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How To Use Discord Rythm Bot For Better Discord Music

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Nov 14, 20236 min read
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    Table of content

  • What is Rythm bot?
  • Who can use Rythm bot?
  • Why use Rythm bot?
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  • Features of Rythm Discord Bot
  • When should you use Rythm bot?
  • Where can you use Rythm bot?
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  • How to setup the Rythm Discord Bot?
  • Rythm Music Bot: Commands Guide
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  • The Top 15 Commands
  • The Death Of The Rythm Discord Bot
  • Conclusion
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you tired of playing the same old music on your Discord server? Do you want to add a little rhythm to your online community?

The Rythm bot is the perfect addition to your Discord server, providing various music sources and advanced features.

With Rythm, you can play your favorite songs, create playlists, and adjust the sound quality with its built-in equalizer. But that's not all - Rythm also allows you to view lyrics, loop songs or playlists, shuffle your music, and control the volume.

Whether you're hosting a virtual party, studying with friends, or just need background music for your gaming session, Rythm has got you covered. So, let's dive in and learn how to use this fantastic bot to take your Discord music experience to the next level!

What is Rythm bot?

What is Rythm bot?
Source: Appy Pie

Rythm is a music bot designed for Discord servers, providing an easy way to play music in voice channels. With a vast library of songs and playlists, Rythm can play almost any genre of music, ranging from old classics to the latest hits. The Discord bot can even find and play music from popular streaming platforms like YouTube and Spotify.

Who can use Rythm bot?

Anyone with a Discord account can use Rythm, provided they have permission to add bots to a server. Once the bot is added to a server, any member with access to the voice channel can use the Rythm commands to play music.

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Why use Rythm bot?

Why use Rythm bot?

Rythm is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to share music with friends and family. It's also a great way to set the mood for a virtual party or event. 

Whether you're hosting a gaming session, studying with friends, or just hanging out online, Rythm can add extra fun and entertainment to the experience.

Features of Rythm Discord Bot

Features of Rythm Discord Bot

Rythm is more than just a simple music bot. It's packed with various features, making it one of the best bots for Discord users. In this section, we'll take a closer look at the most notable features of the Rythm Discord bot.

Large Music Library

Rythm boasts an extensive music library that spans various genres, including pop, rock, hip-hop, classical, and many more. The bot can play songs from popular music streaming platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Playlists and Queues

With Rythm, you can create custom playlists and queues for your favorite songs. You can add songs to the queue while the bot is playing music, and Rythm will automatically switch to the next song once the current one ends.

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High-Quality Sound

Rythm features a built-in equalizer that allows you to adjust the sound quality and create a personalized listening experience. You can choose from various presets or create your custom settings.

Lyrics Display

Rythm also displays lyrics for the songs it's playing, allowing you to sing along and enjoy the music even more.

Advanced Playback Control

Rythm offers a range of playback control options, including shuffle, repeat, and loop. You can adjust the volume or skip to the next song using simple commands.

User-Friendly Commands

Rythm's user-friendly command system makes controlling the bot's music playback easy. The bot responds to simple commands like "!play" or "!skip," You can use these commands from anywhere on the server.

Customizable Settings

Rythm allows you to customize various settings to suit your preferences. For example, you can disable lyrics or change the bot's prefix to something other than the default "!".

Customizable Settings

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When should you use Rythm bot?

You can use Rythm anytime you're in a voice channel on Discord and want to listen to music. You can play music while gaming, chatting, or relaxing with friends. 

Rythm is also perfect for parties or events, allowing you to create custom playlists or music based on specific themes.

Where can you use Rythm bot?

Rythm can be used on any Discord server that allows bots. You can use it with friends and family on public or private servers. Rythm is accessible from anywhere worldwide with an internet connection and a Discord account.

How to setup the Rythm Discord Bot?

Steps to set up Rythm Discord Bot

Step 1
Invite Rythm to your server

To add Rythm to your server, go to the Rythm Bot website and click on the "Add to Discord" button. You will then be prompted to log in to your Discord account and select the server you want to add Rythm to.

