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Jan 9, 20249 min read

The top 12 Salesforce Integrations to completely Automate Lead Conversion in 2023

Updated onJan 9, 20249 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What are Salesforce integrations?
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  • Top 12 Salesforce Integrations to automate lead conversion
  • Conclusion
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Salesforce is no longer just utilized by salespeople. It's a powerful tool that helps marketers track their campaigns' efficacy and design personalized customer journeys to convert more leads into purchases. As popular as it is, Salesforce can't do everything right out of the box. Salesforce provides over 2,500 connections and apps, allowing you to customize and expand current capabilities while uncovering critical data to improve your performance. Salesforce has total annual revenue of $ 21.25 billion. Sales increased by 24.27% from the previous year. Salesforce revenue has grown at a CAGR of 51.22% over the last 20 years. While having many options is excellent, picking the correct applications and integrations for your company may quickly become daunting. To simplify, we've compiled a list of connectors and apps that will allow you to access data that isn't readily available in Salesforce. 

What are Salesforce integrations?

Salesforce integration allows you to link your CRM software to your daily third-party apps to boost your productivity. Salesforce integration has just one purpose: to automate crucial tasks for your teams and to supply them with critical data for scaling and improving the marketing and sales strategy.

Top 12 Salesforce Integrations to automate lead conversion


Is your team wasting time manually investigating information on leads? Then think about utilizing Clearbit, which is a powerful lead enrichment technique. You may pull through more than 85 data points the Clearbit connection in Salesforce, including personal (name, bio, social, etc.) and corporate information (industry, yearly revenue, staff count, etc.).

key features

  1. Without leaving Salesforce, score and route leads depending on their data points and prioritize opportunities for integrating.
  2. Use the Visualforce widget function to see the most up-to-date lead information at a glance.
  3. Create contact segments for mail merges, marketing campaigns, and other marketing methods.


When Salesforce doesn't have what you need straight out of the box, Zapier is a must-have solution. Zapier is just an automation platform that integrates 3,000+ apps. The Salesforce Zapier connector allows you to send data from Salesforce to applications like Facebook Lead Ads, Paypal, Calendly, and many others.

key feature

  1. Transfer data from Salesforce to other apps.
  2. Create leads, custom objects, opportunities, and more in Salesforce using Zapier.
  3. Use workflows to automate time-consuming and repetitive processes.


Breadwinner is a Salesforce integration solution that focuses solely on connecting Salesforce to top finance software (QuickBooks, Xero, and NetSuite) and payment processors (Stripe, Venmo, and PayPal). Furthermore, its Salesforce two-way sync allows you to access financial data from within your Salesforce account.

Key Features

  1. Create invoices and bills in Salesforce and keep track of their status (paid, due, overdue).
  2. Take advantage of multi-currency and multi-account support.
  3. Use Breadwinner's data dashboard and reporting options to keep track of your financial wellness


ActiveCampaign is a platform for marketing automation. ActiveCampaign is one of the greatest Salesforce connections for boosting customer experiences since it automates numerous behind-the-scenes marketing, sales, and support tasks.

Key features

  1. Connect Salesforce with ActiveCampaign to sync leads and contacts.
  2. Use Salesforce to send follow-up emails and campaigns.
  3. Keep track of how your prospects and contacts respond to your communications.


Tableau is a powerful analytics tool allowing you to see real-time data. It also allows you to import data from any source, such as a spreadsheet, a SQL database, or your favorite cloud program. So, how does the Salesforce Tableau integration work?

Key features

  1. Visualize the critical KPIs at each pipeline stage: prospecting, lead management, account management, and so on.
  2. Use Tableau's data dashboards to better understand your customers.
  3. Embed Tableau Online, Tableau Server, or Tableau Public dashboards directly into Salesforce for in-app viewing by your team.


