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May 29, 2024 min read

7 incredible ManyChat alternatives to try now!

Updated onMay 29, 2024 min read
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  • What is ManyChat?
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  • 7 incredible ManyChat alternatives to try now!
  • Conclusion
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Is the ManyChat chatbot the ideal way to add live chat to your website?

Because of the overload of social media platforms and fewer people receiving marketing emails, less than 10% of your audience will see your content organically. Live chat applications, however, can quickly fix this issue. 

On numerous social media channels, they offer customized, engaging automated discussions that respond to frequently asked inquiries about your product.

But for some reason, you might have trouble using this program. It might not contain the features you want, the price may not suit you, or you may not like the user interface.

Not to worry!

When it comes to ManyChat alternatives, there are several available. 

Explore the top ManyChat alternatives and their advantages, disadvantages, and prices.

What is ManyChat?

ManyChat is a popular Facebook Messenger marketing solution that allows marketers to develop bots for marketing, sales, and support. 

With a full suite of growth tools to turn the audience into subscribers, ManyChat promises to increase your Messenger audience quickly.

With the ManyChat chatbot, you can quickly construct a chatbot without coding knowledge in around two minutes. Additionally, SMS marketing may be linked to and used with email and Facebook Messenger. Moreover, it produced fantastic SMS drip campaigns.

An open-source program called Manychat has GitHub stars and forks. Numerous well-known products, like Shopify, Zapier, Google Sheets, Convertkit, Paypal, Hubspot, and many more, are integrated with the ManyChat chatbot.

Manychat chatbot starts at $0 for new firms using the bot and goes up to $145 monthly for enterprises with ambitious development plans.

Even though the Manychat chatbot is a great messaging application, it must include more features. Some of the shortcomings of the Manychat chatbot are listed below.

  • Templates utilizing Pro Only pages with a Pro membership can add ManyChat components.
  • It only integrates SMS with Facebook Messenger and email in the omnichannel market, which offers various marketing channels to increase brand exposure.
  • There are no connections to external analytics programs.
  • There are no user retention or input reports.
  • Limited free plan features

The bot tester is built-in; you can only read a preview of your message. You must select the "preview" option to test your bot.

Marketers desire chatbot software in the modern day because it will increase social advertisements, consumer engagement, and sales. 

It prompts marketers to look for ManyChat alternatives. Determining whether the program you select is ideal for you might be challenging. 

So consider the below-mentioned chatbots chosen as superior to Manychat alternatives below.

7 incredible ManyChat alternatives to try now!


In simple terms, the best ManyChat alternative is BotPenguin responds to inquiries, creates leads, and even schedules appointments. It is a chatbot designed to grow your business. It is a chatbot platform powered by AI. 

It enables you to quickly and effectively create incredible chatbots to connect with or communicate with your consumers on your website, Facebook Messenger, and other comparable platforms. 

Multiple bots are available from BotPenguin, such as the Lead generation bot, which prevents visitors from leaving your website without providing their contact information to your sales staff. Answer Bot: It responds to common inquiries. 

Order Booking Bot manages your sales counter, while Assistant Bot is a customer support chatbot that plans meetings and delivers notifications and reminders. 

As part of their full service, Botpenguin also provides a number of other capabilities, including natural language processing, minimal development time, zero setup cost, conversational UI, deep analytics, and ease of integration.

It would be best if you assigned duties to expand your company. Operating a website is challenging when you can only communicate with some of your visitors. You'll find it simpler because BotPenguin does these duties for you.

Key features

  • BotPenguin utilizes the following characteristics:
  • generating leads for sales numbers
  • Answers to frequently asked questions for customers
  • Set up appointments and meetings.
  • Manages the sales counter for your firm
  • For a user-friendly experience, BotPenguin combines deep analytics with natural language processing. 


  • A free plan from BotPenguin has features, like 2000 messages per month; in addition, they provide an Enterprise Plan for the product.
  • The monthly starting price for BotPenguin is $12.5. Two distinct BotPenguin plans: Little, which costs $12.50 a month.
  • King for $33 a month.

It is the second Manychat alternative. is a simple no-code platform for creating conversational chatbots. The interactive conversational interface of Landbot, which automates sophisticated data procedures and uses the best UI components, is a bonus.

From conversion to customer care through the web, WhatsApp, or Messenger, Landbot aids in the optimization of each stage of the customer experience.