Step 2
Give Rythm the appropriate permissions

Once Rythm has been added to your server, make sure it has the appropriate permissions to access voice channels and send messages. To do this, go to your server settings and select the "Roles" tab. 

From there, select the role you want to assign to Rythm and ensure that it has the "Manage Channels" and "View Channels" permissions enabled.

Step 3
Configure Rythm's settings

To configure Rythm's settings, type "!settings" in any text channel and select the option you want to change. 

This will bring up a list of settings that you can modify, including the default volume, language, and prefix used to invoke Rythm's commands.

Step 4
Start playing music

To start playing music with Rythm, simply type "!play" followed by the name of the song or artist you want to listen to. Rythm will automatically join the voice channel you are in and start streaming music directly to your channel.

Step 5
Control playback

You can control playback of the music by using a variety of commands, including "!pause" to pause the music, "!resume" to resume playback, "!skip" to skip to the next song, and "!stop" to stop playback altogether.

Step 6
Create playlists

If you want to create a playlist, type "!playlist create" followed by the name of your playlist. You can then add songs to your playlist using the "!playlist add" command.

That's it! With these simple steps, you can easily set up and start using the Rythm discord bot to enjoy high-quality music in your Discord voice channels

How to setup the Rythm Discord Bot?

Rythm Music Bot: Commands Guide

The general syntax for the Rythm Music Bot is as follows:

  1. <command> <argument>
  2. For example, if we want to play a song by Justin Bieber, we would type in /play Justin Bieber. The command category is "play," and the argument is "Justin Bieber."
Rythm Music Bot: Commands Guide
Source: TechWiser

The Top 15 Commands

Top 15 commands to use on Rythm

1. Play Command

The play command is the most basic in the Rythm Music Bot. It plays the song you choose and is great for starting your bot.

The syntax of this command is as follows:

play [song]

The Top 15 Commands

2. Queue Command

The Queue Command is a very useful tool that allows you to queue up songs in your queue, or add them to the end of it. You can do this by using the command "queue" followed by any song title. For example:

Example: !queue Rhytm Music Bot - Don't Stop The Party (Instrumental)

3. Search Command

The search command is one of the most useful commands in the Rhytm Music Bot. It allows you to search for songs by either their name or artist and then play them, all from within Discord.

The syntax for this command is as follows:

  • !search [song name] OR [artist name]. For example: "!search Imagine Dragons" or "!search Coldplay".

4. Pause Command

Pause Command
Source: TechWiser

The Pause command is used to pause the music bot. When you type /pause, the bot will stop playing and mute itself until you resume it with another command.

You can also use this command if you want to temporarily stop the music from playing for some reason, such as if someone else needs to speak or if there's an interruption in your internet connection.

The syntax of this command is /pause [duration]. You can specify how long you want it paused by using any number between 0 (zero) seconds and forever!

5. Resume Command

The resume command is used to restart the music bot. It can be used in two ways:

  • The first way is to simply type 'resume' into a chat window, and then press enter/return. This will cause the bot to start playing music again from where it left off before being paused by another user or yourself (if you were using the pause command).
  • The second way is to type 'resume [number]' into a chat window, where [number] represents how many songs should be skipped before resuming playback. For example: resume 2.

6. Skip Command

The skip command is a great way to get around your playlist, especially if you want to jump ahead in the queue. The syntax is simple:

  1. Skip song(s) [n] - skips forward n songs
  2. Skip back x number of seconds - skips back x seconds

7. Stop Command

The stop command is a simple one. When you use it, the bot stops playing music and returns to its default state of waiting for new commands.

The syntax is as follows:


Stop Command
Source: TechWiser

8. Volume Command

The volume command is used to control the volume of your bot. It has two parameters, a number between 0 and 100 (0 being silent, 100 being loudest) and a flag indicating whether or not you want to mute or unmute the channel.

