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May 23, 202421 min read

What is Suki and How does it work?

Updated onMay 23, 202421 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What is the Suki voice assistant?
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  • How Suki came into being(Backstory)
  • How does Suki work?
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  • Features And benefits of Suki:
  • Conclusion
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The sector that has seen the most growth and most problems uncovered in the last two years is the health sector. In these twenty-four months, the healthcare industry has been put through unprecedented stress, and it is still going on. Documentation of diseases and jotting down the specifics to treat them has always been an important part of medicine. 

To a common patient, filling out their medical history forms seems annoying. Still, it is the first step to doctors before they can make a diagnosis. With the confusing symptoms of COVID-19, it became more important than ever. However, when people are scared and patients constantly increase, how does a doctor document it all?

You may think, who cares about a bunch of paperwork when a person's life is at stake? This is a common misconception; paperwork is the key to saving that person's life. Now that we have established the importance of medical forms, is there any way to do it efficiently? 

When technology and physicians go hand in hand, they raise the standard of healthcare. This partnership is the solution to document diseases and their treatment options with ease and efficiency. Inventions like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) may be what we need to tip the scales in our favor. 

What if there was a way to help the doctor take notes without taking too much time?

What if doctors could document their treatments as naturally as talking? 

What if medical technology had an assistant to increase the efficiency of doctors?

A medical startup, Suki has been gaining worldwide popularity because of its cutting-edge technology. Suki is a voice assistant for medical professionals. It claims to increase the efficiency of making a diagnosis by 70%, and so far, the results have been positive.

With solutions like Suki, the norms for healthcare professionals may yet change again!

Let's get you acquainted with each other.

What is the Suki voice assistant?

What is Suki and How does it work   Suki is a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models. It is created to reduce the burden of administrative tasks on healthcare professionals.  The developers of Suki are a team of seasoned doctors and specialists. They all shared a common idea to put more time towards patients rather than doing paperwork.    Many popular voice assistants like Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, and Google assistant. While the concept of Suki is similar to these, it is specifically designed for the field of medicine.    The apps like Siri and Alexa work on general voice models. Still, Suki uses voice models of physicians who give it an edge over all others. It can easily understand the medical jargon, which is hard to decipher by other programs.    The program aims to empower medical technology to be more user-friendly and efficient. Also, it reduces the burden of collecting information for medical charts and doctor's notes, an easy and fast process.  

Some facts about Suki and healthcare virtual assistants:


  1. Suki voice assistant is valued at four hundred million dollars. The team has shown exemplary performance and has secured funding from various sources.
  2. The market share of virtual healthcare assistants is expected to rise to one billion dollars in the next five years.
  3. The voice models of Suki have a world-renowned accuracy of ninety-nine percent.Suki can decipher any medical term from any doctor without a fault 99 out of 100 times which is incredible in itself.
  4. Suki constantly evolves and learns through an elite panel of expert doctors. 
    1. Suki's team has ten doctors from different backgrounds and cultures.
    2. They all submit their feedback constantly to help Suki overcome challenges.
    3. They also train the app by contributing to the voice models for Suki.
  5. According to the data collected by Suki's users, the app has increased the efficiency of taking notes by a factor of seventy percent.


How Suki came into being(Backstory)

  About 70% of doctors face burnout due to the heavy load of administrative tasks. Tasks like preparing notes, medical charts, and updating electronic health records consume too much time. This time could be used on patients to get a more accurate diagnosis.    This issue is mostly seen as complaining. Due to a lot of paperwork, doctors do not get enough time with their patients. Every doctor on Suki's team has faced this issue. When the pandemic hit, they knew something needed to be done.   These physicians gathered and had a serious look at the options they had. Since patients' lives hang in the balance, they had to create a way to do these in less time and with more efficiency. Voice assistants are mainstream now, and with the advancements in AI and ML, they have decided to create a virtual assistant tailored to a doctor's needs.    Hence, Suki was born. Suki's neural interface is powered by Google's technology( the global leader in AI), and it learns and evolves continuously. Suki aims to help doctors focus on their patients rather than staring at screens all day.   

