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15 of the Best WhatsApp Chatbot Tools for 2024

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Feb 7, 202410 min read
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  • How to Select the Best WhatsApp Chatbot Tools
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  • Top 15 WhatsApp Chatbot Tools for 2024
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  • How Much Does a WhatsApp Chatbot Cost?
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  • Comply with WhatsApp Message Rules

Let’s talk about WhatsApp Chatbot Tools. Think of them as your business's customer service life-savers, ready 24/7, rain or shine. 

But with so many potential sidekicks (read tools) available, how do you nail down your dynamic duo? You've come to the right place! 

Our handy guide is all about selecting the best WhatsApp chatbot tools, with all the details, and none of the jargon, in a fun, accessible way. 

Buckle up, because we're going on a fast-paced ride through the land of WhatsApp Chatbot Tools! Let's get rolling!

How to Select the Best WhatsApp Chatbot Tools

What are WhatsApp Chatbots?

Let's first explore how to select the best WhatsApp chatbot tools for your business. Considering the following factors will help you make an informed decision:

Features and Functionality

When choosing WhatsApp chatbot tools, it's crucial to evaluate the features and functionality offered. Look for tools that provide advanced NLP capabilities, integration with other systems, and the ability to handle multimedia formats.

Consider features like chat history storage, response customization, and analytics to assess the success and performance of your chatbot.

whatsapp chatbot

User Experience

The user experience of your chatbot is paramount in delivering an enjoyable customer experience. Ensure that the chatbot tool you choose offers a user-friendly interface and conversational design.

Your chatbot should be able to handle complex queries, understand context, and provide relevant and personalized responses. A chatbot with a natural and engaging conversation flow will create a positive impression on your customers.


As your business grows, so will your customer engagement. It's important to choose chatbot tools that can scale according to your business needs. Look for platforms that can handle large volumes of inquiries without compromising on response quality or speed.

This scalability will ensure that your chatbot can accommodate increased customer demand as your business expands.

And that is where BotPenguin steps in!

With all the heavy work of chatbot development already done for you, set up smart AI chatbot capable of handling large volumes of customer inquiries for multiple platforms like:

Chatbot Development Platform- BotPenguin

Integration and Customization

Integration capabilities are crucial when selecting chatbot tools. Consider whether the tool can integrate with your existing systems, such as CRM software or e-commerce platforms. This will allow your chatbot to access customer data and provide more personalized responses.

Additionally, look for customization options that enable you to tailor the chatbot to your brand's voice and tone, making it feel more authentic and aligned with your business values.

chatbot integrations

Security and Data Privacy

Data security and privacy should be a top priority when choosing WhatsApp chatbot tools. Ensure that the tool you select adheres to strict security protocols, encrypts data, and stores it securely. It's important to protect both customer information and your business data to build trust and maintain compliance with privacy regulations.

By considering these factors when selecting WhatsApp chatbot tools, you can ensure that you choose a solution that aligns with your business goals and provides an optimal customer experience


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Top 15 WhatsApp Chatbot Tools for 2024

WhatsApp chatbots have become essential for businesses looking to enhance their customer communication and optimize their operations. With a wide range of chatbot tools available, it's important to choose the right one for your business needs. Here are the top 15 WhatsApp chatbot tools to consider for 2024:

So, let's dive in!

1. BotPenguin

Time to meet BotPenguin– the ace in the world of chatbots, first. This tool specializes in creating fantastic WhatsApp chatbots for lead generation without any hassle. With BotPenguin, you can build a WhatsApp chatbot for leads easily.

This is more than just a basic chatbot. BotPenguin is an all-rounder. Use it to sell products, engage customers, and solve queries 24/7. Plan and launch drip campaigns with just a few clicks.

Want to launch a new product? Don't wait for customers to find it themselves. Use BotPenguin's WhatsApp chatbot to broadcast a message to all your clients.


  • Streamlined and user-friendly interface
  • Rich interoperability with other business tools
  • Quality lead generation
  • Flexible operational workflows
  • Excellent engagement features

Pricing: Free basic plan; paid plans start from as low as $6. 

Whatsapp chatbot pricing
Check out the detailed pricing here

And the tech for BotPenguin just doesn't stop there. From automating the lead generation process to customer support automation, BotPenguin's WhatsApp Chatbot  has got too much to offer:

2. Wati

Wati whatsapp chatbot
Source: Wati

Meet Wati, a formidable contender in the realm of WhatsApp chatbot tools. 

Among our top picks for enhancing customer engagement and lead generation, Wati shines as an exceptional choice. This tool seamlessly crafts WhatsApp chatbots that excel in lead generation and customer interaction.

