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20 Best Discord Music Bots 2024 - To Amplify Your Server

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Apr 16, 202412 min read
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    Table of content

  • What are Discord Music bots?
  • How can I install music bots on my Discord server?
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  • 20 Best Music Bots on Discord 2024 
  • arrow
  • Are There Any Discord Music Bots That Support YouTube And Spotify?
  • What Services do Discord Music Bots Work With?
  • How to play music in discord through a Mic?
  • How to play music in Discord on Android?
  • Conclusion
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Discord has become the staple application for every smartphone user. It provides the best chat services for gaming and other means of communication. 

Discord was launched as a messaging and voice chat application for gamers. 

But it has evolved into a larger platform with different services and users. Do you know what Discord's most popular feature is? 

One of the biggest known features of Discord is the integration of Discord best music bots.

Music Discord bots automate things and perform actions superficially. Since the launch of Discord in 2015, it has over 664 million registered users as of January 2024.

Most of the users love the bot feature. However, different bots are available in Discord best Music bots. 

Yes, you heard it right! There are music bots available in Discord that plays music for you to listen to while chatting on a server or chat. 

You can also create a playlist for long night group sessions or listen to the music in the chat background.

Continue reading to learn more about Discord best music bots in 2024.

What are Discord Music bots?

Music Bots Discord are outside services that connect to your server and frequently offer functionality that Discord does not. 

How can I install music bots on my Discord server?

These bots are used for moderation tasks like banning, muting and booting rule violators. They can also play entertaining minigames. By joining your voice channel, Discord music bots can play the music you want.

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How can I install music bots on my Discord server?

 All you have to do to include music Discord bots on your server is:

 Step 1
Go to the webpage for the bot.

Step 2
Press "Add to Discord."

Step 3
Choose the server to which you wish to add the bot by logging in using your Discord account.

Step 4
Accept the authorizations it needs to operate correctly.

Step 5
To add bots, you must have an administrator or manage server authority.



20 Best Music Bots on Discord 2024 

In 2024, several music bots are still going strong on music discord bots, offering jams for your server. 

These discord best music bots can play music from YouTube, Spotify, and other sources, with features like playlists, controls, and even karaoke mode.  Some popular options include Jockie Music bot, ProBot, and MEE6.

1. Jockie Music

Jockie Music bot  goes beyond being a standard Discord music bot by offering you options to listen from multiple platforms.

Jockie Music

Jockie Music bot Features-

  • Supports multiple platforms including YouTube, Spotify, and more.
  • Offers seamless, high-definition music playback.
  • Allows creation and management of playlists.
  • Supports DJ roles for music control.
  • Comes with a dynamic queue system.
  • Facilitates real-time lyrics.
  • Offers volume control and replay options.
  • Supports advanced search among various platforms.


Jockie Music bot delivers a high-definition listening experience, and its diverse platform support adds to the user's convenience. 

Jockie Music bot allows Superior control with DJ role and reasonable queue system make it a preferred choice for many. The additional perks like volume control and replay bring a whole new level of sophistication.

2. Uzox

Looking for discord music bot that plays spotify? Uzox is a multi-purpose Discord music bot noted for the ability to play music from Spotify directly on Discord.


Uzox bot features-

  • A multifunctional bot with various features beyond music.
  • Directly streams Spotify music on Discord.
  • Robust playlist management system for enhanced control.
  • Allows different permissions for audience roles.
  • Customizability according to preferences.
  • Discord best music bbot Supports song looping options.
  • Informs about the currently playing song.
  • Facilitates saving of user's favourite music for quick access.


Uzox is a reliable bot that ensures a consistent and immersive music experience. It's a discord music bot that plays Spotify

Playlist modifications, looping options, and favorite music-saving capacity are standout features that make it a top pick for many users.

3. Fredboat

Fredboat, a Discord best music bot that plays YouTube and more, is popular for its straightforwardness and stability, especially with smaller servers.

Fredboat features-

  • User-friendly interface allows easy setup and control.
  • Supports high-quality audio playback from YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.
  • Facilitates playlist creation and sharing.
  • Enables DJ roles with permissions to manage music.
  • Queues songs according to priority for fair play.
  • Supports audio filters for optimized listening experience.
  • Notifies about the upcoming songs from the queue.
  • Allows you to replay your favourite songs.


Fredboat is an excellent bot for smaller servers, providing seamless, high-quality playback and a clear queue system. 

