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9 Things You Didn't Know About Zapier

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Oct 20, 202326 min read
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  • What is Zapier?
  • Workflow automation with Zapier 
  • How to use Zapier to automate workflow processes
  • Zapier app integration
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  • 9 Things You Didn't Know About Zapier
  • Conclusion

Everything that keeps your company going, from processing invoices to overseeing staff time sheets, is governed by a workflow.To manage volume, exchange correct information, and save time, your processes may need to be updated as your organization expands. To put it briefly, they must be more robust. Zapier may be used to automate processes. When you build Zaps, or what we refer to as our automated workflows, to manage your business-critical activities, you need to pay a little more attention to them so that they are reliable and well-monitored.   We'll go through some pointers and resources to make it easier for you to use Zapier to build robust, crucial business procedures.   For communication to flow seamlessly, Zapier app integration is more than 5,000. When your trigger results in an action, it is a zap. The true magic occurs when you awaken to 250 brand-new leads you acquired while asleep. A whole process, not just one operation, may be automated using a Zap, which can include up to 100 activities. 

What is Zapier?

  It is an automating program called Zapier. It is an internet integration solution that links your preferred applications and automates tedious activities so that you may save time.   By connecting new applications to the tools you already use, Zapier can find ways to integrate them into your current workflows.   You would otherwise have to spend time completing some chores manually, but Zapier automates them. To get things done, it essentially acts as an additional hand. Once its responsibilities are established, it runs in the background and operates in silence.   There are a few app connectors that some apps already have built-in. You may quickly post an image to Instagram or Facebook from within an app, for instance, if you use it to make minor corrections to an embodiment. Automation is the act of uploading a photograph without first manually saving it.   But the issue is that not all applications communicate well with one another, and even when they do, their ability to do specific tasks as a unit is constrained. But you may close these gaps in communication by using Zapier. It enables you to connect applications so that they may carry out certain activities automatically. It's much easier than it seems.  

Workflow automation with Zapier 

  Workflow automation integrates enterprise operations from various users and systems. Businesses increase productivity and save a considerable amount of time by seamlessly linking systems, people, and information from many data sources. This is done by developing a set of automated activities for each operation.   Additionally, workflow automation maintains uniformity and eradicates mistakes. Human mistakes are common in manual operations. Your team can operate more quickly, intelligently, and collaboratively with the aid of automated procedures. By implementing this throughout your organization, you may save even more money. By automating routine operations, your staff can concentrate on more crucial jobs that advance your firm.  

How to use Zapier to automate workflow processes

  Most individuals know how moving between productivity and business applications slows them down. By integrating two or more separate systems through processes known as Zaps that connect various apps, Zapier streamlines workflows. Setting up Zaps is simple, even for those without coding knowledge: The automation is ready when you select a trigger and one or more actions.   You can also save money using automation. By automating administrative activities, you may free up 5 to 10 hours each week that can be used for billing. If you charge $100 per hour, you may earn an additional $500 to $1,000.  

Zapier app integration

For your app integration to be included in the workflows of millions of Zapier users, it must be integrated with at least 5,000 of the finest business and productivity applications.   Different from other platforms, the Zapier platform requires special building techniques. You create distinct triggers and actions instead of designing the end-to-end user experience for the entire program.   The final user experience still plays a significant role, though, which is comparable. It's not enough to just create triggers and actions using your open API endpoints.  

9 Things You Didn't Know About Zapier


Transferring To-Dos to the Right List

  We constantly create our to-do lists with great enthusiasm, but as the law of diminishing returns states, the thrill fades as we use them more. It's only possible that extra work or you were too sluggish to designate the activities as completed; lists frequently result in leftover chores building up.   But with automation, life doesn't have to be that way. You may use Zapier to transfer things across your to-do lists in different applications that can track your work as you go. It allows for endless experimentation, such as automating the production of to-do activities.  

Robust workflows exchange information.

  You need a source of truth to design and implement adequate procedures. A source of truth is a core system or app that all other systems, applications, and Zaps rely on to provide the most accurate and recent information. A central source of truth ensures that you constantly get and add data to one location rather than having little pieces of information scattered across several apps and losing track. Additionally, it guarantees that you are obtaining accurate data.   Start with an app you currently possess and frequently use when choosing your source of truth. Your industry may have an impact on this. For instance, if you're an accountant, this may be Xero or QuickBooks. Being a marketer could be a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool or a marketing platform.  

