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Jul 10, 202421 min read

Top 5 BoiBot Alternatives

Updated onJul 10, 202421 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What is BoiBot?
  • How does BoiBot work?
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  • Top 5 BoiBot Alternatives
  • Why AI?
  • Why Chatbots
  • Conclusion
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Love AI? If the answer's yes, we are glad you could make it here! Everything you need to know about AI avatars, like the mean BoiBot, is all here. Is BoiBot designed to be mean? Where do I find a friendlier bot? What is the purpose of an AI avatar? Read on to know more about BoiBot Alternatives. BoiBot could be called a marketing gimmick in the past! Reviewed by YouTubers like PewDiePie, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and pretty much every other influencer out there. 

BoiBot is one of the most famous AI avatars known for its peculiar and rude behavior. But that's also what makes it stand out, fun, and keeps everyone coming back for more.

But why is all this important? 

AI avatars are no longer a marketing gimmick; in fact, they almost seem like the future of businesses in nearly every department. They're begging to be taken more seriously.

What is BoiBot?

Boibot is a learning AI Avatar given the persona of a human male. Released in 2015 and has been growing since. He likes being given a pronoun, so we'll refer to him as a male! BoiBot shares databases with Cleverbot and Evie (a female AI), similar AI avatars created by Rollo Carpenter and Existor.

How does BoiBot work?

Boibot figures out what to say using proprietary software. Everything it says was learned from humans and stored in a giant database.

Boibot's capabilities are not restricted to interactions verbally or textually; his AI also controls the timing and degree of facial expressions and movement. His visually displayed reactions and emotions are complex, with a range of voices with lip-synching information, giving him life-like features.

Top 5 BoiBot Alternatives

BoiBot alternatives: Mitsuku


Mitsuku is a bot built for holding conversations rather than answering queries like other AI bots. Created by Steve Worswick from Pandorabots AIML technology, Kuki is the only five-time winner of a Turing Test competition called the Loebner Prize. 

Mitsuku is a bot that can be accessed through multiple platforms- Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and even gaming platforms like mousebreaker games. Mitsuku is programmed to exchange back and forth commentary, even revealing a little information about herself to build intimacy with its users. Her purpose is to mimic humankind's biggest achievement- conversation.

Mitsuku or KUKI for when you become good friends with her is an AI avatar that identifies herself as an 18-year-old girl from Leeds. Much like BoiBot, who is also programmed with a similar persona, where she differs? Mitsuku doesn't identify herself as a human when prompted. For more on KUKI, you can check out this blog.

BoiBot alternatives: PewDieBot


Ever thought conversing with a celebrity YouTuber day in day out would be possible? Now, this comes with a catch. 

PewDieBot is an AI Avatar design based on YouTuber PewDiePie, presented by Revelmode Pewdiebot is a collaboration between Existor and Pewdiepie. Pewdiebot's AI is an evolution of Cleverbot, BoiBot, and other bots designed by Existor.

However, what makes PewDieBot different from all other bots is that its personality directly reflects the YouTuber. So if you're someone looking for a more personal conversation with someone you can relate to, then it doesn't get better than this.

BoiBot alternatives: Alethea AI


Thought nothing could get more personal than an AI bot designed for you? Be prepared to have your jaw dropped. Alethea AI isn't an AI avatar; it is a website where you can design a bot yourself!

What do you need for it? A single picture of whoever you plan on creating. Alethea AI's design is what we call "Synthetic human."

AI avatars by Alethea AI's platform are created within minutes from just a picture and whichever voice-over you prefer. These Avatars are built to display emotion and expressions like humans, who create content and storytelling.

Another way Alethea AI differs is in its approach. It is nothing like other companies; it does not require a human to upload data for training or extensive video data to build upon.

BoiBot alternatives: Jabberwacky

BoiBot alternatives Jabberwacky

Created to pass the Turing test designed by Alan Turing to determine how close a computer can come to communicating indistinguishably from a human. The earliest attempt at creating human-AI interactions through a chatbot on the web was Jabberwacky. 

Rollo Carpenter created it in 1997. Today it is a legacy-only webpage but still carries its blood in another iteration- Cleverbot.

Cleverbot's responses are formed on the spot. It searches the keywords that match users' entered data; this Is different from other AI bots as they're pre-programmed to respond to users.

BoiBot alternatives: Botlibre

BoiBot alternatives Botlibre

Botlibre is an AI avatar built for the metaverse, a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connections that are already taking shape today.

BotLibre is also capable of integrating with other websites and apps like Facebook, email, Twitter, Mobile, and other apps. 

With BotLibre, you can create your bot and embed it on your website, blog, or even Alexa.

Creating a bot has never been this easy. Offering so many features, operable for customer service, sales, advertising, technical support. Who says creating a bot should always have a business purpose? With a few clicks, you can do it simply because you're bored.

Why AI?

BoiBot alternatives Why-AI

Now that you know about all these alternatives, you must be wondering, Why AI? What purpose does it serve? What are the companies getting out of making all these chatbots?

Only 7% of companies don't use AI as of 2021, according to semrush. And there's a reason for it. Artificial intelligence today plays a huge role in strengthening and transforming industries worldwide, demanding other companies to act soon as well.

Why Chatbots

The primary reason to have a chatbot is that ‘Your company gets a face’.

Customers haven't been pickier than today; because of the availability of so many choices. You're forced to be the best at what you do; otherwise, you're bound to lose. Keeping up with your competitors is important. If they engage with their customers better, you can forget every other process as it's rendered useless.

Aside from saving on customer service, chatbots give your company identity, majorly influencing users' buying decisions and how well they connect with you and your brand.


The importance of AI and chatbots have been paramount, so what do you think would happen when you combined these two? An AI avatar. The future holds so much, but one thing is clear, AI chatbots will be a part of it. For example, take a look at metaverse, a recently formed idea that focuses on one thing- social connections.

While research is still underway and not fully conceptualized, it is growing fast. One that would make Alan Turing proud.

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Table of Contents

  • What is BoiBot?
  • How does BoiBot work?
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  • Top 5 BoiBot Alternatives
  • Why AI?
  • Why Chatbots
  • Conclusion