With audio filters, listeners can adjust their music, making the experience highly personalized.

4. Hydra

Hydra is a versatile Discord music bot known for its high-quality music streaming and multi-language support.


Hydra Features-

  • Offers high-quality music streaming.
  • Supports multilingual use.
  • Facilitates creating playlists.
  • Allows the selection of DJ roles for music control.
  • Direct replay feature to replay from Spotify, YouTube, and more.
  • Queue management and prioritization system.
  • Achieves seamless loop for favorite tracks.
  • Provides detailed song and playlist statistics.


Hydra shines with its multilingual and high-quality streaming capabilities, making it highly accessible for users worldwide. The detailed statistics feature is also a valuable tool for better understanding your server's musical trends.

5. Chip

Chip is a Music Discord bot known for streaming 24/7 music along with a wide range of other features.

Chip bot

Chip Features-

  • Streams music 24/7 for a seamless experience.
  • Facilitates creating and managing playlists.
  • Supports various music platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and more.
  • Allows control over bot with DJ roles.
  • Features such as loop and shuffle available.
  • Supports audio effects including nightcore and vaporwave.
  • Can show lyrics in real-time for sing-alongs.
  • Customizable commands for user convenience.


Incorporating features like customizable commands and audio effects, Chip brings a unique experience to each server. Moreover, users appreciate the robust playlist management and real-time lyrics display.

6. Zandercraft

Zandercraft offers an impressive range of features including seamless music streaming, productivity tools, and amusement functions.


Zandercraft features-

  • Supports quality music streaming.
  • Comes with productivity-friendly features.
  • Offers fun elements like GIFs and memes.
  • Allows the creation and management of playlists.
  • Supports audio effects for modified listening.
  • Allows song requests from other platforms like YouTube.
  • Live song lyrics feature.
  • Enables song skipping and replaying.


Zandercraft does an impressive balancing act between keeping servers entertained and productive. The amalgamation of a music bot's typical features with fun elements and productivity tools makes it quite popular.

7. Vexera

Vexera is a user-friendly bot providing high-quality music service and robust moderation tools.


Vexera Features-

  • Provides quality music streaming.
  • Supports moderation tools to keep server organized.
  • Works with multiple platforms like YouTube and Spotify.
  • Offers a feature for creating playlists.
  • Queue control with prioritization of songs.
  • Supports song requests from different sources.
  • Allows skipping of songs.
  • Comes with a shuffle feature.


The combination of Vexera's music services and moderation tools enables server admins to maintain order while keeping members engaged. The flexibility it offers by supporting music from different platforms enhances its versatility.

8. Aiode

Aiode is well-known for its high-definition music streaming and advanced control functions.


Aiode Features-

  • Provides high-definition music streaming.
  • Advanced control for better music management.
  • Supports numerous platforms, including Spotify and YouTube.
  • Allows creating and sharing playlists.
  • Detailed statistics for tracking usage.
  • Features like loop, shuffle, and replay available.
  • Offers volume control.
  • Enables radio streaming for 24/7 music.


Aiode stands out with its advanced control functions, providing a tailored experience for its users. The high-definition music streaming is lauded, and features like looping and shuffling further enhance the user experience.

9. ProBot

ProBot is a versatile music bot on the list of discord best music bot that also provides advanced server management capabilities. 


The bot is designed to automate important tasks while enhancing the server's entertainment value by streaming high-quality music to users.

ProBot Features-

  • High-quality music streaming.
  • Supports multiple platforms for music playback.
  • Provides a queue management system.
  • Allows playlist creation and management.
  • Song search and play abilities.
  • Auto-play and shuffle features.


ProBot's comprehensive features not only streamline management tasks, making it a great choice for large servers, but also turn the server into a hub of entertainment. 

The bot offers excellent music streaming, covering various platforms, and comes with handy play controls.

10. MEE6

MEE6 is a well-known Discord bot that beautifully integrates a suite of server management capabilities with music streaming features. 


Its functionalities work towards enhancing server engagement while providing background music for members.

MEE6 Features-

  • Provides a good selection of audio playback controls.
  • Playlist creation and management support.
  • Integrates with various popular music platforms.
  • Availability of automated music requests.
  • Supports in-line song lyrics searching and display.
  • Customizable DJ roles control.


MEE6 is renowned for its proficient server management features, which can help drive deep user engagement. Its embedded music streaming features are practical and intuitive. MEE6 manages to strike a satisfying balance between work and play.