Wati is one of the best WhatsApp chatbot platforms, offering reliable, user-friendly, and fast setup for handling customer interactions in real-time.


  • Rapid setup cycle for businesses
  • Effective CRM tools integration
  • Wide-ranging third-party integrations
  • Multi-agent collaborative features
  • Competitive pricing


  • Limited automation features
  • The interface could be more intuitive
  • Support responses can be slow
  • Lack of rich analytical features
  • Limited scalabilty

Pricing: Free initial plan; premium plan from $39/month

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3. Interakt

As we navigate the landscape of enhancing customer interactions and lead generation, Interkart emerges as a compelling choice. 


This tool garners attention for its exceptional proficiency in creating seamless WhatsApp chatbots optimized for lead generation and customer engagement.

Interakt is an enterprise-level WhatsApp chatbot tool that automates customer service with exceptional reporting and analytics.


  • Detailed analytics and reporting features
  • Excellent customer support
  • Channel unification for Customer interactions
  • Advanced automation capabilities
  • Efficient agent efficiency tracking


  • Integration needs improvement
  • Limited machine learning capabilities
  • Complex architectural setup
  • Limitations in customization
  • High pricing point

Pricing: Basic plan starts at $49/month

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4. Aisensy

ai sensy whatsapp chatbot

Aisensy stands at the forefront of WhatsApp chatbot tools in 2024, offering businesses an all-encompassing solution for amplified customer engagement through AI-driven conversations. 

Aisensy offers powerful WhatsApp chatbot platforms, specializing in user-friendly interfaces, and compatibility across many platforms which aids in automating customer interactions.


  • Ease of use
  • Extensive multi-channel support
  • Advanced automation capabilities
  • Data-driven insights
  • Comprehensive integration options


  • Limited third-party integrations
  • Slightly high pricing for smaller businesses
  • Could have better customization options
  • Advanced features require time to learn
  • Customer support is not available 24/7

Pricing: Plans start at $50/month

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5. Quickreply, an AI Bot for WhatsApp tool designed specifically for the e-commerce industry, brings advanced automation features to streamline customer interactions

The platform’s intuitive interface enables easy customization, ensuring that even those with limited technical expertise can develop impactful chatbots.


  • Specifically tailored for e-commerce businesses
  • Has robust automation capabilities
  • Multilingual support
  • Seamless integration with e-commerce platforms
  • Provides comprehensive user analytics


  • Lack of customization options
  • Less efficient for non e-commerce businesses
  • Interface may take some time to get used to
  • Documentation lacks clarity
  • Limited CRM integrations

Pricing: Pricing available on request


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6. Engati

In 2024, Engati emerges as a versatile platform that seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp, bolstering customer interactions across industries. 


Engati's user-friendly interface facilitates the creation of AI-powered chatbots without extensive technical prowess.

With its WhatsApp integration, Engati enables businesses to provide real-time responses, ensuring round-the-clock availability for customer queries. 


  • Unique live chat feature that complements automation
  • Multi-channel support for customer interactions
  • Advanced conversational AI capabilities
  • Seamless integration with other business tools
  • Affordable pricing options


  • Does not have industry-specific templates
  • Limited CMS functionality
  • Certain features can be a bit complex
  • Chat design interface needs improvement
  • Limited in some languages

Pricing: Free basic plan; Pro plans from $19/month

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7. stands out in 2024 as a unified platform for customer communication.

Seamlessly integrating with WhatsApp, streamlines interactions through multiple messaging channels. Its intuitive dashboard allows businesses to manage conversations effectively.


  • High customization potential
  • Supports rich media messages
  • Seamless integration with marketing tools
  • Robust real-time analytic features
  • Multilingual support


  • Might be challenging for less tech-savvy users
  • Some limitations in CRM functionality
  • Learning curve to fully grasp its functionalities
  • Limited documentation
  • Lacks telephony support

Pricing: Free basic plan; Paid plans starting from $29/month


verloop whatsapp chatbot is one of the more advanced WhatsApp chatbot platforms that uses machine learning to provide highly personalized customer interactions.

It takes center stage among WhatsApp chatbot tools in 2024, offering businesses a powerful conversational automation platform.


  • Excellent personalization through machine learning
  • Effective CRM integration
  • Availability of A/B testing
  • Efficient customer support
  • Offers advanced reporting and analytics


  • Can be pricey for smaller businesses
  • Lacks certain third-party integrations
  • Limited capabilities in multiple languages
  • Hard to handle complex queries
  • Premium features come at an additional cost

Pricing: Plans start at $50/month

9. Delightchat

Delightchat shines as a streamlined solution for e-commerce businesses in 2024. It empowers brands to provide efficient customer support.