The syntax for this command is as follows:

  • /vol <value> [on|off]

9. Repeat Command

The Repeat command repeats the last thing you said. You can use it to repeat a song, or if you want to listen to your favorite song repeatedly!

To use this command:

  • Type "repeat" followed by a space and then whatever you want repeated. For example: "repeat I love this song!"
  • Example responses: "I love this song!" or "I love this song! (again)"

10. Lyrics Command

The Lyrics command is a great way to add some extra flair to your Rhytm music bot. It allows you to search for lyrics and insert them into your song.

If you want to use this command, just type in:

lyrics <search term>

For example: "lyrics love".

Lyrics Command
Source: TechWiser

11. Nowplaying Command

The !nowplaying command is used to tell the bot what song you're listening to. The syntax for this command is simple:

  • !Nowplaying <songname>
  • For example, if I wanted to let the Rythm Music Bot know that I was listening to "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley, I would type:
  • 1Nowplaying Crazy

12. Shuffle Command

The shuffle command is a great way to mix things up and keep your messages from getting too repetitive.

It works by shuffling the order of your messages so that instead of having them appear in order from 1-100, they'll be randomized.

This command has two syntaxes: shuffle and shuffle! 

  1. The first one will only shuffle the last 100 messages you've sent, whereas the second one will shuffle all of your past messages (up until now).
  2. To use this command, type either "shuffle" or "shuffle!" followed by whatever message(s) you want shuffled together!

13. Clear Command

The clear command will delete all messages in the channel.

Syntax: clear <channel>

Example: clear #Rythm

14. List Command

The list command displays a list of all the available commands. It can be useful if you're new to the bot or want to see what else it can do.

The syntax for this command is:


To see a full list of all the commands available, type !list into your chatbox and hit Enter!

15. Help Command

The help command is a great way to understand what the Rhytm Music Bot can do. It's also useful if you're new to Discord and need guidance on using the bot.

The syntax for this command is:

!help [command]

The Death Of The Rythm Discord Bot

While Rythm was widely used and appreciated by many Discord users, The bot it no longer available due to legal issues. The developers complied with a desist from Youtube as users used to stream a lot of music from the channel,

The bot's shutdown left many users disappointed and frustrated, as they were used to having Rhythm in their voice chat channels. The event sparked discussions about copyright laws and the use of music in public domains.

Many users have since moved on to alternative bots. Still, the death of Rhythm remains a significant loss for the Discord community. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding and following copyright laws, particularly when sharing and using music online.


If you love hosting parties, studying with friends, or just chilling out to some good tunes, Rythm is the ultimate music bot for Discord! With loads of features, Rythm will help you create the perfect atmosphere every time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly is the Rythm Bot on Discord?

Discord Rythm Bot is a music-playing bot for Discord servers that allows users to listen to music while chatting with friends. The bot can play music from a wide range of sources, including YouTube, Soundcloud, and Twitch.

How can I integrate the Rythm bot into my Discord server?

To add Rythm Bot to your Discord server, you need to go to the Rythm Bot website and click on the "Add to Discord" button. Then, select the server that you want to add the bot to and click on "Authorize." Once you have authorized the bot, it will be added to your server.

How can I use the Rythm bot to play music?

To use Rythm Bot to play music in Discord, you need to type "!play" followed by the name of the song or artist that you want to listen to. Rythm Bot will then search for the song and start playing it in the voice channel that you are currently in.

Can Rythm Bot stream music from Spotify?

No, Rythm Bot cannot play music from Spotify. This is because Spotify does not allow third-party apps like Rythm Bot to access their content.

Is it possible for Rythm Bot to play music across multiple voice channels simultaneously?

No, Rythm Bot can only play music in one voice channel at a time. If you want to play music on multiple channels, you will need to add multiple instances of the bot to your server.

How can I uninstall Rythm Bot from my Discord server?

To remove Rythm Bot from your Discord server, you need to right-click on the bot's name in the server list and select "Kick." This will remove the bot from your server.

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