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May 29, 202427 min read

Facebook Marketplace: Selling, Buying & Listing [Complete Guide]

Updated onMay 29, 202427 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is Facebook Marketplace?
  • How Facebook Marketplace started
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  • Benefits Of Facebook Marketplace
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  • Using Facebook Marketplace for businesses has bonuses.
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  • Facebook Marketplace: Selling, buying, listing 
  • Conclusion
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The Facebook Marketplace is a good substitute for yard sales and flea markets. Whether you're looking for cheap holiday gifts or thinking about selling some of your old items to pay for a shopping binge.

Our research shows over 2 billion individuals have made online purchases, and e-retail sales will reach $4.2 trillion in 2022.Through the development of eCommerce in the past year, retail e-commerce grew by more than 25%.

The Marketplace draws its fair share of con artists and fraudsters like any other online transaction (and those in the real world). 

So, here are some recommendations for ensuring that Facebook's Marketplace is a source of joy rather than fraud.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace was initially released in 2016 and quickly gained popularity as a platform for users to sell goods to nearby consumers. Despite having a similar business concept to Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace is thought to be a little safer and more user-friendly. And the reason for this is that it's a little bit easier to confirm people's identities. Since its first release, Facebook Marketplace has allowed users to sell goods throughout the country in specific categories. And this expands the market for both buyers and sellers.

How Facebook Marketplace started

In essence, Facebook users have been using the site for commerce for a long time. To achieve that, they developed independent business profiles or buy-and-sell groups.

By 2016, 450 million individuals were frequently selling and purchasing things on Facebook. To streamline the procedure, management decided to introduce the Marketplace.

At first, only US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand residents had access to it via the Facebook app for iPhone and Android. Despite this, the function immediately gained popularity and was made available in 50 more countries and a desktop version.

In addition, more listing categories have been added. Users of the Marketplace now can purchase larger items. They can sell goods like cars and houses.

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Benefits Of Facebook Marketplace

The following list of advantages of using the Facebook Marketplace is extensive.

Upgrading the platform

All customers may make money by selling their items on the Marketplace and marketing them online. The platform is also quite easy to use. You probably lack experience in selling.

However, you have a fantastic chance to include your audience. Everything has been streamlined, from selling things to getting in touch with customers to completing purchases.

Handy and cheap

The Facebook Marketplace does away with the necessity for expensive memberships or extra-cost programs. Simply register for an account. There is no requirement to purchase or create a separate account for any other applications outside Facebook. Any computer, tablet, or smartphone may use this program.

Various product categories

Selling almost anything is possible on the Marketplace. Clothing, accessories, toys and games, electronics furnishings, home and garden items, and entertainment products are just a few categories. You may find all of these on the product listing page. Additionally, you may sell any kind of new or old object, as well as a house or a car.

Target audience

It may personalize user experiences on Facebook. The Marketplace in a search engine displays to users those items they are most interested in. It gives merchants in a given area priority in particular. It aids in expanding the target audience without putting a lot of work into SEO.

Wide range of clients

Facebook Marketplace has more than 1 billion members worldwide as of 2021. This modern commerce system will combine several areas where it already has robust offerings - like ads, community tools, and messaging. However, areas like Shops, business messaging, and payments are ramping up now, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He made the announcement last year regarding the company's Q1 2021 earnings.

Using Facebook Marketplace for businesses has bonuses.

With over 2.7 billion monthly users, of which 1 billion are also active Marketplace users, Facebook offers tremendous marketing opportunities. Since it gives them access to a huge global audience, this is an additional benefit for small enterprises.

A range of marketing tools is accessible.

Businesses using the platform may access various options through the Facebook Marketplace. The merchant selling function serves as an illustration of this. Companies can also utilize chatbots to answer frequently asked questions or marketing automation technologies to provide automated responses to consumer inquiries.

facilitating direct sales to potential customers

Facebook Messenger enables companies to engage in one-on-one communication and direct sales to customers. Direct contact with you allows you to respond to inquiries from potential customers in real-time. By doing this, you may tell them about the product before they get disinterested. Additionally, it encourages buyers to feel secure and confident when making selections.

Offering a variety of funding options

Facebook does not provide services for Marketplace sales transactions. As a result, companies can accept any form of payment, including those from Shopify, BigCommerce, PayPal, and bank transfers. You can also, and it's recommended, collect payments in cash.