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11. ChillBot

ChillBot blends leisurely features with solid music streaming capabilities. The bot's soothing functionalities create a relaxed ambiance paired with background music of high quality.


ChillBot Features-

  • Stream music from various popular platforms.
  • Create and manage custom playlists.
  • Queue management for organized music playback.
  • DJ roles for additional control over music.
  • Integrated volume controls and audio filters.
  • Support for looping and song skips.


ChillBot sets itself apart with its one-of-a-kind, relaxation-centered features. This bot makes any server a haven for music lovers who also appreciate a calming atmosphere. From soothing sounds to quality music streaming, ChillBot has it all.

12. Champbot

Champbot is primarily designed for gaming communities, boasting a mix of game-centric tools and enjoyable, background music capabilities. 


While it enhances your gaming experiences, it also caters to your music listening needs.

Champbot Features-

  • High-quality music playback from various platforms.
  • Playlist creation and management.
  • Queue system for a seamless music experience.
  • DJ roles for better control over music.
  • Allows song search from platforms.
  • Supports audio effects and equalizers.


Champbot is an excellent companion for online gaming communities, especially those fond of music. With robust gaming-related functionalities and music streaming capabilities, it proves to be a big hit among gaming enthusiasts.

13. Lunabot

Lunabot offers an intriguing blend of astronomy, space knowledge, and music, making it a standout addition to any server. 


Alongside delivering intriguing space facts, it also serves high-quality music from a wide range of sources.

LunaBot Features-

  • Supports music streaming from a variety of platforms.
  • Allows creation and management of playlists.
  • Features a queue management system.
  • Comes with DJ roles for added control.
  • Includes song search from various platforms.
  • Allows real-time lyrics display.


Lunabot introduces a dynamic mix of education and entertainment to any server. Its unique focus on space knowledge paired with high-grade music streaming features is sure to spark intrigue and enjoyment among users.

14. Greenbot

Known as a potent blend of server management and music streaming, Greenbot magnifies server automation and provides a rich and harmonious music streaming experience.


Greenbot Features-

  • High-quality music streaming support.
  • Playlist creation and management.
  • Queue management for a smooth music experience.
  • Comes with DJ roles for extra control on music.
  • Integrates with popular platforms like YouTube and Spotify.
  • Includes song search abilities and lyrics display.


Greenbot is a jack-of-all-trades, equipped with everything from advanced server management tools to brilliant music streaming features. 

It's a great option for those looking for a bot that can juggle tasks efficiently without compromising the fun aspect.

15. Octave

Octave prioritizes serving high-quality music streaming services to music Discord  bots communities. 


With a focus on user-friendly controls, the bot offers excellent music streaming functionalities, dispelling the myth that work and fun cannot go hand in hand.

Octave Features-

  • High-quality and continuous music streaming.
  • Easy playlist creation and management features.
  • Queue management system for uninterrupted music.
  • DJ roles for those seeking more control.
  • Allows song search from various platforms.
  • Audio effects like nightcore and bass boost.


Octave's straightforward user interface and uncompromising audio quality make it an absolute favorite among music lovers and one of the best discord music bot. Its focus on providing a top-notch music experience boundlessly enhances user interactions on the server.

16. Rythm

Known as a music-centric bot, Rythm for Discord is centered on high-quality music streaming with wonderful music playback stability. 


It is engineered specifically to uplift the listening experience of users with a range of music discord bots controls.

Rythm Features-

  • Streamlined and high-quality music streaming.
  • Allows easy creation and management of playlists.
  • Queue management system for a seamless music experience.
  • Ability to assign DJ roles for extra control.
  • Song search capabilities from various platforms.
  • Displaying lyrics for a fun and engaging experience.


Rythm's entire existence revolves around music, making it the go-to bot for any community that wants uninterrupted, high-quality music streaming. Its features are simplified for swift usage, designing an environment where music is king.

17. 24/7

Keeping true to its name, 24/7 is a music discord bot on YouTube that ensures your server's music never stops.


24/7 Features-

  • Plays music 24/7 for non-stop entertainment.
  • Supports multiple platforms, extending its usability.
  • Guarantees minimum downtime for a consistent experience.
  • Offers a well-designed playlist and song queue system.
  • Provides customizable permissions for different roles.
  • Provides song lyrics in real-time.
  • Allows the creation of your radio station.
  • Facilitates the saving of your favorite music for quick access.