Its provides a unique way to manage customer support for eCommerce businesses by unifying all communication in a single chatbot for WhatsApp platform.


  • Centralizes all company communications
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent support performance
  • Provides team collaboration features
  • Very affordable pricing options


  • Notification functionality needs improvement
  • Lacks role-based access control
  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • Minor lags in the interface
  • Does not support all messaging platforms

Pricing: Plans start at $10 per month

10. Landbot

landbot whatsapp chatbot

Landbot is an intuitive chatbot for WhatsApp that emphasizes an easily understandable graphical user interface to simplify chatbot creation and customization.

Through a visual interface, users can design chatbots that engage customers in a personalized manner. Landbot's WhatsApp integration ensures instant delivery of messages, nurturing real-time interactions. 


  • Graphical interface for easy chatbot creation
  • Seamless integration with various business tools
  • Allows multi-channel messaging
  • Provides personalized customer interactions
  • Supports rich media content


  • Limited features in the free plan
  • AI capability is average
  • Limited CRM functionalities
  • Doesn't support voice-based bots
  • Customization needs improvement

Pricing: Free basic plan; Paid plans from $30/month

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11. BotSociety

Botsociety is a powerful Chatbot for WhatsApp that simplifies the design process by offering an extensive selection of pre-built templates and customization options.


With its user-friendly interface, Botsociety empowers users to create conversational flows, making it an ideal tool for designing interactive customer experiences. 


  • Wide range of pre-built conversation templates
  • Highly customizable features
  • Ability to export and import conversation designs
  • Team collaboration support
  • Voice assistant designs supported


  • Can be overwhelming for new users due
  • Limited automation capabilities
  • Lacks built-in analytics features
  • Poor customer support in some cases
  • Limited integrations with few third-party tools

Pricing: Free limited plan; Paid plans from $39/month

12. SnatchBot

SnatchBot offers businesses the ability to automate conversations and provide instant responses.


Its natural language processing capabilities enable chatbots to understand user intent and engage in fluid interactions. 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide variety of pre-built templates
  • Multilingual support
  • Extensive integration capabilities
  • API access for pro users


  • Limited conversational AI capabilities
  • Learning curve for setting up complex conversations
  • Limited premium templates
  • Some complex features can be challenging to navigate
  • Customer support could be better

Pricing: Free plan available; Pro plan from $30/month

13. Gupshup

Gupshup empowers businesses to reach customers on their preferred platform. 


With its user-friendly interface, Gupshup allows companies to create engaging chatbots without complex coding. 

Its WhatsApp integration facilitates real-time interactions, enhancing customer engagement. Gupshup's analytics provide insights to optimize strategies and improve user experiences.


  • Powerful API for extensive customizations
  • Quick deployment capabilities
  • Offers SMS and messaging integrations
  • Highly scalable solution
  • Wide range of analytics and reporting tools


  • The interface can be challenging for first-time users
  • Limited pre-built templates
  • High costs for large-scale deployments
  • Initial setup can be complex
  • Lacks voice-chat support

Pricing: Pricing available upon request

14. LivePerson

LivePerson enables businesses to provide personalized interactions through AI-powered chatbots.


LivePerson's emphasis on human connection ensures that chatbots seamlessly transition conversations to human agents when needed. 


  • Combines automated AI with human agent expertise
  • Customizable and scalable solutions
  • Multichannel support connecting channels including social media
  • Rich AI-powered automation features
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting


  • Steep learning curve for new users
  • High costs for enterprise customers
  • Complex setup process
  • Limited third-party integrations
  • Does not have industry-specific templates

Pricing: Pricing available upon request

15. Tars

Empowering businesses with engaging chatbots, Tars lets users guide visitors through personalized experiences.


By seamlessly fusing AI-driven conversations and WhatsApp integration, Tars facilitates real-time communication. 

Lead generation forms and insightful analytics equip businesses to enhance user engagement. 


  • Rich customization options
  • Integration with CRM tools
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Provides a wide range of pre-built templates
  • Supports versatile conversation structures


  • High costs for smaller businesses
  • Requires technical expertise for custom setups
  • No voice-chat support
  • Limitations in multi-language support
  • Lacks in-house analytics tools

Pricing: Starts at $99/month

How Much Does a WhatsApp Chatbot Cost?

The cost to implement a WhatsApp bot largely depends on two main factors - the number of conversations and the platform you're using.