Key Features

  • Draws information from Google Sheets, enhances user interactions
  • Analytics included in the software aid in traffic analysis.
  • Create chatbots that work on several platforms.


  • offers three different options. 
  • The Starter plan costs 30 euros per month, and the Professional plan costs 80 euros per month. 
  • You must speak with the sales staff to request a bespoke plan.


Chatfuel is also a ManyChat alternative for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. You may create a chatbot based on your needs, and you can use it to answer client questions and assist individuals in selling their products.

Key features

  • Automate FAQs to save money.
  • A simple platform for creating conversations
  • Use a bot drip campaign to boost sales. 


  • The free services provided by Chatfuel range from $15 to $180 per month.


It is a platform for customized messenger marketing for online store owners.

Today's consumers want an integrated shopping experience and for you to respond to their needs and desires across various channels.

Although you may see the benefits of having a solid online presence, not all of them can serve your users adequately.

Key features

  • The Wigzo AI Messenger platform can engage clients around-the-clock and improve client satisfaction.
  • Wigzo helps its customers and brands to retain consumers for the greatest possible CLTV through live chat and email assistance.


  • The buyer may freely modify Wigzo's secret plans.


By providing instant chat capabilities through messenger, native web chat, and SMS, MobileMonkey is an innovative messaging platform for businesses that assists them with marketing and customer service. 

Using OmniChat technology and multi-channel chatbots, the platform automatically qualifies leads, engages users, and turns them into paying customers. 

To drive the most consumers to users' establishments, the integrated OmniChat Bots operate around the clock across Facebook's 2.3 billion user profiles, native online chat, and SMS messaging. The system also includes a chat blaster, chatbot builder, analytics, integrations, and chat drip campaigns as built-in chatbot features.

Key features

  • Instagram Facebook Automation 
  • Bots follow up and lead automatically on Facebook, SMS, and online chat.


  • MobileMonkey provides offering both free and premium options. 
  • Team plans begin at $ 199 per month, while pro plans start at $14 monthly, with monthly agency chatbot fees ranging from $50 to $500.


It is also a ManyChat alternative here. You may create a Facebook Messenger bot using our clever conversion optimization tool for Facebook Messenger in only a few minutes.

It might let you connect with website visitors who opt-in to get notifications.

Key features

  • ZoConvert bot installation is easy. 
  • It will spread your message and, more significantly, make you 5 times as much money from current users than email.
  • By engaging with consumers, you can grow your messenger audience using ZoConvert.


  • Zoconvert ranges from a free plan for all time to $99 per month.


With the support of minor to no IT assistance, business users can build, monitor, and optimize their processes using the conversational AI platform Mindsay. Anyone, whether they manage customer service or are in charge of communications, may build a sophisticated virtual assistant without having any technological knowledge. 

Many different industries use Mindsay. Mobility and delivery, travel and hospitality, e-commerce and retail, and finance and insurance, to mention a few. 

The platform also enables communication directors and managers of customized services to monitor metrics and enhance bots. Users may link their bots with commercial platforms using Mindsay. It also allows those interested in uploading dynamic material like photos. 

Key features

  • The dashboard for Mindsay thoroughly summarizes all the bot's important KPIs.
  • To gain a detailed image of the customer care process, customers may monitor and sort all of the crucial information with the assistance of the powerful dashboard. 
  • The AI platform at Mindsay also facilitates easy tool integration. One may link their chatbots to proprietary company systems for inventory control, customer service, or both.


  • The pricing schemes for Mindsay are as follows:
  • Starting at: $2000 per month
  • A free trial is offered.


While the ManyChat chatbot is a popular Facebook Messenger marketing solution, there may be better fits for some due to its limitations. 

Thankfully, several ManyChat alternatives are available to explore, and BotPenguin stands out as the top choice. BotPenguin is an AI-powered chatbot platform that provides a range of features, including lead generation, customer support, appointment scheduling, and deep analytics. 

With its ease of integration and natural language processing, BotPenguin can help businesses grow their online presence and increase engagement with their customers. Its pricing is also quite reasonable, making it an excellent investment for any business looking to incorporate live chat into its website. 

So, if you're looking for an alternative to ManyChat, give BotPenguin a try and see how it can help your business grow.

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Table of Contents

  • What is ManyChat?
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  • 7 incredible ManyChat alternatives to try now!
  • Conclusion