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Jun 14, 20249 min read

Schedule WhatsApp Message: A Complete Guide

Updated onJun 14, 20249 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • Introduction  
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  • How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages
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  • Benefits of Scheduling WhatsApp Messages
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  • Who Can Benefit from Scheduling WhatsApp Message 
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  • When to Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Conclusion
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Have you ever struggled to send important messages at just the right time? We've all been there. 

You want to plan a delightful surprise birthday greeting for a BFF but life gets busy. Or you run a business and need to reach customers when they see your updates—scheduling to the rescue!

Here's the switch - over 2 billion folks rely on WhatsApp to stay connected globally. And get this - 76% wish they could schedule Whatsapp messages for max impact! Crazy right?

Well, no more because this guide has insider tips for next-level WhatsApp scheduling. We'll dish about optimal timing, the best scheduling apps for iOS and Android, and creative ways to craft messages that captivate.

Plus, you’ll find about the legal and ethical practices for businesses to keep everything above board. Wouldn't want any awkward mishaps! And, of course, savvy scheduling for customer engagement.

Get ready to upgrade your messaging game seriously.

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages
Source: Pappyjoe

To become scheduling masters, let’s have to start from the basics. 

Next, we'll dive into a step-by-step guide to schedule message in WhatsApp like a pro. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Schedule Message in WhatApp

Ready to take control of your messaging game? Let's dive into the step-by-step process of scheduling your messages like a champ. 

It's easier than you might think!

Step 1

First, grab a handy scheduling app - we recommend "Scheduled" or "SKEDit." you must have the right tools!

Step 2

Next, install your app and grant permissions so it can work its magic. Follow those setup steps closely!

Step 3

Then, choose the lucky recipient and start crafting your message. Make it fun, thoughtful, or helpful - get creative! Here's the fun part - pick the perfect date and time you want your message sent. Birthday surprise? Meeting reminder? Plan away!

Step 4

Finally, triple-check your message before confirming. We don't want any silly typos or autocorrect fails to slip through.


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Available Options for Scheduling Messages

Alright, now that you've mastered the art of scheduling messages using third-party apps let's explore the various options available for different devices and platforms. 

Here are the available options.

  • For iOS superfans - got bad news, bears. iOS still needs to have built-in WhatsApp scheduling abilities. Lame, we know! But we got your back with our app recs. Just download a handy third-party one and start planning those texts.
  • For Android peeps, here is some good news - certain Android devices have native scheduling in the messaging app! But it varies across models and versions, so check your phone's capabilities. If no dice, no worries - snag a scheduling app for the win!

The moral - between third-party apps and possible native scheduling, iOS, and Android folks can message like scheduling champs. 

Supported Media Formats for Scheduled Messages

Supported Media Formats for Scheduled Messages
Source: Beeborn

Do you know what's even better than just plain text messages? Sending media-rich messages! From cute emojis to hilarious GIFs, let your creativity flow. 

But before you dive in, let's see what media formats are supported when scheduling messages.

  • Text messages are a scheduling classic - short scheduled notes can make someone's day!
  • Images spice up scheduled chats - who doesn't love getting surprise pet pics or vacation views? Share the visual joy!
  • Some apps let you attach funny or inspiring videos to your scheduled messages.
  • For a personal touch, record audio clips instead of typing texts. Hearing your voice is super sweet.

You've got options when scheduling WhatsApp messages! Find creative ways to mix media and watch your chats come alive.

Now let's get into the awesome benefits of this handy messaging feature.

Benefits of Scheduling WhatsApp Messages

Benefits of Scheduling WhatsApp Messages
Source: Webflow

Scheduling WhatsApp messages is clutch for saving time, optimizing impact, and looking hella organized! Let's see, WhatsApp scheduling helps us plan messages for max impact. 

Improved Communication Efficiency

No more last-minute "Oh no, forgot! Fumbles. Schedule birthday wishes, party deets, meeting name it! Pre-plan and send effortlessly.

Ensuring Timely Message Delivery

Life gets chaotic, but your messages with scheduling will always be on time. Send morning greetings and motivation right when people need it most.


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Managing Different Time Zones

No more 3 am "Hey there!" pings blowing up phones abroad! Schedule message to send during recipients' local daytime.

Utilizing Business Hours for Customer Engagement

Got customers worldwide? Schedule promos and updates to hit their inboxes during peak business hours. Even if you're busy!

With scheduling, your communication game is unmatched. Next up - who can benefit from this handy WhatsApp feature…

Who Can Benefit from Scheduling WhatsApp Message 

Who Can Benefit from Scheduling WhatsApp Message
Source: Webflow

You're so right, life gets super hectic and overwhelming with everything on our plates! We're all constantly juggling work, family, friends - the list goes on.

That's exactly why scheduling WhatsApp messages can be a total game changer for simplifying things. 

No matter who you are - students, professionals, entrepreneurs, busy parents - we can all benefit from this handy tool.

Let's face it – life can be overwhelming, and we all have much on our plates. Who can benefit greatly from scheduling WhatsApp messages for a variety of occasions.

Personal Users

From parents to globetrotters, scheduling helps people step up their WhatsApp game!

Never miss sending a birthday message again - schedule it in advance! Ditto for anniversary wishes, holiday greetings, and any special occasion.

Set reminders about get-togethers so you don't leave friends hanging. “Movie night tonight! Can't wait to see you there!” 

Surprise loved ones with thoughtful scheduled messages - a sweet note, funny meme, or inspirational quote timed just right to make them smile.

With scheduling, show your family and friends you care, even when life gets busy and chaotic. It's like having your own virtual personal assistant!


