Chatbots are currently mainstream. It doesn't matter if you're on a website or Whatsapp Messenger. These Chatbots are ready and waiting to assist you in finding what you're looking for.

Since research shows that 69% of customers prefer using chatbots owing to their quick and simple responses, businesses are increasingly leaning toward installing AI Chatbots.

In addition, 56 percent of customers would use an AI chatbot rather than make lengthy phone contact with customer service.

As a result of the pandemic, the demand for AI chatbots and the realization of their practical business applications has increased dramatically.

At this point, you may have known that WhatsApp Bot exists because WhatsApp is the most popular chatting app. As a point of information, WhatsApp announced in 2020 that it had reached the monumental figure of 2 billion active users in a month throughout the globe. Then, what could be better than using WhatsApp to expand your company?

This is why we created WhatsApp bots. They are quick to answer questions, easy to work with, and provide a smooth service experience.

Even though we've explained the benefits of WhatsApp Bots, you could still be on the fence about whether or not to adopt them till you see them in action. 

What is a Whatsapp chatbot?

A WhatsApp chatbot is an automated software that operates on the WhatsApp network and is powered by rules or artificial intelligence (AI). People interact with the WhatsApp chatbot using the chat interface as if conversing with a real person. It’s a series of automated WhatsApp responses that mimics a human conversation.


Why use a WhatsApp chatbot?

WhatsApp chatbots provide a more personalized customer experience, which improves client retention and engagement. Enhances customer interactions while increasing brand exposure and loyalty. It makes your company accessible through different platforms. Clients can receive broadcasts and outbound alerts.

Top 15 Whatsapp Chatbot tools 

1. BotPenguin


With the help of the AI-powered chatbot platform BotPenguin, you can create amazing no-code chatbots for WhatsApp Channel. 

It will interact with and engage your clients. But the fun does not stop here since you can easily deploy drip campaigns, bulk messaging, live chat, track orders or simply help your customers get the latest product information, all on WhatsApp. See, ain’t this Penguin super friendly?

Key Features

  1. Natural Language Processing
  2. Zero Setup Cost
  3. Conversational UI
  4. Deep Analytics
  5. Easy to Integrate


  1. To create the best AI chatbot, BotPenguin’s simply the easiest chatbot builder.
  2. Use NLP and AI to train your chatbots.
  3. Delivers the finest conversational experience by enabling seamless handover between chatbot and live help.
  4. You can schedule meetings and appointments by connecting to your Google calendar or any other planner integration of your choice.
  5. Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp can all be integrated.
  6. Ideal chatbot for banking, e-commerce, telecom, real estate, and most other businesses.


  1. BotPenguin has a free plan called Baby, which allows anyone to create a free, working chatbot.
  2. The King plan costs $4.17 annually, allowing Unlimited Bots 500,000 messages/month, 10 Facebook Pages, and 3 Team Members.
  3. Meanwhile, the Emperor's plan depends on your needs and prerequisites. You can discuss this through a demo session or a chat.


2. MessengerPeople

MessengerPeople caters to enterprises, both big and small. It promotes itself as a simple chatbot tool for WhatsApp, which it is.

A well-designed conversation flow can help you communicate more naturally and polishedly with customers. MessengerPeople also provides the unique capacity to collect user characteristics, which is rarely advertised.

Because the chatbot remembers information about the user as they interact with it, you can have deeper dialogues with clients about their requirements and how your company can meet those needs.

They have also worked on the system's underpinnings to provide a streamlined interface. MessengerPeople's useful features, such as ticket assignment, are a step toward the ultimate goal of automation. 

Tickets created through interactions with a WhatsApp chatbot can be conveniently moved using drag and drop by users.

Humans are constantly being messaged by the Whatsbot Chatbot Tool.

The success of MessengerPeople is moderately remarkable. BMW was able to automate customer service in their workshops because of their solution.


Pricing starts at €49.

3. Botsociety

However, what if you want to test the waters with a prototype of your WhatsApp chatbot before diving in fully? There's a device that can do that. With the help of Botsociety's prototyping tool, businesses can see what their WhatsApp chatbot will look like before committing to building it.

Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, creating your chatbot is a breeze. Botsociety also provides a platform for teams and companies to work together and exchange information.

In real-time, you may also put hundreds of qualified testers from different regions and demographics to work on your bots. As you might expect, being able to quickly iterate on improvements based on feedback from real users of your bot can help you build more efficient conversation patterns.


4. Raphiwha

Raphiwha provides an API for WhatsApp that is optimized for use in large-scale business communications. The app facilitates linking a phone number with a WhatsApp business account, enabling the user to initiate and receive WhatsApp messages and set up a webhook.

A chat management interface and an automated chatbot are included to handle user inquiries. Even though it isn't as advanced as some other chatbot solutions, it nevertheless allows you to respond to frequently asked questions from clients.


A $1.50 daily reception fee is included in the price. When you do this, you "open" the lines of communication with your clients and get 24 hours of unlimited responses. There is a fee of $0.0273 for every message sent. There will be fees for both sending and receiving.


5. Gupshup


Gupshup, with headquarters in Silicon Valley, provides a popular messaging service worldwide. Over 225 billion messages have been handled so far, and they've integrated with services including Twitter, Slack, WeChat, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Although they offer a messaging platform, their bot programming tool is where they shine. It allows programmers to make chatbots that can have basic and advanced conversations.

A ready-made option is also available, which allows you to set up automated responses, modify your chat assistant, and switch to live chat if necessary.


Get started for as little as $0.001 for each SMS message sent.

6. Yalo

Yalo is an innovative firm that builds chatbots for WhatsApp's popular messaging app. Using CRM powered by AI, they aid companies in interacting with and growing their customer relationships. This allows for more personalized interactions with a large number of customers.

The use of AI is heavily emphasized in Yalochat. Deep learning and developers' ongoing training improve the quality of interactions with chatbots. 

In addition, the outcomes demonstrate the efficacy of their method. The Yalochat website boasts that it provides services to over 700,000 users every week.

To top it all off, the application can reportedly automate as much as 90% of chats, sure to please any marketer. We assume analytics are included, too, perhaps in a more abstract way. 

Although Yalo doesn't go into detail regarding its reporting capabilities on its website, given that it serves clients like Amazon, Unilever, and American Express, the possibility that it has a reporting dashboard is slim.

7. LivePerson

By using LivePerson, businesses can see firsthand how sophisticated and useful chatbot technology can be. The intent analysis is one feature offered by LivePerson. Using LiveIntent, your company can immediately adapt messages based on AI-detected client intent. All of this is, by the way, accessible in the here and now.

LivePerson also has a robust dashboard for evaluating the efficiency of each division's operations. The success of a company's chatbot can be measured in various ways, from the number of interactions to the average order value, the length of time it takes to convert a lead to the level of consumer satisfaction felt following a conversation with the chatbot.


Get in touch with LivePerson to request pricing info and a demonstration.


8. ChatCompose

ChatCompose offers a set of the top four features that effective chatbot software should have. You get artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to anticipate your audience's needs and provide answers to their questions even when they are phrased incorrectly. 

In addition, it has to autocorrect, a useful tool that complements its natural language capability and makes it simpler to ascertain the user's intended meaning. Aside from artificial intelligence and natural language processing, ChatCompose's usefulness would be greatly diminished without the platform's many useful integrations.

WhatsApp is compatible with most currently available messaging, support, and social networking apps.

ChatCompose integrates with your content management system (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing platform (MailChimp), instant messaging platform (Slack), ability to process payments, speech recognition for phone calls, and more if you want to give your audience more ways to interact with your brand.

ChatCompose also provides a wealth of materials to assist users in learning and implementing the software.

Learn how others have put their product to work in a variety of settings, from answering questions and generating leads to providing customer support and booking reservations, creating surveys, searching databases, making purchases, collecting data, opening bank accounts, making loans, and selling insurance, among other scenarios.


It costs nothing to use; professionals pay $12 a month

The cost of maintaining an enterprise server is $69 per month.

9. features a sleek user interface and intuitive, drag-and-drop capabilities for creating WhatsApp chatbots. 