Number of Conversations

As a key determining factor, the number of conversations essentially refers to the number of interactions between the chatbot and customers. 

A higher volume of conversations typically means a higher price point. This is due to the computational and data resources required to handle these interactions.

Platform Used

The platform you're using will also dramatically affect the cost. Different platforms come with different features, reliability, support, and complexity, thus the pricing varies. 

Some platforms may charge you based on additional features such as language processing, integration capabilities, or analytics functionalities.

BotPenguin's Pricing

BotPenguin offers a great starting point in this regard. They have a free plan that gives you 100 free conversations to begin with, allowing you to test and experiment with the platform without immediate costs.

Once beyond those initial 100 free conversations, BotPenguin's pricing is fairly competitive, starting at approximately $6 for every 1000 conversations. This pricing structure provides the scalability you need, where you only pay more as your usage increases.

Finally, considering future variations in your chatbot usage, it's also crucial to note that BotPenguin offers flexibility in its plans - allowing for adjustment based on evolving conversation needs of your business.


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Comply with WhatsApp Message Rules

Compliance with WhatsApp's message rules is crucial when using a WhatsApp chat bot for your business. WhatsApp has stringent guidelines meant to maintain a high-quality, spam-free user experience. Violating these can result in banning of your chatbot, so it's important to understand and adhere to these regulations.

Here are some of the key rules:

Quality Content

Avoid sending spammy or irrelevant content. Your messages should be useful and meaningful, enhancing user experience rather than disturbing it.

Opt-In Requirement

An important rule is that customers must first give their consent or 'opt-in' before you can send them WhatsApp messages. Opt-ins must be actionable, meaning the user knows they are subscribing to messages from your business.

Message Types and Templates

WhatsApp categorizes messages into two types: Session Messages and Template Messages. Understanding and complying with the rules for each of these types is necessary. 

Session messages are any messages sent within a 24-hour window after a customer's inquiry. Template messages, on the other hand, are message templates approved by WhatsApp that can be sent anytime.

Policy Adherence

In addition to these specific rules, businesses must comply with WhatsApp's Business Policy and Commerce Policy, which include guidelines about prohibited content, intellectual property infringement, and more.

Remember, the key to utilizing WhatsApp within your business effectively is to respect the platform's rules and guidelines and to prioritize the user experience at all times.


Choosing the right WhatsApp chatbot tool is key to optimizing customer interactions and enhancing overall business operations. 

Each tool has its unique features and advantages. However, it's crucial to consider factors such as the tool's features, user experience, scalability, integration capabilities, customization options, and data security protocols.

One tool that stands out among the rest is BotPenguin. It is an ace when it comes to creating powerful and effective chatbots with advanced features, including chat history storage, response customization, and robust analytics. 

Its user-friendly interface, advanced NLP capabilities, and the ability to handle high volumes of inquiries make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

Moreover, BotPenguin ensures your data is secure, maintaining strict security protocols and encrypting data. 

Its ability to integrate with existing systems adds to its value, allowing you to provide more personalized customer experiences. 

With BotPenguin, you can build a sharp, effective chatbot even if you're not technically inclined, allowing more focus on your business goals.

Remember, the right chatbot tool will make interactions with your customers more engaging, personalized, and effective. So, take your business to the next level with BotPenguin today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What businesses can benefit from WhatsApp chatbot tools in 2024?

WhatsApp chatbot tools can benefit a wide range of businesses, including e-commerce stores, retail outlets, service providers, healthcare providers, financial institutions, and more. 

Any business that wants to enhance customer engagement, streamline communication processes, and automate tasks can benefit from chatbots on WhatsApp.

What are the advantages of deploying WhatsApp chatbot tools in 2024?

WhatsApp chatbot tools offer numerous advantages, including improved customer engagement, faster response times, cost savings, scalability, accessibility, and data analytics. 

Chatbots can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, provide personalized experiences, and facilitate transactions on WhatsApp, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

Can WhatsApp chatbot tools be customized to reflect a business's branding and tone?

Yes, WhatsApp chatbot tools can be customized to reflect a business's branding, tone, and personality. Businesses can use colors, logos, and fonts to align the chatbot style with their brand. 

They can also use pre-defined scripts or AI capabilities to ensure consistent tone and language.

What kind of support and maintenance do businesses need to manage WhatsApp chatbot tools?

Businesses should ensure that their WhatsApp chatbot tool offers comprehensive support and maintenance options, including dedicated technical support, regular updates, and bug fixes. 

This ensures that the chatbot functions optimally, providing a smooth experience for users and businesses alike

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