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May 27, 202412 min read

How to Create, Block & Delete Facebook Account

Updated onMay 27, 202412 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • Top Facebook statistics you must know! 
  • How does Facebook work? 
  • How to create a Facebook account
  • How to block a Facebook account 
  • How to delete a Facebook account? 
  • The latest Facebook features 2022
  • Ten things to know about Facebook
  • Wrapping it up
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Facebook claimed 2.8 billion monthly active users and ranked fourth in global internet usage. Isn't it interesting? Most of us use Facebook often, but do you know the insight of it or how the Facebook algorithm works. Facebook was founded in 2004. Its founders were Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes, all Harvard University students.  Facebook provides new users to create profiles, upload photos, join groups, etc. But sometimes, you have to deal with the negative side of social media. Putting yourself away from the dark and seeing the new light can block the ways of the dark side.  This article discusses straightforward steps in creating, blocking, or deleting a Facebook account.

Top Facebook statistics you must know! 

  1. Every day more than 1 billion stories are posted on Facebook. 
  2. 36.8% of the world's population uses Facebook monthly. 
  3. Facebook's annual revenue increased by 2,203% over ten years
  4. From 35 to 44, Facebook proves to be the favorite social platform
  5. 35% of marketers report successful influencer campaigns on Facebook.
  6. Facebook pages with over 100k followers published 17.6% of all the videos on the platform in 2020.
  7. Facebook ads reach 34.1% of the global population over age 13.
  8. 50% of consumers want to discover new products through Facebook Stories. 

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How does Facebook work? 

Facebook is driven by an algorithm that can know the preferences of Facebook users. Then it displays the preferable content like videos, images, links, etc., shared by other people or very close friends of the user that he might like. Facebook is a social networking site that promotes various content related to entertainment, inspirational, devotional, fashion, news, kids, regional, and many more. Facebook accounts help users connect and communicate with people worldwide, catch up with old friends, and make new friends. It also engages the user and gets them with various content they can share. 

The Facebook account also contains numerous functions like business pages, support startups, promotions, advertisements, etc. For instance, if you take the example of advertising, you will notice you get the ads from time to time on your feed in the middle of any post your friends share. But have you seen there will be no random advertisement you don't prefer? The Facebook algorithm will follow your preference and suggest the ads accordingly. Facebook is not only a place for sharing viral content but also consists of something beyond that, like events, video streaming, games, marketplaces, groups, and pages. 

How to create a Facebook account

Creating a Facebook account is as easy as writing ABC on plain paper. The process is quite similar for Android and iOS devices, so you don't need to worry if you are on Android, and the process is almost the same on PC or Mac. It doesn't contain any hustle. Here are the ways to create your account for Facebook:

Step 1- You can create your Facebook account through your Facebook app or directly go to the web to create a Facebook account. 

Step 2- First, go to and tap and create an account. 

Step 3- You can see the signup option at the bottom and tap on sign up for Facebook. 

Step 4- Now it will show join Facebook, under the tap on getting started. 

Step 5- Then go on and enter your name. First, the first name, then second, the last name. 

Step 6- Once you have done so, you need to fill up your date of birth and tap on continue. 

Step 7- Select your gender or custom if you want to avoid showing your gender. 

Step 8- Now, enter your mobile phone number or email id if you want to use it. 

Step 9- If you are done with this, create your password. 

Step 10- Sign up, and your account has been created. You will receive a verification code by mail, and an SMS will be sent to you if you have signed up through your mobile phone. 

How to block a Facebook account 

You might encounter several problems forcing you to block your FB account, like your FB account can be hacked, your password is leaked, or you might not be able to access your account correctly. The following steps will help you in blocking your account:

Step 1- Open your Facebook app. 

Step 2- Click on the three horizontal bars at the top of the right corner. 

Step 3- Click on Settings and privacy. 

Step 4- You will see the top option, personal and account information. Click on it. 

Step 5- Now, when you are done with that, find an option at the bottom which says account ownership and control where you can manage your data, modify your legacy contact, deactivate or delete your account, and more. Tap on it. 

Step 6- After that, you click on an option of deactivation and deletion, which says temp temporarily deactivates or permanently deletes your FB account. 

Step 7- You will get two options one is to deactivate the account, and the other is to delete the account; click on the deactivate account. 

Step 8- Then continue after the Facebook account asks you why you want to deactivate your account. Choose the option according to your preference. Then again, continue. 

Step 9- Now scroll down; you will see the days option that shows how many days you want to block or deactivate your account and continue. 

Step 10- In the next step, scroll down and press the option to deactivate my account. 

Step 11- You will get a message regarding successfully blocking your Facebook account.

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How to delete a Facebook account? 

Deleting your account can consist of the same problem which you have while blocking your Facebook account. Many people are pros at using Facebook accounts, but when it comes to deleting the account, they might be confused at some part. However, it is very typical because people don't go on deleting their Facebook accounts every day. The below-mentioned steps will help you delete your Facebook account. 

Step 1-  Tap on the three lines on the right bottom corner. 

Step 2- Scroll down below, and you need to tap on settings and privacy once you tap on this godown. 

Step 3- Click on account ownership and control, where you can manage your data, modify your legacy contact, deactivate or delete your account, and more. Tap on it.

Step 4- Then, you would be able to see deactivation and deletion. Tap on permanently delete your account. 

Step 5-  In this case, you would go to delete your Facebook account. Press on to continue to delete the history. 

Step 6- You must have uploaded photos and posts so you can also download that info. There are other things like if you were managing a page, you could go for admin settings and transfer admin privileges to someone else. You also tap on manage apps if you have allowed a relevant app to use your Facebook information. 

Step 7- Now tap on delete account, and enter your password. 

Step 8- In this step, you need to go and tap on deleting my account. 

You will probably get 30 days to resign from it again. 

The latest Facebook features 2022

Some handy and practical features are on your way:

  1. Events
  2. Group
  3. Pages
  4. Ads Manager
  5. Saved 
  6. Algorithm
  7. Filtering the content
  8. Messages
  9. Live streaming for more than one page. 
  10. Scrapbooking
  11. Legacy contact
  12. Actionable insights
  13. Easy navigation. 
  14. Safety and integrity features. 
  15. News feed. 
  16. Better page management tools
  17. Advertising capabilities
  18. Group videos. 

Ten things to know about Facebook

Not all users are completely aware of different facts related to Facebook accounts. Here are some unknown Facebook facts which will surely make your day. Let's explore some of them:

  1. Privacy Checkup Option
  2. Hide your friend's list
  3. Posts privacy
  4. Stop auto-play videos. 
  5. Who can send you friend requests? 
  6. Limit traffic on your old posts. 
  7. Report comments. 
  8. Get access to know how your profile looks to others. 
  9. Add trusted contacts. 
  10. Live video streaming. 

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Wrapping it up

In conclusion, the Facebook account is like a stage where you can show your talent and enjoy it as an audience. The only reason why Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms is that it connects with its audience so much and can interact with them. Facebook provides you with content according to your preference. Facebook account is even famous for business events and provides more upgraded business tools. 

However, it has some risks in privacy settings, so to deal with that, you can deactivate or delete your account and create a new one. Are you aware that you can deploy a Facebook chatbot for free with BotPenguin? Check it right now!


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Table of Contents

  • Top Facebook statistics you must know! 
  • How does Facebook work? 
  • How to create a Facebook account
  • How to block a Facebook account 
  • How to delete a Facebook account? 
  • The latest Facebook features 2022
  • Ten things to know about Facebook
  • Wrapping it up