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8 Shocking Facts You Should know about Slack

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May 31, 20235 min read
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  • What Is Slack All About? 
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  • 8 Mind-Blowing Facts About Slack!
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  • Some Amazing Features Of Slack
  • Wrapping It Up

An incredible customer experience across all conversations and growth trajectory; sounds pretty enticing, doesn't it? 

Compared to going to the office traditionally, using platforms like Slack has made it possible for us to work efficiently from home while lying in bed.

Slack is undoubtedly a comfort area for people who are online busy bees.

Slack exceeds one billion usage minutes every weekday. Slack is used by over 600,000 organizations worldwide!

With the increase of covid 19 pandemic, the popularity of Slack notched up. It has excellent customer service and showcases great growth potential. 

Did this manage to pique your interest? 

This blog has gathered the eight most shocking facts about Slack, so keep reading!

What Is Slack All About? 

Slack is a messaging program that connects people to the information that the business needs. 

Slack is more secure than email and a faster, better-organized way to communicate with your team. 

It brings everyone together in your digital HQ to get work done by speeding up communication. 

Slack is a chat room for your company and offers real-time chatting, topic channels, app integration, direct and group messaging, file sharing, and voice and audio calls. 

Slack also provides the ability to edit or delete messages and to create shared channels between organizations. 

8 Mind-Blowing Facts About Slack!

Here are some shocking facts you should know about Slack:

1. Over 4,000 apps have been developed and built with Slack

According to slack statistics, 4000+ apps have been developed for Slack to build in apps that work alongside it. 

This offers an incredible and convenient platform to use. 

This is the main reason Slack competes so well with other teams, such as Microsoft. 

2. 12 million+ people use Slack every day

There are a few explanations for why the slack user base is significant. 

Its information is searchable, which is why it is easier than email. 

Another reason can be the integration partnerships with players like Salesforce and Google. 

3. 65% of the companies on the Fortune 100 list have active subscriptions to Slack

Businesses using the paid Slack version are not listed. However, there are presently 65 Fortune 100 businesses using Slack, in case you were curious!

Fortune 100 corporations like Wal-Mart, Apple, and General Motors are known to be using Slack.

4. 87% of Slack users claim it facilitates better corporate organization & communication

Slack enables you to collaborate on projects across over 2,200 different apps, share documents online, and engage in video chat. 

These programs and tools are crucial for keeping everyone informed and on task because collaboration and communication go hand in hand.

5. 1,664 people work for Slack around the globe

Slack employed over 1664 people in April 2009. 

According to slack statistics, around 2045 staff members belong to the company on its books. 

Most of its employees work at its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

6. Slack was initially known as "Tiny Speck" until it changed its name in 2015

The computer game "glitch" was the first creation by "Tiny Speck." 

The gameplay was mainly based on growing resources, discovering, and building a community. It resembles slack in its current format. 

7. Slack is available in over 150 countries worldwide

Slack statistics have yet to mention which nations it is available in.

This demonstrates that Slack is a global platform that can be accessed virtually anywhere from any location using a web browser or mobile app. 

8. Slack offers integrations with 2,000+ other tools

Slack connects over 2400 apps, whether your calendar or the tools you use every day, and never forget an attachment again.

Some Amazing Features Of Slack

1. Set reminders

Slack has the ability to set reminders. You can set reminders in Slack to receive notifications for any message from any channel (client or in-house) or direct message.

2. Voice and video call 

Supposedly you're stuck on a project or need urgent updates from another team member. In that case, this voice and video calling feature are ideal.

Using Slack, you can call your coworkers or clients (if they are on Slack) from anywhere at any time. You can efficiently complete your work by sharing your ideas and screen with a single click.

3. Apps and integrations

Apps and integration are two more features that assist us in effortlessly streamlining work. 

Slack lets you connect your team to other services, such as Office 365. Google, HubSpot, Zoho, Outlook calendar, Asana, Trello, Jira, Todoist, etc.

Integrating various tools with Slack keeps the team up-to-date and eliminates context switching. 

When you incorporate tools with their respective channels, the entire team is notified of the task or activity performed on that tool.

4. Get notified

Notifications are another feature that aids in streamlining work communication. 

Slack allows you to receive instant notifications when someone tags you in a channel or individually.

Slack allows us to customize your preferences. You can choose which channels and types of notifications you want to receive, such as direct messages, mentioned messages, etc.

5. It makes remote work easier

Slack makes it extremely simple for the entire team to share a message, receive updates, and move forward without wasting time.

One of the best features of this tool is its ability to add both internal and external users.

Every member added to the channel can see whatever information you share. Slack channels are only available to those with special permissions.

Slack can help you connect better if you want to share confidential information without worrying about security concerns and organize work conversations more effectively.

Wrapping It Up

Slack has come a long way and is positioned in the digital communication platforms market. 

Slack's success is evident in its strong global presence and financial position, as supported by several slack statistics mentioned above.

With a market share of 2.26%, Slack is now worth a whopping $13.2 billion. It currently employs over 2045 people in 11 offices around the world and earned more than $400 million in revenue last year.

It is a highly valued business tool, with many companies paying for an unlimited edition of the platform.

BotPenguin is a great platform as it is a fantastic AI-powered chatbot development platform for building a chatbot for Slack. 

Furthermore, BotPenguin's slack bot can be used to book meetings, send reminders, and provide excellent customer service!

Are you seeking to create a Slack bot for your business? 

Contact BotPenguin today to get started!

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