Prominent corporations use it, including Uber, LG, T Systems, Ernst & Young, and L'Oreal. The incorporation of many forms of media into their platform particularly interested us. Videos, photos, GIFs, and other media can be readily integrated into brand scripts to improve consumer experiences., like other bots, offers the possibility to construct integrations to facilitate real-time data collection. Other services that can be connected with this one are MailChimp, Zapier, Slack, Google Analytics, Sendgrid, and Salesforce.

They take great satisfaction in their capacity to utilize situations to generate highly tailored, natural-sounding dialogues.

Even though's bots are programmed to take and continue conversations in real time, human operators are always available should any issues arise. 

You are free to take control of a conversation with a client at any time, which is useful if you want to follow up immediately with a promising lead.

You would be hard-pressed to find a more fully-featured tool than this one. There are many cool methods to interact with your audience that come included with 

One method to discover the ideal customers for an offer is to conduct a targeted advertising campaign. The software can also make conversational opt-ins, which may increase the number of people who sign up for your business's mailing list.


Playground - Free to Play, Monthly Fee of €30

Pro: €100/mo

Market: Individualized Costing

10. Engati


Engati is among the most highly regarded chatbot platforms. Its users are raving about how simple it is to use the conversation logic-building tool and how much simpler their interactions with the company have been.

There are a total of 14 capabilities available in the Engati chatbot. Multilingual support, natural language processing, a conversation flow builder, support for JSON Rest APIs, and a plethora of out-of-the-box connections are just a few of its many features.

Their omnichannel strategy, though, was truly remarkable. You may use Engati's technology to broadcast messages and run campaigns across more than 14 channels, including your website, mobile app, Skype, and social media.

We have seen this feature gain traction in recent chatbots, and we expect it to continue to expand.

Constantly seeking out new audience expansion opportunities is essential, and interacting with WhatsApp users presents a wealth of such possibilities. 

More than 1.6 billion individuals worldwide utilize the network, so companies may reach their ideal customers more effectively than ever before.

In addition, they provide speech bots, which are becoming increasingly common in the business world. 

To help you tailor your interactions to the specific needs of your target demographic, this chatbot platform also provides in-depth analytics that includes the most popular queries, actions taken, cohort analysis, and more.


Subject to request

11. Botsza

Botsza is a chatbot platform for travel & hospitality, e-commerce, banking, finance, insurance, and customer service. And their tool is robust enough to accomplish some of the most crucial jobs imaginable. 

Botsza can manage eCommerce orders, returns, refunds, stock searches, and product suggestions, provide basic information on hotel and accommodation bookings and handle inquiries regarding travel bookings.

Its banking-specific features include handling customer inquiries, providing account statements and balances, executing transfers, dealing with technical concerns, and suggesting complementary services. 

Quotations and the best offers are made available, customer questions are answered, and leads are informed of better quotes that suit their risk profiles. 

Finally, Botsza provides brands in need of a smart yet effective customer services solution with the ability to recognize and manage client inquiries, recommend products and services, and provide supporting data on those suggestions.

Several of today's most popular operating systems are also compatible. 

Message-based collaboration tools range from Slack and Skype to GroupMe and Kik, as well as email, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and WeChat. 

Botza operates using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation. Botsza, like other modern chatbot developers worth their salt, has prioritized solving practical issues by employing cutting-edge methods.


Inquire about pricing by contacting the team.

12. SnatchBot

SnatchBot markets itself as the go-to option for every enterprise, no matter how big or little. Its versatility as both a front- and back-end resource makes it a serious contender. 

As a result, it can be used in a wide variety of contexts, something that very few automated systems can claim.

It has a wealth of useful functions as well. It includes sentiment analysis, ASR, sharing, and cooperation (allowing you to build your chatbot alongside colleagues). 

The ability to transfer between platforms (from website chat to Telegram) and pass off chats to live agents is also available, as is access to a synonym library, viewing the whole chat history, and platform switching.

Finally, Snatchbot includes sophisticated analytics. You may monitor results by query type, platform, and KPIs.

While the other chatbot tools on our list are very simple to use because of features like drag-and-drop building, there is one extra convenience that we think busy marketers will appreciate. 