The Values Of Team Suki:

The team of Suki developers is diverse and excellent at their job. They have established the following guidelines to follow as they want to bring the best to the field of medicine.   

  1. Dedicate every pixel of the program to the service of doctors.
  2. Always think long-term when creating a plan for anything.
  3. No view and answer are incorrect. The team has an open workplace environment; they cherish every member regardless of their culture and background.
  4. They always try to be a team of champions regardless of the obstacles and hard work ahead.
  5. Doctors cannot provide the best healthcare if they are not continuously learning themselves. The team follows an ideology to learn and evolve through any opportunity they can get.


How does Suki work?

How-does-Suki-work Suki is a virtual assistant designed to help doctors focus single-mindedly on their patients. It works on the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning models created by Google. It works with dictation very well and can easily do a basic redundant task.    Suki can help improve healthcare in two ways:  

  1. Suki as a personal assistant to a doctor: This is one method where Suki has been successful.Every doctor can install Suki on their device and customize the application according to their work schedule.
  2. Suki as an enhancement to medical technology: This is another method where Suki has shown great promise. EMRs(Electronic medical records) can be linked with Suki. This way, doctors can have direct access to information from anywhere. They would not need to log on to a system and fetch details. Hence, a diagnosis can be obtained much faster and easier.  


Features And benefits of Suki:


Top-notch voice recognition technology

  Suki employs the best voice recognition technology in the market. It can be seen in other popular applications like Siri and Alexa. Suki can decipher voice easily; one thing that gives it an edge is the voice model it works on.    Medical jargon and other terms used in medicine are already in the application's database, so there is no error while taking notes. Doctors and staff can easily put down information on their systems by simply speaking without worrying about accuracy. Say goodbye to long hours of typing reports.   

Support across all devices and platforms

  Suki can be used on all platforms in the market. It supports all the operating systems and devices used in the medical industry. Smartphones, laptops, websites, or tablets Suki works on all platforms and delivers amazing results.    Now doctors can take notes on the go. There is no need to be physically present in the office, work, and file stuff virtually from anywhere.  

Helps to generate more revenue for clinics and hospitals

  Suki helps to generate more revenue through its services. Of all the feedback and data Suki's servers have received, it has come to the following conclusions:

  1. It generates revenue by increasing 12% more encounters between patients and doctors.
  2. It generates more by decreasing the claim denial rate by 20%. Accurate diagnosis leads to fewer claim denials and better healthcare. 
  3. Increases doctors' performance and efficiency to focus on more patients. 


Constantly evolving through the feedback of expert doctors

  Suki has an elite panel of doctors known for their work in their fields. These doctors are from different cultures and backgrounds. They constantly use Suki for their tasks and give feedback when they see an error.    This way, when other doctors use Suki, they don't have to face the same issue. These doctors also contribute to the voice model of Suki. Accents can be tricky to detect, but with the help of this diverse panel, Suki doesn't make mistakes.  

Recipient of many awards for its incredible voice recognition 

  Suki has received numerous awards for its exemplary performance. Many big pharma companies have decided to fund Suki because of its potential.  Some of the awards are listed below:  

  1. Google cloud partner of the year 2019 for AI and ML
  2. Fastcompany 2020 Honoree
  3. Emerging startups 2021 by Tracxn
  4. Top 50 in AI companies by Forbes



  Imagine a world where there are no longer medical forms anymore. A patient informs their doctor about their medical history once and never has to repeat it. Suki aims to make this a reality and raise the standards of healthcare. With all the features and benefits of Suki, patients can raise their expectations to higher levels. Botpenguin is a similar service that offers virtual assistance in chatbots. They are a smart team with knowledge of these new technologies and how to apply them best. If you want a friendly, efficient, and smart healthcare experience for your patients, check out their website.

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Table of Contents

  • What is the Suki voice assistant?
  • arrow
  • How Suki came into being(Backstory)
  • How does Suki work?
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  • Features And benefits of Suki:
  • Conclusion