24/7 stands as the perfect choice for music enthusiasts wanting non-stop music. 

The bot's stability, reliability, and minimum downtime amplify the listening experience, while its added features like favorite music saving and radio creation make it an exciting choice.

18. Mantaro

Mantaro is an all-in-one bot equipped with music features for enriching your server's atmosphere.


Mantaro Features-

  • Supports seamless and quality music streaming.
  • Offers utility tools like currency management and events.
  • Provides customizable options to adapt to server environment.
  • Allows creating and managing playlists.
  • Extended control with DJ roles.
  • Queue system for organized song requests.
  • Detailed statistics for server administration.
  • Allows radio and playlist importing.


The flexibility offered by Mantaro makes it a hit amongst users. Its ability to handle multiple roles, from quality music streaming to server administration, is impressive.

19. Erisbot

Erisbot is a simple, powerful bot providing excellent music streaming and moderation tools.

  • High-quality, seamless music streaming.
  • Supports numerous platforms including Spotify and YouTube.
  • Offers moderation tools for an organized server environment.
  • Facilitates creating and managing playlists.
  • Queue management and prioritization feature.
  • Statistics feature for better server management.
  • Skips and replays songs based on user demand.
  • Lyrics display in real-time.


Erisbot shines with its simplistic yet effective features. The high-quality music streaming combined with moderation tools ensures a balanced and well-managed server environment.

20. BMO - Best Bot to Replace Groovy or Rythm

BMO is a versatile discord music bot that plays YouTube and Spotify among other platforms, making it an excellent alternative for Groovy or Rythm.

BMO - Best Bot to Replace Groovy or Rythm

BMO Features-

  • Multifunctional – much more than just a music bot.
  • Plays music from multiple sources like YouTube and Spotify.
  • Having robust performance with minimum downtime.
  • Gives advanced controls over playlist.
  • Offers different permissions for audience roles.
  • Provides a song suggestion feature for discovering new music.
  • Allows radio streaming for non-stop music.
  • Provides detailed statistics of the bot's usage.

Pros- BMO, with its multifaceted functionality and strong performance, has secured its place as a top-notch bot. Its ability to play music from multiple sources offers a variety, and the advanced control system ensures a smooth user experience.

Are There Any Discord Music Bots That Support YouTube And Spotify?

Finding  Music bots discord that supports music streaming platforms like YouTube and Spotify can significantly enhance the quality of music playback in your server. These platforms are renowned for their extensive music libraries and crystalline audio quality, so it's no surprise that they are highly desired when it comes to choosing a music bot for Discord.

ProBot, for instance, is a music bot that supports multiple platforms for music playback, including YouTube and Spotify. 

This attribute distinctive to ProBot allows server members to access a vast library of music from these popular platforms, ensuring all musical tastes are catered to.

Another bot offering this blend of compatibility is MEE6. It integrates with various popular music platforms, enabling its users to enjoy a seamless music streaming experience. It allows users to access and play their favorite tracks from YouTube and Spotify directly within Discord.

ChillBot is yet another Discord bot that streams music from various popular platforms like YouTube and Spotify. 

Its vast library and easy access to popular music platforms ensure a relaxed atmosphere is always accompanied by high-quality music.

Greenbot also provides high-quality music streaming and notably integrates with popular platforms like YouTube and Spotify. 

This handy feature gives users easy access to their favorite tracks across genres, backed by the comfort of their chosen music platforms.

Octave focuses on high-quality and continuous music streaming from various popular platforms, such as YouTube and Spotify. 

The integration with these platforms allows listeners to have a top-notch music experience without leaving the server.

Good Discord Music Bots Still Working Now in 2024

In 2024, several good Music bots discord like ProBotMEE6ChillBotGreenbotOctave, and Rythm are expected to be operational, providing high-quality music streaming from popular platforms like YouTube and Spotify

Integrating these bots into your server will allow users to enjoy a smooth, seamless music listening experience. 

Advanced features of these bots, such as playlist creation, queue management, DJ roles, and song search abilities, highlight their efficiency in satisfying diverse musical tastes of users. So, server owners can definitely rely on these exceptional music bots for discord 2024.

What Services do Discord Music Bots Work With?

Music bots Discord work in conjunction with a variety of music streaming and social media platforms to provide a comprehensive and flexible music listening experience for users.