SnatchBot provides a marketplace for artificial intelligence software. It features several premade bots that can be integrated into your ecosystem for a fee, saving you a lot of time on conversation flow creation.

While the aforementioned functions are primarily front-end in nature, it should be noted that SnatchBot can also carry out back-end operations. 

Examples include database reading/writing, online scraping, API connection, form filling, file/folder management, and user/password management across web and business apps.

Additionally, it can perform mathematical operations, extract information from documents, read emails and attachments, and gather data from social media platforms.


Send up to ten thousand messages a month for free with the Pro plan, or pay $30

13. is a sophisticated and simple chatbot platform. Marketing professionals can use it to generate ideas for automated messages and send them out. It is compatible with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp and has payment capabilities. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Khoros, Telegram, Twilio, Apple Business Chat, and more are among the many other services that can be integrated.'s user-friendly tools streamline the sales and marketing process. In addition to generating leads, it can also schedule appointments and close deals. 

With the use of IVR prompts, it can also divert calls to voicemail to handle a larger volume of consumers. Humans can take control of any of the tools we've listed here. also enables the incorporation of rich media into the discussion flow, which is very useful when promoting a product or service.'s conversation flow design tool makes these capabilities accessible with a few clicks. You can also choose to code if that's more your speed. It's possible to integrate webhooks into your APIs with's help.


Pro: $19/month

Corporate / Inquire about our rates 14 Botscrew


14. Botscrew

From our research, we know that a sizable number of chatbot-building resources are available for use with WhatsApp. Any company can find a workable answer to its problems. Consider Botscrew; it has some cool advertising features that make it a compelling enterprise option. You may want to personalize your chatbot's messaging as part of your remarketing plan. A simple web search will reveal that you can.

Botscrew's conversation management can be set up in various ways, depending on how your company is set up. The conversation flow editor is text-based rather than visual, like Agentbot's, but it's just as simple.

Botscrew also includes artificial intelligence, allowing you to teach your chatbot to provide more precise and informative responses.

A company can't function with just one piece of software. Therefore, Botscrew's API can connect with services like Salesforce, Messenger, Trello, and Slack. In addition, you can use the available analytics to fine-tune your WhatsApp chatbot for optimal performance.


Book a presentation with the team to kick off your sales conversation.

15. Tars 


Tars is a conversational AI platform trusted by hundreds of global brands such as American Express, Vodafone, and Bosch to help them provide a more interesting and satisfying service to their customers. 

They have developed approximately 20,000 chatbots, which have been utilized in over 25 million interactions.

You can use it to make sophisticated conversational apps without needing to learn how to code. However, you can also utilize their no-code chatbot generator to make a simple FAQ chatbot. 

It also has a library of over a thousand pre-made designs that can be modified using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Making alterations, like correcting a typo, to a chatbot you've already created is just as simple as starting from fresh.

Its connectivity suite allows you to connect your chatbot with other technologies your company already uses, which is a really helpful feature in its own right.

With this, you can connect your chatbot to an external database containing customer information and use the information gleaned from the chat to customize the experience for each user further.

Besides sharing it on WhatsApp, you can also release your chatbot as a standalone page or widget on your company's website.


For 14 days, it's free.

The true pricing is available upon request.


There are a lot of chatbot development platforms for WhatsApp, but not all of them are created equal. While others go into greater detail in their integrations and capabilities in order to provide additional business intelligence, some only provide the bare minimum.

Think carefully about the current state of your company's operations before settling on a WhatsApp chatbot service.

Does the purpose of a purchase matter? To what extent would you like your conversations to continue beyond the initial meeting? Does it make financial sense to create something intricate with protracted dialogue tree structures?

If you have a concrete answer for all of the questions above, we highly recommend BotPenguin since it has a plethora of features plus you get the best bang for your buck with BotPenguin. 

Since it is simply affordable, robust, and reliable!

There's more to think about, but we're confident that chatbots for WhatsApp will keep improving. In addition, the more advanced the solution, the better it is for organizations trying to scale without lowering their standards of quality or customer service.

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