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Updated on
May 29, 202414 min read

How Live Chat Platforms Give You a Competitive Edge

Updated onMay 29, 202414 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What are Live Chat Platforms?
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  • What are the Features of Live Chat Platforms?
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  • What are the Benefits of Live Chat Platforms?
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  • Best Practices for Implementing Live Chat Platforms
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  • 3 Real-World Examples of Companies Leveraging Live Chat
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  • How BotPenguin’s Live Chat Platform Give You a Competitive Edge?
  • Conclusion
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Feel like your business is losing out to competitors with faster customer support? 

Wish you could connect with website visitors in real-time?

We get it, lagging on live chat can really put you behind.

But here’s the good news - implementing a powerful live chat platform can give your business a serious competitive boost. I

In this post, we’ll explore the many ways savvy live chat gives you an edge - from higher conversion rates to better lead generation and increased customer loyalty.

Whether you’re a startup looking for growth or an enterprise company aiming to lead your industry, we’ve got you covered. 

Read on as  we map out the competitive advantage you’ve been missing!

What are Live Chat Platforms?

Live chat platforms are software applications that enable businesses to communicate with their customers in real time through instant messaging. 

What are Live Chat Platforms?

These platforms empower businesses to provide a seamless and interactive support experience. 

Live chat allows customers to engage with support representatives directly on a company's website or app. 

These platforms cater to diverse industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, finance, and technology. 


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What are the Features of Live Chat Platforms?

In the world of customer support, it's no secret that live chat platforms have become an essential tool for businesses. But what sets these platforms apart? 

This section will dive into the key features of live chat platforms.

Real-Time Communication: Engaging Customers Instantly

One of the primary features of live chat platforms is real-time communication. It enables businesses to give instant engagement to their customers instantly.

Instant Support

Live chat platforms enable businesses to provide immediate support to customers. 

Customers can reach out with queries or concerns, and support representatives can respond quickly. This quick response time significantly enhances the customer experience. It allows businesses to address issues promptly and prevent potential frustrations.

For instance, BotPenguin offers businesses a cutting-edge live chat platform that revolutionizes customer support and real-time interactions

Proactive Engagements

Live chat platforms also allow for proactive engagements. With triggers and automated messages, businesses can reach out to customers who exhibit certain behaviors on their websites. 

It offers help during checkout or assists when a customer spends a certain amount of time on a page. This kind of proactive engagement shows the customer that their needs are valued.

Customizable Chat Widgets: Tailoring the Support Experience

A standout feature of live chat platforms is the ability to customize chat widgets. It can align with a business's brand and provide a personalized support experience.

Brand Consistency

Live chat platforms allow businesses to customize the widgets with their brand's colors, logo, and design elements. Doing this ensures that the chat widget blends seamlessly with the rest of the website. 

It maintains brand consistency and creates a cohesive user experience.

Customizable Pre-Chat Surveys

To gather specific information before a chat session begins, live chat platforms offer the option of adding pre-chat surveys. 

This customization allows businesses to collect relevant details from customers. It provides more tailored support from the very beginning of the conversation.

Customizable Chat Widgets: Tailoring the Support Experience

Chat Transcripts and History: Seamless Continuity

Another valuable feature of live chat platforms is accessing chat transcripts and history. It ensures a seamless support experience.

Conversation Continuity

Support representatives and customers can effortlessly refer to previous conversations with chat transcripts. It ensures that any outstanding issues get addressed consistently. 

This feature eliminates the need for customers to repeat information. By doing so, it saves time and frustration.

Knowledge Base Integration

Some live chat platforms offer integration with knowledge bases. It allows support representatives to access relevant articles, guides, or tutorials to assist with customer queries. 

The ability to provide resources in real-time enhances the support experience and empowers customers to find solutions independently when appropriate.

Analytics and Reporting: Gaining Insights to Improve Support

Live chat platforms provide valuable analytics and reporting features. It helps businesses gain insights into their support performance and make data-driven improvements.