YouTube: Discord music bots like ProBot, MEE6, and Rythm integrate with YouTube, one of the largest video sharing platforms worldwide. This feature allows users to play music directly from YouTube while on Discord.

Spotify: A considerable number of Discord music bots, including ChillBot and Octave, collaborate with Spotify, one of the leading music streaming services offering millions of songs across genres.

Soundcloud: Offering support for smaller platforms as well, some Discord music bots work seamlessly with Soundcloud, granting access to unique creators and tracks that might not be found elsewhere.

Twitch: In addition to music streaming services, bots like Rythm also work with Twitch, a widely popular live-streaming platform. This makes it possible for users to listen to live stream audio within Discord.

Mixer: Another service some Discord music bots work with is Mixer, an interactive live-streaming platform. Some bots allow for playback of audio from mixer streams within the Discord server, amplifying the music listening experience.

By working with these services, Discord music bots create an integrated and enhanced music streaming experience within the Discord server, bridging the gap between various platforms and the users.

How to play music in discord through a Mic?

To play music in Discord through a mic, follow these steps:

  1. Open Discord and connect to your preferred server.
  2. Install a virtual audio cable program, such as VB-CABLE or Virtual Audio Cable, to create an audio loop on your computer.
  3. Open your computer's Sound settings, and set the virtual audio cable as the default playback device.
  4. Open a music player or a website like YouTube or Spotify, play your desired track, and the audio will pass through the virtual audio cable.
  5. On Discord, access the Voice & Video settings, and set the virtual audio cable as the input device.
  6. Join a voice channel on Discord, and the music will play through your mic input, functioning like a Discord music bot for others to hear.

Keep in mind that the audio quality might not be as high as using a dedicated music bot Discord can offer.

How to play music in Discord on Android?

Playing music in Discord on Android is simple using a music bot Discord. Follow these steps:

  1. Install the Discord app and log in.
  2. Join a server with a compatible music bot Discord.
  3. Enter a text or voice channel to access the music bot Discord.
  4. Use the bot's commands (typically starting with "!", "?", or ";") and request your desired song.
  5. The music bot Discord will start playing the requested track in a voice channel.

Utilizing a music bot Discord on Android makes listening to music effortless and enriches the Discord experience.


Summing up, this article presents you with the 20 best Discord music bots you can on Discord servers at any time without additional cost. However, bots like MEE6 are not only music bots but also multipurpose bots on Discord. 

These music bots on Discord give you the ultimate music controls with flawless automation. So, if you want a music bot on Discord for your server, you can choose any of them mentioned above.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to play music on Discord?

You can play music on Discord by adding the best music bot for Discord to your server. Enter a command (like !play songname), and the bot will start playing your requested song in a voice channel.

How to add a music bot to Discord?

To add the best music bot for Discord, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the bot.
  2. Click on 'Invite', 'Add to Discord', or a similar call-to-action.
  3. Select your Discord server and assign the necessary permissions.
  4. Complete the verification step.

The bot should now be added to your server.

Are there any bots that can play music in a private or group call?

Most Discord music bots, including some of the best music bots for Discord, are designed to work in server channels and may not function in private or group calls. As of now, Discord does not officially support bots in Direct Messages.

How to use Mee6 music?

To utilize MEE6 music, start by inviting the MEE6 bot to your Discord server. Once it's there, use commands like "!play" followed by the song name or URL to start playing music. You can also control playback with commands like "!skip" or "!stop."

What happened to Groovy?

Groovy, once a popular music bot for Discord, was shut down in August 2021 due to a cease and desist order from YouTube. Thus, it can't be considered as the best music bot for Discord in 2024.

How to add Rythm bot in Discord?

While Rythm was a popular music bot, it's no longer available. Explore other reputable music bot options on bot websites like or

Is Rythm still available?

Rythm, like Groovy, also ceased operations in September 2021 due to YouTube's legal actions. As for music bots for Discord 2024, several other alternatives are expected to be available.

Are Discord Music Bots Illegal?

Discord music bots are not illegal. However, streaming copyrighted material without appropriate permissions can infringe copyright laws. Always look for bots that use legal means to play music.

What To Do If Discord Music Bots Not Working?

If you're facing issues with the best music bot for Discord:

  1. Check if the bot has appropriate permissions.
  2. Confirm if the bot is online.
  3. Try using a different bot.
  4. Contact the bot's developer or support

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