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How chatbots like Mitsuku will be in the future?

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Aug 25, 20235 min read
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    Table of content

  • Human-Like chatbot AI
  • The AI/ML used in Kuki
  • Pandorabots
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  • Other Human-like chatbots AIs
  • Benefits of chatbots like Mitsuku A.K.A Kuki
  • Possible Dangers of Advanced Human-like Chatbots AI
  • Conclusion

Kuki is a very famous English language chatbot. Kuki is a social chatbot AI developed by Steve Warwick. This chatbot AI is built using Pandorabots(AIML) technology. 

Kuki is an 18 years old female chatbot in Metaverse. Metaverse is a fusion of different environments on the internet and other different elements of technology. 

It was before known as Mitsuku. Kuki has interacted with 25 million human users on websites, social media, and other text applications. 

This chatbot is AI engagement-oriented and has an open-domain system. She is a human-like chatbot who also has an account on Roblox. Kuki has a world record of winning the Loebner prize four times since 2017. 

Loebner prize awards artificial intelligence and computer programs based on their human-like behavior. All this makes Kuki the future of chatbots

Human-Like chatbot AI

What is Mitsuku Chatbot?

Human-like chatbots have features of understanding informal human language, addressing humans by their names, and inviting rhetoric. Lately, it requires a way to inspire a sense of common understanding to allow a chatbot to request remarks through the conversation. 

To check the development of human-like thinking in a chatbot, they developed a Turing test method. In this method, there are three terminals used separated by each other. One of these three operates the computer, and the other two connect to a human. One human asks questions during the test while the other human and chatbot respond to it. 

Then the human that asked the questions judges the responses of a human and a bot.

As per "The 360 blog," there is an expectation of a 136% growth rate in the use of chatbot technology. This makes it very certain that advancement in chatbots will develop human-like chatbots that can solve various human issues.

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The AI/ML used in Kuki

Mitsuku: What's Under The Hood

The Artificial Intelligent Modeling Language was developed by the Alicebot software community and Dr. Richard S Wallace based on Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity. 

In Kuki, this requires using a combination of statistical models, machine learning, and manual review/tagging to hand-author chatbot responses in response to an examination of incoming user input data. It provides Kuki with the ability to remember user details with a human supervisor's approval. Kuki uses CBR (Case-based Reasoning). 

In this approach, an AI learns through experience to solve similar problems.

Moreover, Kuki employs abuse detection and deflection tactics. Kuki uses a variety of methods to maintain context throughout multi-turn conversations. It is capable of storing (and erasing) willingly consenting user-revealed facts in both short and long-term memory.


What are Pandorabots?

Pandorabots provides online services developing and deploying chatbots. Pandorabot uses open-standard scripting (AIML) for its chatbot development. 

Pandorabot has established 300,000 chatbots today. Pandorabots are in the market since 2008. They also provide free DIY chatbots and app development. Pandorabot is one of the free chatbot developing platforms. 

Other Human-like chatbots AIs

Their are other chatbots like mitsuku such as-


Meena uses Evolved Transformer seq2seq architecture by Google. This chatbot AI was developed using Progressive Dynamic Hurdles (PDH). 

In the previous NAS (Neural Architecture Search), the same number of resources for each candidate model of the NAS was provided. At the same time, this algorithm augments evolutionary research to allocate more resources to the strongest candidates. 


Imperson assists in the development of specialized chatbot solutions to automate the customer's everyday experience. 


Source: Emperson

The NLP user intentions, deep conversational context, and relationship memory form the foundation of the chatbot algorithm. It facilitates the creation of a genuine user conversation experience. 

Imperson is appropriate for big businesses that wish to interact with consumers using advanced AI chatbots. The program allows complete deployment for several integrations.

Facebook AI Research (FAIR) released Blenders in April 2020. Blender has 9.2 billion parameters. It is one of the largest open-source chatbots ever released. Giving the bot a constant personality and identity and the capacity to show empathy improves its realism.


Blenderbot and Goggle’s Meena chatbot make use of a deep learning model created in a lab. 

Even though both Google and Facebook claimed their bots are very advanced based on their very own inner assessment frameworks, neither agency supplied a demo bot for the public to test.

Benefits of chatbots like Mitsuku A.K.A Kuki

  • According to Forbes AI stats News 2019, 86% of customers prefer humans over chatbots AI. A chatbot AI like Kuki can solve the issue. It can cross the milestone for digital marketing by providing both 24*7 services and human touch. 
  •  As per WHO, 3.8% of the total population suffers from depression. According to Harvard's report, 36% of Americans have feelings of serious loneliness. Social chatbot AI like Kuki and other chatbots can help reduce depression and loneliness. It can help improve the mental health of the human population.
  •  In digital marketing, the major benefit that chatbot AIs can provide is being patient with dissatisfied responses. While this might not be the case with human conversations.
  •  Besides, this Mitsuku A.K.A Kuki-like robot will be providing all the benefits that currently chatbots do.


Mitsuku: Can it be an actual friend?

Possible Dangers of Advanced Human-like Chatbots AI

These chatbots can ease automating scamming and phishing. Thus, with advancements in chatbot AI, cyber risk increases. There is also a risk of such chatbots meddling with the already-in-place processes.

 As a precaution, we will have to focus on cyber security to avoid such crimes. There is a list of things to do to protect yourself from being a victim.

  •  Improve the strength of back-end infrastructure. You need thorough network management and access to establish which types of data are justifiable and corrupt.
  •  The traditional IP firewall protection method to protect the mobile network is insufficient to secure signal system number 7 (SS7).
  •  Further advances in cyber security are essential to prevent cybercrimes through chatbot AIs.


With the evolution in technology and artificial intelligence, there would be an advancement in chatbot AI to develop a chatbot like Kuki. This chatbot would have the capability of understanding human language and tone. They will also be able to improve and solve problems consistently. 

This type of chatbot will overcome the drawbacks of current chatbots, with various benefits of chatbots like Kuki. There are possible dangers of advanced human-like chatbots. Thus, one must take precautions before introducing such intelligent AI chatbots.  

But the future sure looks bright for these chatbots, and it is only a matter of time before we will encounter them almost across all online platforms.

The future of chatbots such as Mitsuku is exciting, and we should embrace such incredible technologies with warmth and enthusiasm. To know more about Mitsuku click here. To get an amazing chatbot experience, Try BotPenguin.

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