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Which Chatbot is best for you?

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Aug 25, 202312 min read
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  • Chatbots based on Mechanism
  • Hybrid Chatbots
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  • Categorization based on application
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  • Best Free Chatbots Available in the Market
  • Chatbot Implementation
  • Conclusion

Do you face issues while managing active interactions with the customers?. Managing millions of text messages from customers at one go can be tedious and expensive for most business owners, banks, and financial institutions. A research by BotCore says that 60 % of customers are frustrated with delayed responses. Here is where chatbots come into the picture and solve your issue regarding communication with all the customers.

Chatbots are utilized for automated responses that are predefined or induced by artificial intelligence. They can save a lot of time and redundancy in human work. There are various types of chatbots based on the technology used and their utilization. Suppose you are confused about what kind of chatbot fits perfectly for your needs. This article brings awareness about the chatbots available in the market and their implementation.

The chatbots can be categorized based on either mechanism or the basis of application.

Studying the market and the types of chatbots available before the implementation of a chatbot is essential. Considering features of the chatbot and analyzing the best fit for your requirement can be time-consuming.

Chatbots based on Mechanism

Chatbots based on Mechanism

Let us delve deeper into the various mechanisms on which the chatbots work. Chatbots differing in the mechanism for different functions are stated below.

Button-based chatbots

Such chatbots function  based on selecting options that users select provided by the chatbots. These chatbots will communicate on predefined options. Communication regarding the issue for customers gets easy as they do not have to explain and type long text messages. The conversation can be quickly headed towards the specificity of the problem.

Rule-based chatbots  

Chatbots that respond to the one who texts based on the predetermined rules and follows a flowchart is called a rule-based chatbot. The bot works based on the flow inserted in it during bot development. The chatbot won’t answer those queries that the developer does not provide. These chatbots are easy to train and secure.

AI and ML chatbots

AI and ML based Chatbots use artificial intelligence to give the experience of human conversation using natural language programming. Advanced AI chatbots can modify themselves. This virtual assistant does not have the predetermined set language to respond. To develop an AI chatbot, Machine learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language programming algorithm is employed to create this type of automation

Some of the popular AI chatbots are: -


It uses reinforcement learning and natural language to provide automation services on email, chat, message, and voice. This chatbot AI works according to the circumstances that it encounters. Netomi offers back-end system integration for efficient marketing. It can resolve 70% of the issues without human involvement.


atSpoke provides services across various channels. It has the capability of resolving problems at 5x speed. This chatbot AI will spontaneously answer 40% of the inquiries without human help. Moreover, it has an inbuilt helpdesk AI and works on knowledge-based management.

Microsoft Bot Framework

This chatbot AI uses artificial intelligence and natural language to offer an enterprise-grade conversational AI experience. A soft development kit (SDK) is utilized to connect different channels. Additionally, SDK is also used to connect to several platforms. This gives an experience of omnichannel to Microsoft Bot Framework. The chatbot AI can speak, listen and grasp the user using Azure Cognitive Services.

Hybrid Chatbots

Hybrid Chatbots

These chatbots have the facility of both live chat and chatbot in one. Here the user can have benefits of both worlds. The interaction services are available 24*7, and when a customer needs human interaction it can be possible through Hybrid Chatbots. According to Ring central Blog, 80% of customers are happy receiving spontaneous responses, and 64% expect real human interaction. In such cases, a chatbot that provides both can be an advantage.


The software uses Artificial intelligence to navigate voices and respond to them. It uses an IVR system (interactive voice response). These bots have a natural language processing mechanism that they utilize to interact. Voice Bots are helpful in fast and easy communication. A text-to-speech engine (TTS) is present in voice bots to convert the texts into audio. These bots have a high integration range of customer service management (CRM) or knowledge-based (works on prior knowledge).

Categorization based on application

Categorization based on application

A chatbot can either answer your queries or perform tasks that you ask to order them. A chatbot can perform both or a chatbot that collects information only. Depending on the job that a chatbot conducts, it can be further divided into three types:

Support chatbots

The chatbot uses human support to learn human language and responds accordingly. It utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop. Support chatbots provide complex interaction and have the capability of handling various chats. 

Skill Chatbots

These chatbots function on commands and do not require language or contextual awareness. These chatbots perform a set of tasks that are assigned to them and act on instructions. It involves language understanding and the ability to perform tasks employed by the user.

Assistant bots

These chatbots are a combination of skill chatbots as they carry out task implementation and support chatbots providing customer support. Siri, Google Assistant, are examples of assistant chatbots. They use artificial intelligence and natural language processing in addition to task-performing capacity based on commands.

Informational bots

These chatbots are informative and operate on supplying information. Information on several topics in the form of news, stories, and even data from e-books can be provided by such chatbots. These bots gather information from the internet, humans, books, etc., and deliver that information to the user.

Best Free Chatbots Available in the Market

Best Free Chatbots Available in the Market

In the reports of Chatbot Journal, it has been noted that 30 % of the customer service cost is saved due to chatbots. While there are a few amazing chatbots in the market that are free of cost. Following is the list of such chatbots.


A hybrid chatbot is a combination of chatbot and Live chat. It can be installed on websites like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc. This chatbot AI provides live chat, chatbot, and email without charging. The free services that Tidio provides are unlimited chats, 500 emails per month, desktop and mobile apps, 3rd party integration, three chat operators, 100 unique reachable visitors, and JAVAscript API. For premium services, it costs $ 18 per month.


This chatbot AI is a hybrid and uses natural language processing to communicate. It has a conversational UI and is easy to integrate. BotPenguin is easily customizable for numerous messaging channels. A basic subscription plan to the chatbot AI offers one bot, 2000 messages per month, 30 days of data storage, conditional flow, live chat, one team member, and multiple languages. The king subscription costs just $ 4.17 per month.


It is a chatbot for Instagram and Facebook messenger. It provides numerous integration options and facilities like marketing, lead generation, support, etc. For premium services, it costs $15 per month.


It is an AI chatbot platform for intelligent chatbots for websites. It uses Artificial intelligence and machine learning mechanisms. Botsify has a drag and drop interface. It provides chatbots for websites, messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and Telegram. It is a hybrid chatbot that delivers live chat and chatbot with a white label program. It stores users’ data as per guidance, provides interactive conversation by using a call to action (CTA) option. It grants review to the chat flow to make it possible for the user to change it.

After understanding the purpose of various types of chatbots and the availability of different chatbots in the market, you can choose the best chatbot depending on your requirement. Now you would need ways to implement the chatbots.

Chatbot Implementation

Chatbot Implementation

There are plenty of chatbots in the market with different implementation techniques. To execute a chatbot understanding the customer segment is crucial. The primary function of chatbots would be to interact with customers. Hence, the key focus should be customer satisfaction while introducing a chatbot in your digital marketing. Narrow down your requirement to employ a chatbot. Many of these chatbots require no coding to execute them to your website or any other texting platform. Botsify, Bot Penguin, Chatfuel, etc., are some of those chatbots with easy implementation in minutes.


Adopting the best chatbot services available requires in depth market research. Few chatbots have easy implementation and basic requirements. There are some chatbots services available free of cost in the market. These chatbots take minutes to introduce into your system, providing you with the perfect solution to your digital marketing. Take your time Introducing one of these free chatbots on your platform/website and bringing an effective solution to your digital marketing.

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