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May 28, 20247 min read

Reasons Your Business Needs a Facebook Messenger Bot

Updated onMay 28, 20247 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • Why is Messenger Bot So Hyping?
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  • 7  Top Reasons your Brand needs a Facebook Bot
  • Conclusion 
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One of the most important pillars is "Marketing". And a new trend came: businesses or brands getting active on social media platforms to engage the potential audience base, let people know about their products and services, and a lot more. Earlier, marketing was done through e-books, videos, and infographics, but no more new techniques have been adopted worldwide.   

Did you know that 80% of companies plan to use Facebook messenger bots by 2020 and in the coming years? The Facebook bot is hugely popular and turning out to be a valuable asset to businesses and can be designed to perform multiple tasks. 

From customer support to building brand awareness and even generating qualified leads! Never heard of a Facebook Messenger Bot? Let's introduce to you all why brands need to have a strong marketing strategy via the Messenger bot.  

But before moving forward, have a heavy dose of Facebook messenger statistics!  

1. Techcrunch suggests that around 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger, whereas 2.5 billion use at least one of Facebook's applications.  

2. The top 5 download applications currently all over the globe are Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat 

3. Its growth rate is around 666,666 users added per day! 

4. The leading mobile app in the US is Facebook Messenger.  

5. Facebook messenger's users aren't lazy; several sent messages-8 billion a day-is growing! 

6. Around 11% of the world's population uses Facebook Messenger every month.   

Why is Messenger Bot So Hyping?

  1. Easy to build and access. (can be integrated within a few minutes) 
  2. They have immense potential to work unexpectedly. 
  3. A Facebook messenger bot emphasizes a brand's image. 
  4. It can help businesses automate repetitive tasks. 
  5. A Facebook bot offers an exquisite bunch of services. 

The current era is changed drastically, and the scope for growth is increasing with proper strategies and planning your business operations. So, leave the boredom, and get into some exciting ways.  

So, it's quite clear that the scope is broad, and you can make a lot out of it with a better and proper social media marketing strategy for your brand. 

So, it's quite clear that the scope is broad, and you can make a lot out of it with a better and proper social media marketing strategy for your brand. Hence, check how brands leverage Facebook bot to increase conversions.

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7  Top Reasons your Brand needs a Facebook Bot

Now let's continue with some of the top reasons your business needs to integrate a Facebook messenger bot asap!

1. Gain User Data 

Having a broad audience base on Facebook makes it challenging for the human staff to gather relevant data to target the products or services. But with the support of a Facebook messenger bot, acquiring user data will be easy as it automatically does it from the subscriber's list.  Hence, targeting, marketing, and gathering information are made easy. 

With the proper data target, the content will be error-free and serve you with immense productivity. Having the data instantly promoted key terms like age, time zone, location, preference, and much more. Segregate the data into groups to make it quick and easy to analyze. Moreover, utilize your Messenger bot fully to get the top results and offer your users a seamless experience. 

2. Easy Access 

Facebook is one of the biggest and busiest social media platforms in the current era. Hence, it has an edge over others as it offers easy-to-access customers. Moreover, it also has better chance of catching attention or being opened by the customer than any mail waiting in the inbox. 

Thus, a Facebook bot sending updates or any reminder will successfully engage the customer without any delay. It means a better opening rate implies better chances of traffic and eventually getting a potential customer. 

3. Cost-Efficient

Integrating chatbots doesn't cost you a fortune; the whole process from building to deploying is relatively easy and can be done with less or no investment. It can be a long-term investment with less effort and money. To have a long-term marketing strategy for your business, a Facebook messenger bot can be the ultimate tool. 

Also, it depends on the type of industry and your need.  Messenger bot supports businesses to segregate their audience, communicate with them regularly, establish long-term relationships, and more. It doesn't waste your precious time and money and lets your human staff work more efficiently to a greater extent. It's a feasible and budget-friendly way of promoting your brand. 

4. FB Blast has Better Open Rates

One of the new concepts that have been introduced in social media is the broadcasting feature. Similarly, Facebook has the feature FB Blast or Facebook Blast. And the surveys suggest that any message sent on FB Blast has better open rates than any marketing campaign (email). Hence, you can use it in your favor! Automate your marketing campaign via Facebook messenger bot and put your call to action to attract and engage your audience. 

5. Product & Services Assistance

The primary benefit savored by the brands over Facebook is performing the sales and marketing possible via messenger. It will help you offer a single interface where your users can do everything they wish for gathering product information, ordering, giving feedback, and more. It will help them execute the whole process seamlessly, instead of hopping on multiple pages or downloading applications.  

Moreover, you can interact with them and educate them regarding new product launches, offers, and other vital information about your brand. This would support customers in getting all the information at the right time.  

A Facebook messenger bot can help customers choose the right product and even recommend better options as per their preferences. Secondly, when purchasing expensive products, we always seek expert advice before making the final decision. Thus, your bot can act as your representative and answer all the questions and clear out the confusion to make it easier for them.  

Even the Facebook bot can guide you all the way long and let them make the payment instantly without going to any other page. Later, provide a confirmation message. 

6. Personalized Communication

We all love to feel special and want to stand out from the crowd. This can be done via Facebook messenger bot, where you can communicate with your users by offering services or information according to their tastes or preference. It has been seen that personalized services or communication work towards better engagement. This activity will make a massive difference in the user experience and let your brand stand out from the crowd.  

With an AI-powered Facebook Chatbot, it can track the user's location, save their data, and make the whole conversation rotate around it. This will deliver the sense of being heard and cared for. 

It leads to more satisfied customers and raises the chances of better deals.  Once you start automating your Facebook page, you'll receive relevant data to send them newsletters, news, and offers to keep them updated. 

7. Selling Millennials

Yes, the Messenger bot comes at the top list of millennials! Millennials are not at all reckless buyers and researchers and compare well before making the final purchasing decision. Moreover, millennials are likely to purchase with a brand and go for quality, which has live-chat support instead of customer care calls or emails.  

A Facebook messenger bot lets them have a seamless interface to clear all their queries within minutes. It saves a lot of time and gives the user better insights into all product categories. Research suggests that around 73% of prospects are satisfied with the live chat feature over Facebook, while 61% are for emails and the remaining for phone calls.  

In case you wish to target millennials, you need to act asap over integrating a Messenger bot on your Facebook page. 


We all are moving into an era where automation is becoming the new normal. Technology is helping us to connect with the world within a few seconds. Similarly, industries all over the globe are evolving and making CSS better. 

Hence, if you are looking for a place to have a Facebook messenger bot, then you must visit BotPenguin and build your bot in a few seconds with less or no investment.    

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Table of Contents

  • Why is Messenger Bot So Hyping?
  • arrow
  • 7  Top Reasons your Brand needs a Facebook Bot
  • Conclusion