Add stuff to Pocket automatically.

  While perusing websites or skimming through social media, there are some things you'll discover that you need to return to when you have more time. In this case, content can be added to Pocket automatically.   When criteria are met, or a specific action is completed, you may have particular material saved to Pocket using Zapier connections. It includes adding every new RSS item to the app and each "Hot" new Reddit post. You may add Tweets with links you like to Pocket as well.  

Plans for Zapier

  For all of your automation requirements, Zapier offers a variety of plans. You will be given a certain number of tasks per month under each scenario. People who automate one or two activities may benefit from a basic program, but those who have many Zaps or need many tasks may require a higher-tier plan.   How do you determine which plan you need? You receive a 14-day free trial of our premium services when you first join up for Zapier. As your trial period draws close, create your first Zaps and take stock of what you've done and the number of tasks you've used. You may use this to decide which plan is best for you.  

Connect your events, communications, and task lists to get work done.

  Work is allocated from various sources, including Gmail, Slack, Google Calendar, and many more. Now, by just marking these discussions, you can quickly generate task lists from them.   For instance, adding a star to an email in Gmail causes the email to be converted into a trillo task card. You have the option to customize this automation for the applications you use, thanks to Zapier numerous to-do app connectors.  

Utilize functions and Sub-Zaps to save time.

  Although many more minor Zaps may seem like redundant work, functions allow you to save time. Functions are collections of operations that you might find helpful to repeat frequently. These are beneficial for developing interdependent systems. Any workflow may accept a full range of actions. Here is a function illustration: Let's imagine you must update accounts receivable each time a lead is closed. However, you have several salesmen that use different Zaps to close prospects.   You build a Zap that alerts accounts receivable through a webhook. After that, you give your sales staff access to the webhook URL from your trigger and instruct them to "do whatever it takes to close the leads, but make sure to utilize this webhook at the end, so it informs accounts. Receivable." That serves as a function example.   Currently, in development, Sub-Zaps lets you build features that you may insert into any Zap. Say you have several Zaps that need filters, defined lead information from your CRM, an assigned sales agent, and a new Airtable record. You can make one Sub-Zap rather than having to repeat those processes for each Zap you require. Following that, you may attach the Sub-Zap to any Zaps that require that feature.  

Send information to third-party notes applications.

  Want to keep your Pocket account private while still sharing the material you save with your team? To add fresh individual notes to applications like Evernote, you may use Zapier to transmit saved Pocket items (or only saved Pocket favorites). By adding notes that you and your team can use and refer to, you may use this method to keep track of stuff that has to be read or as a jumping-off point for research.  

Create an email list.

  Zapier's integrations with Mailchimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and other services might be helpful for creating and managing your email list. Create a Zap to add them to your AWeber account immediately. Have MailChimp be updated with signups from GoToWebinar. Whenever a form is filled on the website, create a new Salesforce lead.  

Utilize Zapier to simplify your personal life(Save essential items to SkyDrive, Dropbox, Box, or Drive)

  Have you ever taken a screenshot of something to store it for later on your computer screen? Or saw a photo and decided you wanted to save it? In the past, you would download it first and then upload it again to your favorite file storage. However, by connecting your Dropbox to Zapier's zaps for Instagram, G Suite, Typeform, and other services, you can do much more with it.  


  With these pointers, you may build more intelligent, potent Zaps to automate operations that are crucial for your company. Zapier is an online integration tool that connects your favorite apps and automates time-consuming tasks. Zapier can help you incorporate new applications into your existing processes by linking them to your current technologies. Once its roles have been defined, it runs in the background and keeps quiet.   Here in this blog, we have shared nine things that you might be interested in knowing about, such as Transferring To-Dos to the Right List; Robust workflows exchange information, plans for Zapier, Send information to outside notes applications, Utilizing Zapier to simplify your personal life,(Save essential items to SkyDrive, Dropbox, Box, or Drive) and many more things.      

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