Pardot is a powerful and adaptable automation platform. Pardot is similar to Marketo, except that Salesforce purchased it to aid B2B marketing automation on their CRM. This one-of-a-kind interface gives teams access to the information they need to effectively communicate with leads, improving the likelihood of inbound conversions. The following are some of the 

Key features

  1. Quickly move leads through the pipeline
  2. Use dynamic, tailored marketing to engage customers on their terms.
  3. Recognize each phase of the process, from click to closure, to maximize marketing ROI.


Suppose you want to improve your outbound engagement and provide the greatest customer service. In that case, the Talkdesk Salesforce integration just might be what you need. With this connection, you can deliver phone and SMS assistance to your leads inside Salesforce. It also provides real-time and historical data, allowing you to obtain critical information about each lead and engagement.

Key features

  1. Set up automation based on what happens in your call center.
  2. Provide direct phone and SMS assistance from Salesforce.
  3. Call center metrics are broken down in-depth with real-time dashboards, historical reports, and thorough breakdowns.


Gainsight's Salesforce connection is ideal for B2B companies who want to get the most out of their data. Allow me to explain. You can aggregate all your data with this connection, ensuring you never miss any critical client information. Consider it a way of centralizing current consumer data to bring crucial insights and actions to the top.  Key features

  1. Bi-directional integration to sync and act on vital consumer data
  2. Combine client data from Salesforce with information from other sources, such as support tickets, and use statistics.
  3. Use Salesforce data to improve health scores and supercharge customer success by proactively addressing risks.


Salesforce is a popular choice among B2-B companies since it is an excellent source of housing data. However, having too much data and, at times, repeating data is one of the most common problems that companies face. That's when Cloudingo enters the picture. It aids data decluttering by locating and merging redundant data to ensure you have all you require.

Key features

  1. Overcome typical roadblocks such as duplication, discrepancies, data deterioration, and human error
  2. Customizable filters & matching criteria to sift through many duplicates.
  3. Import data without duplicating it, convert leads in bulk, edit and remove records in bulk, transfer data, and more.


PartnerTap is presently the only enterprise-focused partner revenue platform. With Salesforce's PartnerTap connection, you can enroll your partners, prioritize them by category, and uncover the best indirect income prospects each one has to offer.

Key features

  1. Automatically sync mutual prospect and client lists, then match reps to reps.
  2. Use in-built chat to let your salespeople and their peers at each partner share information about shared accounts and new prospects.
  3. You'll have total control over the sharing on a per-partner basis.


You can transmit, sign, and track Salesforce documents from almost anywhere, on any device, using the DocuSign Salesforce plugin. The Salesforce interface with DocuSign makes it simple to create and distribute agreements, gather customer signatures, and put the data back into Salesforce.

Key features

  1. Use Salesforce data to create and deliver secure agreements for signatures.
  2. Allow multiple receivers and attachments to sign in from any device.
  3. Re-enter the client data into Salesforce.


Are you tired of doing manual backups? OwnBackup is a simple to set up and use cloud-to-cloud data backup and recovery application. In addition to automated backups and recovery, the OwnBackup plugin notifies you of any data abnormalities and assists you in taking urgent action before they worsen.

Key features

  1. Using automatic backups and recovery, you can protect your data and metadata.
  2. Archive data for up to 99 years with adjustable retention and easier GDPR and other regulatory compliance.
  3. Use the Sandbox Seeding function to propagate data to sandboxes and build safe testing environments.


Businesses must adapt to this new manner of conducting business since the contemporary customer is altering how they shop. Today's buyers have access to a multitude of outlets. They also expect firms to take a more individualized, less formal approach. B2B encounters with clients are evolving, and so must how firms interact with potential consumers. These are some of the most effective Salesforce reporting tools for increasing team productivity. This blog covers a variety of Salesforce integration technologies, some of which are ideal for large enterprises and others for small businesses with limited resources. You can also connect BotPenguin With SalesForce and Drive up your lead conversion for absolutely free! Check out BotPenguin here!

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What are Salesforce integrations?
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  • Top 12 Salesforce Integrations to automate lead conversion
  • Conclusion