Key Metrics Tracking

Live chat platforms enable businesses to track key metrics. It includes average response time, customer satisfaction ratings, and chat volume. 

These key metrics provide valuable insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of the support team. It allows businesses to know the areas for improvement and optimize their support processes.

Customer Feedback Analysis

Businesses can better understand customer preferences by analyzing feedback collected through live chat platforms. 

You can use this data to drive strategic improvements in customer support. Live chat can enhance the overall customer experience.

For instance, BotPenguin live chat's customer feedback analysis feature allows users to provide feedback on their interactions. This sentiment analysis provides businesses with a clear understanding of customer satisfaction levels.

What are the Benefits of Live Chat Platforms?

Integrating live chat platforms into your customer support strategy is a surefire way to take your business to the next level. 

In this section, we'll explore the significant benefits of live chat platforms and why they are game-changers for businesses.

What are the Benefits of Live Chat Platforms?

Enhanced Customer Experience

Live chat platforms offer customers real-time and personalized support without needing them to leave the website. The convenience and speed of this communication channel greatly enhance the overall customer experience. 

Customers can ask questions, seek help, and receive real-time solutions from a company representative. It leads to a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Faster Resolution of Support Tickets

Live chat platforms enable businesses to address customer queries quickly. It results in faster ticket resolution. Customers no longer have to wait for an extended period or navigate complex phone menus to reach a support agent. 

Live chat allows customers to express their concerns and have them addressed within seconds.

Convenience for Customers

One of the significant advantages of live chat platforms is providing customer support without customers taking up too much of their time. With live chat, customers don't have to wait for lengthy phone calls or deal with slow email response times. They can initiate a chat session at their convenience and receive immediate support without hassle.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Live chat platforms provide customized assistance that can significantly increase customer satisfaction.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Live chat platforms are unique in providing personalized support to customers. It is a significant factor affecting customer satisfaction. 

By tailoring the support experience to individual customers, businesses can help customers navigate their websites or products. It leads to more satisfied and happy customers that may return for future purchases.

Improved Communications

Compared to other channels, live chat enables a more efficient exchange of information through real-time communication. It leads to better understanding and greater customer satisfaction. 

Support representatives can provide step-by-step instructions for customers, send links, or even walk them through a process. It further enhances the customer satisfaction level.

Improved Sales and Conversions

Live chat platforms boost sales, with conversion rates typically higher when the customer interacts with a support representative on chat.

Immediate Assistance

Unlike reluctant customers who abandon a purchase, live chat platforms allow customers to get immediate assistance and make informed buying decisions. 

By providing support agents who can answer specific questions, businesses can help customers reach their buying decision much quicker. It results in higher conversions and repeat customers.

Improved Sales and Conversions

Customized Recommendations

Live chat platforms also allow support agents to make customized recommendations for customers. It can lead to higher sales. 

Support agents can recommend the most suitable products or services and close more deals based on specific customer needs and want.

Competitive Advantage

The implementation of live chat platforms can provide a critical competitive advantage.

Real-Time Access to Support

With the instant gratification customers crave, live chat provides an immediate solution. 

This feature makes customers more likely to return for future purchases over competitors who don't offer live chat support.

Improved Efficiency

Live chat platforms use pre-defined messages and automated bots that free up the support team's time. They can then provide personalized support to customer issues that require time and attention. 

As a result, the support team can work more efficiently and effectively. It provides businesses with a competitive edge.

Best Practices for Implementing Live Chat Platforms

The benefits of implementing live chat platforms for customer support are well-known. However, to ensure successful integration and optimize the potential of these platforms, businesses must follow best practices. 

In this section, we will explore essential best practices for implementing live chat platforms. 

Training and Support: Ensuring Competency and Confidence

One of the best practices for the successful implementation of live chat platforms is training and support.

Properly Train Support Staff

The first step in ensuring successful implementation is to train support staff. 

Support staff will proficiently use the platform by providing comprehensive training on the live chat platform's features, functionality, and troubleshooting techniques. 

It will help them to provide efficient and practical support to customers.

