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Updated on
May 23, 202415 min read

10 Best Ways to Improve Customer Experience through Chatbot

Updated onMay 23, 202415 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • Chatbots- In Customer services 
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  • Improve Customer Experience on Website: 
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  • And to achieve it, you need: "Customer Support Chatbot." 
  • Final Thoughts 
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In today's time, almost every business organization struggles with where and how to revamp Customer Experience (CX). As the focal point shifts to customer experience from CRM. 

Chatbots is one of the technologies that is transmogrifying customer interaction space. Of course, patience is good, but not all are blessed with it. Waiting for long hours, and delayed procedures, isn't it frustrating? As customers' patience level dwindles, businesses search for impressive and quick solutions to accelerate the processes. 

The behavioral patterns and interferences show that technological advances are a final resolution.

For instance, customers now expect their conclusions and queries to be solved within an hour or less. Suppose the business receives 100 questions per minute, the customer support service team can't reply to everyone. Except, of course, if there was a medium or tool that could grant instant help up like a customer service chatbot. 

With the dynamic world, AI-enabled customer support chatbots redefined business trends constantly. 

With the rise in customer expectations, the need for both exceptional customer experience and service is mandatory. 

Chatbots- In Customer services 

Chatbots are software that enables conversation with humans via a live chat interface. They function on multiple platforms like business websites, social media sites such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. 

Big players like National Geographic and Starbucks are already deploying chatbots to facilitate better customer services. 

Basic bots scan the keywords in the customer's questions and offer pre-set solutions. Simultaneously, more advanced bots powered by AI and machine learning use natural language processing and create responses on the more complex and better spot. 

AI chatbots are more flexible as they actively learn from the customers' inputs and reach their desired goals. 

They go perfectly with the CMS and CRM platforms and raise brands' online presence enabling them to tap into information and deliver more personalized customer experience. 

There are many ways to brush up CX ranging from complex to costly- but one thing is sure: every business needs a strategy to stand out of the crowd. 

Today, we are going to discuss the 10 best ways to improve customer experience on this website. 

Improve Customer Experience on Website: 

1. Get employee-in 

As we already know- employees are the key to optimizing the customer experience, and every organization must try to hire a full-fledged team. 

But here we are not talking about human employees; instead, it's about integrating a customer support chatbot for your business website. 

A bot would serve you with a bucket full of abilities to formulate a better user-friendly interface. Having a chatbot isn't as tough as it sounds; you can quickly build your customer service chatbot by a few drugs and drops (without coding). The critical part of deploying bot technology is, it should align with your business strategy and Idea so that your customers get the right message about your brand. With this, you can avail of immense business opportunities and a customer base simultaneously. 

2. A transparent and open business

Where there is transparency, there is loyalty! 

In today's time, businesses should be as open and transparent as possible in their functioning and dealings with prospects. It builds trust and loyalty while increasing business efficiency in the digital marketplace in the audience's eyes. 

And to achieve it, you need: "Customer Support Chatbot." 

AI chatbots have the ability to communicate just like humans and present a better version of the brand in front of the customers. They also guide and educate them fully about products and services and recommend a better set of products as per their requirements and help in decision making, response to customers on time, sharing business updates, and more. 

Lastly, good CX can lead to better retention and conversion rate. Hence you can be more open-minded, inclusive, and transparent with your audience via the customer service chatbot. 

3. Trouble-free live chat 

The best way to engage customers is through chatbots; they would be quite similar to an online conversation with a live customer service agent. 

It means the learning curve for customers to engage is non-existent and has a consistent scope. 

Since customer support chatbot uses NLP (natural language processing), they can analyze the customer's query and its intent to offer the best possible response and meet the customer's needs. 

In most cases, this technology can be integrated seamlessly into the company's website or application. This leads the customer to save time in searching for the company's online resources. 

In Facebook's keynote in 2018, it was revealed that over 8 million messages had been exchanged between users and companies via Facebook chatbot live chat. 

By 2020 up to 85% of all customer-centric business interactions will take place without human intervention. 

Since these numbers indicate, businesses should look towards following these ways. 

4. Round-the-clock service 

Your customer support staff needs a break and sheep sleep- but your customer service chatbot doesn't

It might be possible that customers' needs arise outside of working hours, so they need a way to seek answers to their queries and questions when staff members are unavailable. 

Bots offer customers the opportunity to get their answers 24/7, so they don't have to wait for hours. The best customer support chatbot can also talk with the live operator around the clock with the customers.

5. Save money and rise.

With the integration of bots, there are more possibilities for saving customer service operations and functions as you can achieve more by minimal efforts. They are capable of answering repetitive questions and automating other processes too. 

IBM report suggests that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will proceed without human intervention. It's a win-win situation as it reduces your costs and avails better customer satisfaction. 

6. Direct to the right team 

AI-powered customer service chatbot allows businesses to step into prompt conversations and offer solutions, and not only this; they are capable of more! 

As they understand the user's intent and context precisely, they can designate the right department to relevant customer queries. For example, booking-related queries more efficiently, as they can transfer automatically to the right team. 

As an inherently efficient method, customers are satisfied and willing to return in the future.

Hence, this feature of customer support chatbot helps when the bot can't solve a particular query, then they directly transfer to the right team and makes the procedure seamless. 

7. Eliminate language barriers via chatbots 

One of the biggest challenges in customer interaction is the barrier to communication. Instead of risking the loss of a potential prospect due to language barriers, deploy a chatbot on a website. Bots run on NLP and NLU standards that enable them to understand and respond in different tones and languages with ease. 

It'll help your business to function globally without having any language barrier. Your bot is smart and can work as per the local language (area-based) and deliver an impressive customer experience over your business website. 

8. Offer personalized experience 

The flexible nature of chatbots uses them to engage with prospects on different levels and for long enough so that you can understand them fully. 

They act as the prospect's primary resource for account management, product information, technical support, and more. They can also be programmed and designed with different conversational styles from technical and precise to helpful and friendly to humorous; this leads to more personalized customer support services. 

You can easily connect with various types of personalities available, with customer support chatbot, and with this, your customers will come back frequently. 

9. A seamless journey 

Suppose you intend to offer an uninterrupted purchasing experience to your customers. In that case, your chatbot can provide additional information regarding product range, discount coupons, the method they want to use, the item they wish to purchase, and how they want to be shipped. By simplifying the whole process from in to out at your website, you can achieve a great customer base for the future. It leads to a seamless shopping experience and more satisfied customers. 

10. Reinvent your forms 

Whenever you need your customer information, the most obvious way is to give a physical form to fill in. But customers find them annoying, and often far too long. Even if they decide to fill it in any way, they'll do so reluctantly, and the chance of getting relevant insights would go waste. 

A customer service chatbot spruces the situation up and delivers what we needn't a way of getting information. 

Chatbots work similarly but more efficiently and effectively. It eliminates the flexion and cognitive load that you and your customers get while staring down form with 12 required fields to fill in. You can set out a digital form or put forward some basic questions so that the customers can convey the inputs in the live chat itself.   

Final Thoughts 

Chatbots are more than the "support system of the future" in customer-centric business organizations. They are allowing digital vendors to avail more business opportunities to connect with the target audience in fresh new ways. And more importantly, to fulfill their business goals more efficiently, you need to deploy a customer support chatbot. In case you are wondering where to get an intelligent and smart bot, then BotPenguin can be your ultimate partner, and will help you get the best Chatbot.

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Table of Contents

  • Chatbots- In Customer services 
  • arrow
  • Improve Customer Experience on Website: 
  • arrow
  • And to achieve it, you need: "Customer Support Chatbot." 
  • Final Thoughts