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Who is smarter Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant?

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Oct 3, 20234 min read
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Almost every smart home device now works with Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa. For the most part, Google Assistant and Alexa can do the same things, such as providing weather forecasts, playing music, reading the news, and much more.

However, when comparing Alexa with Google Assistant, which intelligent personal assistant is smarter?

Google Assistant answered 93% of questions correctly, while Amazon's Alexa scored 79.8% in a study by Loup Ventures in 2019.

While these assistants share many qualities, each has its perks and downsides. And, of course, both are evolving at breakneck speed. But that is how things are now.

We dug further into the details of both Alexa and Google Assistant to determine which smart assistant knows—and can do—more.

Amazon Alexa vs. Google Assistant: Smart home integration

Regarding smart home control, both Alexa and Google Assistant are formidable contenders. 

Alexa, Amazon's brain behind devices like Echo, excels in its wide range of compatible smart devices and a robust ecosystem of third-party skills. 

Google Assistant, the AI powerhouse behind Google Nest, shines with its seamless integration with Google services, making it a natural fit for those already embedded in the Google ecosystem. 

The choice here often boils down to your existing devices and services.

Amazon Alexa vs. Google Assistant: Ease of use

Regarding user-friendliness, Google Assistant boasts a more natural and conversational interaction style. Its ability to understand context and follow-up questions makes it feel more intuitive. 

Alexa, while still user-friendly, may require more specific commands. 

The winner here depends on your preference for a fluid, human-like interaction or a slightly more structured one.

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Amazon Alexa vs. Google Assistant: Online shopping

Amazon's Alexa has a clear edge in online shopping integration. With voice commands, you can easily reorder products from your Amazon history. 

On the other hand, Google Assistant can also make purchases but lacks a direct link to an e-commerce giant like Amazon. The choice hinges on your online shopping habits and brand loyalty.

Amazon Alexa vs. Google Assistant: Directions

Google Assistant's deep integration with Google Maps shines for navigation and directions. It provides precise directions, real-time traffic updates, and accurate transit information. 

Alexa, while competent, may need to match Google's mapping prowess. If you're frequently on the move, Google Assistant is the navigational champion.

Amazon Alexa vs. Google Assistant: Wake words

Alexa and Google Assistant have distinct wake words - "Alexa" and "Hey Google," respectively. The choice here is often a matter of personal preference and device compatibility. 

Some may find one wake word rolls off the tongue more naturally than the other, but this largely depends on individual comfort.

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Amazon Alexa vs. Google Assistant: Availability

Alexa and Google Assistant are widely available on various devices, from smart speakers to smartphones. 

The availability of specific features and integrations, on the other hand, can vary by area. Before deciding, ensure your favorite voice assistant is compatible with your device and location.

Amazon Alexa vs. Google Assistant: Voice recognition

Voice recognition is a core aspect of both platforms. Google Assistant's AI prowess gives it an edge in understanding accents, dialects, and contextual nuances. Alexa is no slouch in this department, offering robust voice recognition capabilities. Your choice may depend on your speech patterns and the extent of personalization you seek.


The contest was ultimately closed, with Alexa moving ahead of Google Assistant due to excellent performance in the smart home and communications domains. 

However, Google was no slouch, and the fact is that both are still viable options, depending on whose features you prioritize. 

While both perform admirably in general knowledge and extendability, Alexa is likely the better choice if you want the most comprehensive support for music and podcast providers. 

If you have a household with numerous members, each of whom wants their personal information via a smart speaker, Google Assistant may be a better option.

Amazon and Google rapidly expand their virtual assistants, regularly introducing new features and capabilities (if not weekly), so there's always something new to learn. Let's hope they'll tell me when that bus will arrive.

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