Ongoing Training and Support

In addition to initial training, ongoing training, and support are essential. It ensures continuous improvement and skills development. 

It's crucial to set up regular check-ins and provide refresher training. As it, in turn, ensures support staff continues to feel confident and capable of using the platform.

Ongoing Training and Support

Integration with CRM and Other Systems: Streamlining Customer Data

Another key best practice for implementing live chat platforms is integrating customer relationship management (CRM) and other systems.

Seamless Customer Data Collection

Businesses can provide seamless customer data collection and tracking across channels by integrating live chat platforms with CRM and other systems. 

This integration enables support staff to access customers' historical data. It includes chat history, purchase history, and support tickets.

It also allows support staff to personalize support and offer tailored solutions.

Streamlining Support Processes

Integration with CRM and other systems helps streamline support processes.

By automating routine tasks, like ticket creation and data collection, support staff can focus on providing personalized and high-quality support to customers.

Proactive Engagement: Seizing Opportunities

Proactive engagement is another critical best practice for implementing live chat platforms.

Set Up Triggers

By setting up triggers, businesses can proactively engage customers at the exact moment when they require support. 

For example, a chat window could pop up if a customer spends a prolonged period browsing a particular product. It provides an opportunity to engage with the customer and answer any product queries directly.

Continuously Review Triggers

It's crucial to continually review triggers to ensure they are appropriately set up and aligned with the business's goals. 

Regularly updating the criteria for triggers helps optimize proactive engagement and ensures opportunities are noticed.

Continuous Improvement: Stay Ahead of the Curve

The final best practice for live chat platform implementation is embracing continuous improvement.

Gather Customer Feedback

By collecting customer feedback regularly, businesses can identify areas for improvement and implement necessary changes. 

Live chat platforms enable businesses to collect feedback in real time. It allows for timely course correction and a better customer experience.

Regularly Review Performance Metrics

It's crucial to regularly review performance metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the live chat platform. Such metrics include response time, chat volume, and customer satisfaction ratings. 

This evaluation provides valuable insights into what's working well and what improvements must be made.

3 Real-World Examples of Companies Leveraging Live Chat

Live chat has revolutionized the way companies provide customer support. Many businesses have embraced this powerful tool to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

In this section, you will find real-world examples of companies successfully leveraging live chat.

1. Amazon

Amazon's name is not unheard of. Amazon has built a good reputation for being a customer-centric platform. So let's see how it does that: 

Source: AWS

Instant Support at Scale

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, is known for its customer-centric approach to support. They have integrated live chat seamlessly into their platform. It provides instant help to its vast customer base. 

Whether customers have questions about a product, need assistance with an order, or encounter technical issues, Amazon is there in real-time to guide them through the process.

Personalization and Proactive Engagements

Amazon takes personalization to the next level with its live chat feature. They gather customer data and use it to tailor their support experience. 

For instance, live chat representatives might proactively initiate a conversation if a customer is browsing laptops. It can provide recommendations based on the customer's preferences and previous purchases. 

This proactive engagement demonstrates Amazon's commitment to personalized support.

2. Zappos

Now, Zappos is known for cultivating a name for an unparalleled customer service-centric platform. So, let's see about that. 


Building Meaningful Connections

Zappos, the famous online shoe and clothing retailer, has become synonymous with exceptional customer service. The company's live chat is crucial to its renowned support strategy. 

Zappos emphasizes building meaningful connections with their customers through their live chat interactions. Their support representatives focus on providing a friendly, helpful, and personalized experience. It creates a lasting positive impression.

Going Above and Beyond

Zappos is well-known for its willingness to go the extra mile for its customers. Live chat enables their support representatives to demonstrate this commitment effectively. 

Assisting with product recommendations, resolving issues, and even sending surprise gifts to customers, Zappos leaves a lasting impression by going above and beyond what customers expect.

3. HubSpot

Lastly, Hubspot is known for empowering customers through live chat. So, let's see about that: 


Integration with CRM and Systems

HubSpot is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) software company. It understands the importance of seamless integration with CRM. 

