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How to create, change, or delete a Facebook page for Businesses and Individuals?

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Oct 31, 202328 min read
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    Table of content

  • 15 Facebook statistics for business and marketing:
  • How to use Facebook? 
  • How to create a Facebook page for businesses as well as for individuals? 
  • How to change your Facebook page?
  • Sizes and Dimensions of Facebook pages?
  • How to delete a Facebook page?
  • 5 exciting tips for a Facebook page?
  • Wrapping it up

Did you have any idea that 93% of businesses are active on Facebook? Facebook is the community to bring the world together where some individuals are making a lot of advantage through businesses and some are connecting with the masses. 

Facebook, no doubt, is evolving day by day with its newly discovered features. And with this evolution, some individuals are easygoing with the flow whereas some are lacking behind. But there is nothing shameful about this because not everyone can be a pro in technology. 

Today in this blog we are going to provide you with a tutorial on how to create, change, size, and delete a Facebook page for businesses and individuals. 

To get every bit of information about Facebook you can surely follow this to get your answers. 

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15 Facebook statistics for business and marketing:

  1. 66% of Facebook users either like or follow a brand page. 
  2. In America, 78% of consumers have discovered a product on Facebook.
  3. 77℅ of the people who use Facebook are between 39-40.
  4. Among those earning at least $75,000 in the United States, 70% use Facebook.
  5. 81% of businesses share videos on Facebook.
  6. About 15% of Facebook users specifically intend to shop there.
  7. ⅔ of adults reported visiting at least one local business page within the past week. 
  8.  93% of marketers use Facebook advertising.
  9. 63% of marketers say Facebook is the most important social media platform and the most effective way to advertise.
  10. 93% of businesses are active on Facebook. 
  11. 4.6% of marketers use Facebook video ads.
  12. 35% of marketers report successful influencer campaigns on Facebook.
  13. Facebook pages with over 100k followers published 17.6% of all the videos on the platform in 2020.
  14. Facebook ads reach 34.1% of the global population over age 13.
  15. 50% of consumers want to discover new products through Facebook Stories. 

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How to use Facebook? 

Here is the step-by-step process on how to use Facebook:

  1. The signup process is really easy. On the login page, you have to type your email and phone number, and password. Now you would just press on to create an account
  2. Then go ahead and fill out the information they ask you to sign up for. Now make sure you use the email and phone number you have access to because it most likely is going to give you a code to verify. 
  3. Now on the next page after you sign up for the first time, Facebook may ask you three different questions like to add a profile picture, to add friends, and then check your privacy settings. 
  4. After you click on the profile picture, upload a new picture. 
  5. Find people whom you know in real life so that you can follow them, you can follow public figures too. 
  6. You can like Facebook pages. 
  7. You can change your privacy to other options like public. 
  8. You have tons of other options inside the post option too. 
  9. Other than that you can upload status, and tag friends and that person is going to be notified. 
  10. You can choose options for expressing your feelings like if you love, are amazed, sad, and many more. 
  11. You can leave a comment as well on your post or anybody else's. Then you can share the post too. 
  12. You will also get the option to share photos and videos and also use various emoticons. 
  13. There is another option for live events where you can celebrate different things in your life like a new relationship, graduating from college or a new job, etc. 
  14. Download Facebook Messenger to message friends and Facebook rooms is a part of Facebook messenger. 

How to create a Facebook page for businesses as well as for individuals? 

Facebook has some earning options with the Facebook page and right now is a trending topic. It is honestly easy to set your Facebook page and helpful too. Without further delay, let's get started:

Step 1- First go to the Facebook profile. Then you will see a bar following it over and you should see a creative button, the little plus icon right there, it will give you a drop-down menu, and then click on the page. 

Step 2- Then starting with your page name you can give any name but for business, this is going to be a cheesesteak to give accordingly. 

Step 3- Then choose your category if you are a businessman then click on promote business and it must be specified so that when people are searching for a category like food, clothing, or any other business you can appear on the top list of their search. And otherwise, you can choose options like grow my audience, get customers, or just for fun, building community, etc. 

Step 4- Then you have to select a category. Add your website link to your page. If you don't have that click on the next option and paste a profile picture. After that choose the cover photo to become available to everyone.

Step 5- There you will find an add a button option, click on it and choose the category. 

Step 6-Now we have those three categories but the first one you type in is going to be the only one appearing on the top. The other two will still be valuable on your page to help with ranking and identifying what your page is.

Step 7- Then click on the create option, and choose anything. Get the page icon where you can see the edit page. After that click on page info and there are lots of changeable things like contact, location, opening and closing hour, etc. 

Step 8- Now get down to the description part to write a descriptive description about your page or what your business is about. 

How to change your Facebook page?

Steps to change the name of the page:

Step 1- At the top corner tap on three horizontal lines. 

Step 2- Click on pages. 

Step 3- Then click on the settings. 

Step 4- Tap page info. 

Step 5- Click on the name. 

Step 6- Type your new name. 

Step 7- Continue and click request change. 

Steps to change the Page's template:

Step 1- At the top corner tap on three horizontal lines. 

Step 2-Click on pages

Step 3- Click on more

Step 4- Press edit page

Step 5- Again edit just beside your current template. 

Step 6- Select the template you would like and click view more. Then apply template. 

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Sizes and Dimensions of Facebook pages?

Facebook cover photo- 851×310 pixels

Facebook profile photo- 180×180 pixels

Facebook event cover photo- 500×262 pixels

Facebook video 1200×675 pixels

Share Video- 504×283 pixels

Shared link- 484×252 pixels (minimum) 

                      1200×628 pixels (maximum) 

How to delete a Facebook page?

Step 1- At the top corner tap on three horizontal lines.

Step 2-Click on pages and go to your page. 

Step 3- Click on settings. 

Step 4- Then general settings. 

Step 5- Go to the remove page to delete. Tap delete the page. 

5 exciting tips for a Facebook page?

  1. Share relevant images that will visually strike and halt the rapid thumb scroller. 
  2. Try to share your best post on Facebook and pages. A boosted post can get you the best results from your target audience. 
  3. Share hot topics to get attention, don't just keep on promoting your page. 
  4. Try to share some jokes or humor with the audience which must be relevant to your audience. 
  5. Keep on monitoring your page daily and give quick feedback to the audience. 

Wrapping it up

Apart from all, Facebook pages are clickbait that generally try to attract people. A lot of new things had been added to Facebook throughout time, for example, there is a Facebook watch, where you can watch a bunch of videos on other pages, also there is a Facebook marketplace where you could post things for sale and can buy too. You will get options to join groups. Then there are Facebook pages, ads, fundraisers, and Facebook rooms where you can video chat with friends. 

You can check out a Facebook chatbot for free with BotPenguin. It will help you to attract and engage your audience. 

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