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Jan 7, 20246 min read

Things to consider before selecting a Chatbot for Facebook

Updated onJan 7, 20246 min read
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  • Do You  Need a Facebook Chatbot? 
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  • 6 Things To Keep In Mind Before Selecting A Chatbot For Facebook
  • 8 Best Practices of a Chatbot For Facebook
  • Bottom Line
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Investing in technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) goods, Machine Learning (ML) platforms, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) has started giving rich returns in recent years. These technologies enable large and small businesses to reach out to their consumers instantaneously via online, mobile, and messaging platforms, allowing them to build a personal relationship with customers seeking assistance without interfering with their experience. Customers nowadays expect quick and efficient service through their preferred channels. In 2018, Facebook chatbot, for example, Facebook had more than 300,000 Facebook chatbots.

If you're wondering if you've heard of this revolutionary technology before, guess again. When communicating with bots that deliver clear, direct, and human-like replies in the form of text or speech, you may have discussed with a chatbot or a virtual agent yourself.

This article will find what to keep in mind before selecting a chatbot for Facebook.

Do You  Need a Facebook Chatbot? 

For everyone, Facebook is not a new social networking site. It has astonished the entire globe in a short period. One may utilize the platform since it provides smooth connectivity and the function of tagging to video calling. A social networking site that is free to use has some distinct characteristics. So, if you're not sure why you need a Facebook Messenger chatbot for your website, the following points may help you decide:

  1. Facebook has a low entrance barrier. It is one of the smoothest and most accessible platforms for businesses to connect with consumers. Over 68 percent of users are just using the application. According to statistics, approximately 2 million business communications are sent over Facebook Messenger each month. 
  2. Your Facebook Messenger chatbot may gently prompt your consumer to resume a discussion with your company. Re-engagement is accessible and relevant as a result of this.
  3. Facebook has more than 6 million advertisers, but only 3,00,000 bots, reducing competition for new and thriving businesses.
  4. Facebook chatbots can assist users with their concerns and questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It has been discovered that click to send messenger advertising has a 100% conversion rate of leads.
  5. Facebook is used daily by individuals all around the world. According to statistics, when a company utilizes Facebook Messenger instead of marketing emails, the odds of individuals opening the message improve by 70-80%.
  6. Facebook Messenger advertising is also 30-50 times less expensive than traditional Facebook ads.
  7. Before passing leads on to your sales staff, identify and qualify them.
  8. Sell your product or service via a Facebook chatbot. This experience also minimizes drop-offs and cart abandonment rates since customers can explore and purchase without leaving the site.

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6 Things To Keep In Mind Before Selecting A Chatbot For Facebook

The important things to keep in mind before selecting a chatbot for Facebook are the following: 

Emotionally Intelligent

Emotionally Intelligent

It's not enough for your Facebook chatbot to be able to answer common inquiries; it also has to be emotionally intelligent. An emotionally intelligent chatbot can detect a user's mood reply appropriately and recognize when an actual support representative is required.

Build brand awareness.

A potential lead may have liked your Facebook page because they liked a photo you posted. It's also conceivable that they learned about your company from another source and opted to follow you on social media.

However, seeing tons of sites in their newsfeed, they're likely to forget about your company within days. So, should you let go of the past? Certainly not. A Facebook chatbot helps guarantee that they remain aware of your business by connecting with potential prospects via live chat.

Use Natural Language

Even when consumers know they are dealing with a bot, they never want it to seem like they are.

Smart and Analytical

Conversations may be moved forward with the help of intelligent chatbots. They should anticipate what a user would require next (based on previous conversations) and make recommendations wherever possible. Furthermore, the chatbot should be able to react in various languages. Customer experience is expected to surpass product and pricing as a brand differentiator by 2021.

According to research, customers are also prepared to spend extra for positive encounters. You're already boosting customer service and experience by responding to your audience's immediate responses to their questions. But that's only scratching the surface of the Facebook Messenger bot's capabilities.

Have a subscription feature.

When users opt-in for subscription messaging, companies may offer them regular material thru Facebook Messenger. These messages should be able to be scheduled by your Facebook chatbot regularly. When users no longer desire to receive those communications, they should opt out quickly.

Be User-Focused

Be User-Focused

Whatever the Facebook chatbot is supposed to perform, the users should always come first. The chatbot should predict the users' requirements and future queries and provide them with answers before they ever ask for them. Facebook chatbots should also provide many options for consumers to choose from it.

According to The Social Habit, 42% of customers want a response to their social media questions within 60 minutes. You run the risk of insulting your consumer if you wait too long. Furthermore, if you wait too long to answer, your consumer may seek out other options. Chatbots can help you avoid this by reacting to your consumer right away. If your Messenger bot cannot answer a query, configure it to connect your prospect to your customer support staff.



8 Best Practices of a Chatbot For Facebook

The following are some of the greatest Facebook Messenger chatbot best practices:

  1. Ensure that you know your consumers' communication expectations and work to exceed them.
  2. Establish your chatbot expectations. It will assist you in creating the best model possible
  3. In a competitive market, personalization and customization are essential. Could you make sure to include it?
  4. Chatbots are the way of the future, but that does not imply people are no longer required.
  5. For smoother service, the design should make it apparent when the conversation should be transferred to agents.
  6. Get straight to the point. Running around in circles might frustrate customers, but providing a straightforward answer can satisfy them.
  7. Transparency is also crucial. The conversation with the chatbot should be straightforward; moreover, including the omnichannel experience can enhance the benefits of deploying bots.
  8. Customers can express their wants more easily using conversational AI. Using the same can help you communicate more effectively and close more leads, resulting in a loyal client base.
  9. Learning should never come to an end. Learning from mistakes and the market is a business's greatest strength. Customers will converse more effectively if chatbots are updated and new knowledge is implemented.


Bottom Line

Chatbots are quickly becoming a must-have option for every company looking to stay relevant in a rapidly changing industry in today's environment. You may use chatbots to automate time-consuming operations and procedures like onboarding new hires, processing purchase orders, and handling time-off requests. Early chatbots may help your company save money, improve communication efficacy, and improve customer experience. Before you do so, examine the guidelines above to guarantee that you get the most out of your selected chatbot platform.


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Table of Contents

  • Do You  Need a Facebook Chatbot? 
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  • 6 Things To Keep In Mind Before Selecting A Chatbot For Facebook
  • 8 Best Practices of a Chatbot For Facebook
  • Bottom Line