Promoting free product listings and increasing revenues

Facebook Marketplace is free for all companies to post items and manage inventory. It may streamline the conversion funnel, and revenues increase by listing your items in minutes. If you already have a Facebook store, connect it directly to your Marketplace to boost conversions.

Facebook Marketplace: Selling, buying, listing 


An increasingly popular alternative to garage sales is online selling. Facebook Marketplace is a free service that links you with local buyers for casual merchants. However, there are limitations on what you may sell, and using the platform to your advantage may need some expertise.

Tips for selling products on Facebook

Communicate Sensefully

Do not send pointless messages and anticipate a response. In the circumstances like these, there are occasions when we just can't make out what the possible buyer is saying. Sometimes it's carelessness, and other times we have no idea what's happening. Even when we coherently responded to each message.

Ask questions politely.

Want to make a counteroffer on something? Kindly inquire. The words "please" and "thank you" are powerful.

Be truthful and transparent.

For heaven's sake, let them know in advance if there is a problem with the goods. Don't abruptly raise or lower a product's price. Don't sell anything to someone else if they are already interested in buying it. Never sell stolen products or anything you purchased from "Buy Nothing" groups. Most of this ought to be noticeable.


Buying refers to modest purchases like buying clothes at a retail store or a business investing in a new production plant. Additionally, there are many buying instances in the financial markets, such as buying stocks and real estate.

Tips for Buying products on Facebook

Avoid Sharing Personal Information

Rarely is it necessary to provide sensitive information like personal identification numbers or family-related details? Only provide this information when necessary, and only with care.

It could prove handy at times. For instance, there have been times when someone has been to our house to pick up bulky objects like doors and thick rugs that we could not transfer. They demanded our home address. However, we take great care to hold off on providing detailed information until the individual comes. It at least reduces the number of people who request the information but then neglect to pick up the stuff.

Recognize That Profiles Could Be Scams

Some platforms for peer-to-peer commerce don't demand user profiles. By forcing users to create a profile, specific services, like Facebook Marketplace, provide consumers a false feeling of security. Don't put too much faith in user profiles. False user accounts are straightforward to make, and many scammers on Facebook Marketplace utilize them to entice unsuspecting people.

Some profiles provide enough information to imply they are genuine (though we can never be sure, of course). But pay close attention to thin profiles with little substance. They're not all awful. Even though they don't use Facebook for social updates, some users create standalone profiles simply to utilize Marketplace or Buy Nothing Groups, for instance.

Meet in a public area.

When feasible, meet in a public area to trade products. The parking lots of major gas stations, shopping centers, or supermarkets may be excellent locations for gathering and exchanging products. The more visible you can be to other people, the better.

To arrive prepared, coordinate with the other person to decide exactly where you will meet, what kind of vehicle they are driving, and other recognizable facts.


Facebook Marketplace enables local community sales of goods. In addition to potentially speeding up the sale of your item, boosting a Marketplace listing improves the number of individuals who view and interact with your offering. A Marketplace listing that has been promoted appears on Facebook as an advertisement.

Tips for listing products on Facebook

Find a product you intend to sell.

Search your home, garage, and attic to find anything you intend to sell. Or perhaps you own a company with a current product or wish to engage in product flipping.

After you've come up with a few ideas, check around the market to see what other vendors are offering. It will give you an idea of how much to charge. Further, what to include in your description, and what images to use.

Research the products.

It is a significant move, especially for vendors that intend to stick with Facebook as a long-term sales channel. Your product study will primarily focus on profitability, demand, and competition.

Taking advantage of Facebook Marketplace costs, significantly as their market expands, may arise in the future.


The Facebook Marketplace is fantastic for companies looking to market their goods. You may discover a lot of customers there thanks to its vast readership. It is simple to use and cost-free to set up. The tool also provides targeted adverts that might help you boost sales by bringing more attention to your goods on the Marketplace.

Additionally, you may combine the Marketplace with your preferred CRMs and autoresponders. This method lessens the friction in acquiring leads, nurturing them, and converting them into long-term, paying clients.

If you're looking for a reliable and accessible customer service alternative, go no further than BotPenguin!.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is Facebook Marketplace?
  • How Facebook Marketplace started
  • arrow
  • Benefits Of Facebook Marketplace
  • arrow
  • Using Facebook Marketplace for businesses has bonuses.
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  • Facebook Marketplace: Selling, buying, listing 
  • Conclusion