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Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

WhatsApp scheduling allows businesses to connect with customers consistently, even when things get hectic:

  • Plan marketing campaigns and product launches perfectly—schedule announcements and promos during peak hours for max exposure.
  • Provide 24/7 customer support with automated responses to common questions. Take the pressure off you and your team.
  • Send appointment reminders to clients to reduce no-shows. Keep business running smoothly behind the scenes.
  • With scheduled messages, notify subscribers of events, sales, and new arrivals right on time.

With WhatsApp scheduling, you can engage audiences and grow your business without losing sleep!

Marketing and Sales Professionals

Marketing and Sales Professionals

For marketing and sales gurus, WhatsApp Message scheduling is clutch for client connections:

  • Send personalized outreach to prospects timed perfectly for the best response rates. Land those leads!
  • Schedule engaging follow-ups so you always stay top of mind. Nurture relationships with consistency.
  • Promote your next webinar or event with scheduled invites and reminders. Drive registration and attendance. 

Remote Teams and Global Partners 

Distributed teams can also schedule message in WhatsApp to collaborate across time zones:

  • Keep projects on track with scheduled team updates, reminders, and milestones.
  • Coordinate with international partners despite odd hours. Schedule message in WhatsApp to send during their daytime.
  • Recognize your remote team's big and small wins with scheduled kudos. A lil appreciation goes a long way!

With scheduling, remote and global teams communicate as one! Next up - optimal timing...When to Schedule WhatsApp Messages.

When to Schedule WhatsApp Messages

When to Schedule WhatsApp Messages

We covered who can benefit from schedule message in whatsapp, and now the when - timing is everything!

Let's explore some savvy timing tips for scheduling personal and professional WhatsApp messages. Take your strategy next level!

Celebratory Occasions and Events 

WhatsApp scheduling takes birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and events next level:

  • Be the first to wish your best friend a happy birthday at midnight! Set annual reminders so you never forget.
  • Celebrate anniversaries with scheduled sweet nothings to remind your partner how cherished they are.
  • Spread festive cheer for holidays like Diwali and Christmas by scheduling stickers and greetings in advance.

With scheduling, you can ensure special occasions receive special attention, even if you're thousands of miles apart on the day.


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Reminders and Notifications

We all need a nudge sometimes! Use scheduling for:

  • Appointment reminders so you can attend every doctor's visit, job interview, or haircut again.
  • Bill payment and renewal alerts to avoid late fees. Schedule monthly or annual money to-dos.
  • Daily or weekly motivation to tackle tasks and errands. Kick your future self in the pants!

Scheduling reminders and alerts keeps life humming along smoothly. Never miss an important date, bill, or motivation boost again.

Sending Messages During Non-Peak Hours

Timing is everything - stand out by catching people outside rush hours:

  • Start someone's day with a cheerful morning message before the inbox madness begins!
  • Break through the noise with evening messages after work hours when inboxes calm down.
  • Weekend scheduling ensures your messages get attention during relaxation mode.

Automated Responses for Customer Support

For business owners, scheduling enables 24/7 customer support:

  • Instantly acknowledge inquiries with an automated "Thanks for reaching out!" - even when you're AFK.
  • Inform customers of your support hours and when to expect a response if they message after-hours.
  • Appreciate purchases with a "Thank you for your order!" message right after each transaction.


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So, gear up to upgrade your messaging game. WhatsApp might not have built-in scheduling, but we've got workarounds that even Yoda would approve of. Get those apps, set them up, craft your messages, choose your perfect time, and hit send.

iOS fans, we feel you – native scheduling is missing, but we've got app recommendations. For Android users, some devices have native scheduling, but apps work great too. And hey, get creative with media – images, videos, audio clips – it's all fair game.

Messaging efficiency, timely delivery, and catering to time zones – scheduling's got your back. It's a win-win for personal users, businesses, marketers, and remote teams. And guess what? The cherry on top is BotPenguin – the game-changing solution that lets you schedule WhatsApp messages effortlessly!

With BotPenguin's cutting-edge automation, you're in control. Schedule WhatsApp messages for that "right on time" impact. Whether it's a surprise birthday wish or a crucial business update, we've got you covered.

Not just scheduling, our chatbot-powered magic kicks in! Imagine automated messages precisely when customers interact with your chatbot. Engage, inform, and keep them hooked on your products and services without lifting a finger. 

Oh, did we mention lightning-fast responses? When customers reach out, BotPenguin springs into action with automated messages, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Unlock the power of seamless communication, engage your audience like never before, and watch your business thrive with BotPenguin's WhatsApp scheduling and automation. It's time to redefine messaging success – try BotPenguin today and schedule your way to success!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I schedule WhatsApp message on my phone without using any third-party apps?

Unfortunately, as of now, WhatsApp does not have a built-in feature to schedule messages. You will need to use third-party apps or platforms to enable scheduling.

Are scheduled WhatsApp messages sent automatically without any manual intervention?

Yes, once you have scheduled a message using a third-party app, it will be sent automatically at the specified date and time without manual intervention.

Can I schedule media-rich messages on WhatsApp, such as images and videos?

Absolutely! Many scheduling apps support media formats, allowing you to schedule text messages, images, videos, and even audio clips.

Is WhatsApp scheduling legal and compliant with WhatsApp's terms of service?

WhatsApp scheduling using third-party apps is generally considered legal as the scheduled messages comply with WhatsApp's terms of service and follow relevant data protection and privacy regulations.

Can I schedule WhatsApp messages for multiple contacts or groups simultaneously?

Yes, most scheduling apps allow you to select multiple contacts or groups and schedule WhatsApp messages for all of them simultaneously, making it convenient for mass messaging.


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Table of Contents

  • Introduction  
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  • How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages
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  • Benefits of Scheduling WhatsApp Messages
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  • Who Can Benefit from Scheduling WhatsApp Message 
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  • When to Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Conclusion
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)