They have integrated live chat directly into their CRM platform. It provides support staff with valuable insights into customers' interactions. 

This integration allows their support representatives to deliver more personalized support experiences, with access to a customer's history and context.

Knowledge Base Integration

HubSpot leverages live chat to empower customers to find solutions independently whenever possible. 

Support representatives can provide customers with relevant articles, guides, and resources by integrating their live chat with a comprehensive knowledge base. 

This self-service approach not only empowers customers but also serves as an efficient way to handle common queries. It frees up support staff for more complex issues.

How BotPenguin’s Live Chat Platform Give You a Competitive Edge?

BotPenguin's Live Chat platform offers a distinctive competitive advantage by delivering an array of features:

What are Live Chat Platforms?

Real-time Responsiveness

With instant support, your business can address customer inquiries immediately. It sets you apart with superior customer service and faster issue resolution.


By tailoring responses based on user data and behavior, BotPenguin creates personalized interactions. It fosters stronger connections and elevates the overall customer experience.

Proactive Engagement

The platform's proactive chat initiations demonstrate initiative. It captures potential leads and guides users through their journey, showing commitment to their needs.

Human-like Interactions

Live Typing View mimics natural conversations, engendering trust and rapport. It aids in distinguishing your business with more authentic customer interactions.

Multi-channel Integration

Seamlessly integrate BotPenguin's live chat across platforms, centralizing communication and streamlining interactions. It leads to a consistent and efficient customer experience.

Data-Driven Insights

You can have valuable insights into customer preferences and behavior by leveraging visitor lists and profile details. BotPenguin live chat enables targeted strategies and informed decision-making.

Operational Efficiency

Integrations of BotPenguin live chat with other tools optimize workflow and resource allocation. It allows you to manage interactions efficiently, reduce response times, and enhance productivity.

Here are the reasons to use BotPenguin Chatbot:


In conclusion, there's no denying that live chat platforms provide businesses with a competitive edge in today's ever-evolving market. 

Live chat platforms enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering instant support, personalized engagements, and efficient issue resolution. It ultimately drives business growth. 

Moreover, the ability to collect valuable customer data and gather feedback in real time allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve. It aids in making informed decisions and increasing conversion rates. According to 99firms, Live chat improves conversion rates by 3.84%.

Live chat platforms like BotPenguin provide customer satisfaction by promptly addressing queries and issues in real time. It empowers businesses with insightful data on visitor demographics and behaviors.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to hop on the live chat bandwagon and take your business's customer support to the next level!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can live chat improve customer satisfaction?

Live chat offers instant assistance, reducing response time and customer effort. This efficiency enhances satisfaction, as customers get quick solutions to their queries without delays.

Can live chat platforms boost sales?

Live chat assists customers during their buying journey, answering questions and addressing concerns. This personalized guidance often leads to increased conversions and sales.

What impact does live chat have on customer loyalty?

Live chat's personalized interactions make customers feel valued, fostering loyalty. When businesses show genuine care and swift support, customers are likelier to return and recommend the brand.

How does live chat contribute to a seamless shopping experience?

Live chat assists customers in real-time while they browse products or services, replicating an in-store experience. This convenience leads to smoother transactions and a positive shopping journey.

Can live chat platforms be customized for branding?

Many live chat platforms allow customization to match a business's branding. It ensures a consistent look and feel that aligns with the company's identity.

Is live chat more cost-effective than other support channels?

Live chat reduces operational costs by enabling agents to handle multiple chats simultaneously. It increases efficiency compared to phone support while still providing personalized assistance.

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Table of Contents

  • What are Live Chat Platforms?
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  • What are the Features of Live Chat Platforms?
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  • What are the Benefits of Live Chat Platforms?
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  • Best Practices for Implementing Live Chat Platforms
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  • 3 Real-World Examples of Companies Leveraging Live Chat
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  • How BotPenguin’s Live Chat Platform Give You a Competitive Edge?
  • Conclusion
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)