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Why You Should Use Custom Chatbots to Promote Your Business In Canada?

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Feb 9, 20245 min read
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    Table of content

  • How do custom chatbots promote businesses in Canada?
  • The final verdict 

More than 50% of customers want the business to be available 24/7, and almost 90% want an immediate response when contacting customer support. 

Custom chatbots are flexible, expensive, furnished, futuristic, and complicated. They reach out to almost every marketer, business owner, and marketing agency. 

These chatbots are fully customizable, fast, responsive, and has 24/7 customer support and is your go-to one-stop solution to accelerate your business growth and market reach. 

You can promote and automate customer interaction by deploying bots to your business. 

Are you eager to know how these custom chatbots help your business in Canada? 

Let this blog enumerate why and how you can make your business thrive with custom chatbots.

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How do custom chatbots promote businesses in Canada?

These are some common ways by which custom chatbots promote business in Canada:

1. Saves money

Investing in a custom chatbot reduces up to 70% of your service cost. 

You can save a lot of money; in exchange, you will get more employees to the payroll, added benefits, insurance, paying for their training, and yearly increments.

BotPenguin as a Custom Chatbot Development Platform

2. Multi-lingual

Language is often the biggest obstacle to positive customer service. 

Nevertheless. custom chatbots are one-stop solutions to multi-lingual customer support, which can be considered the strongest weapon in the business market. 

You can customize them according to your needs, which can help you a long way in building brands and increasing the trust of your customers.

3. Automated customer support

Growing your business means expanding your business into global markets and exploring them. 

If you have access to automated customer support systems, you can easily transition into foreign markets. 

As mentioned earlier, you are building customer trust through their language. As a result, it is easy to serve consumers from different locations and cultures. 

The round-the-clock feature of a custom chatbot also reduces the pressure of different timezones.

No matter if you are in Canada, you can easily contact your business and get a real-time response.

4. Customer interaction

These chatbots are also provides proactive customer interaction. The proactive approach in a business is very crucial for customer support. 

People do not wait long in this generation, so for that custom chatbots are there to create engaging conversations with visitors. 

Most companies go for passive customer interaction, which means the agents only respond to the consumers when they are approached. 

Improved Customer Engagement through custom chatbot

5. Improved productivity

Last but not least, improved productivity can help businesses in Canada. 

Chatbots are not irritated with the same questions and have endless patience. 

When a customer follows up with a complex query but needs a precise answer, chatbots can collect information and provide them in a precise manner. 

It will save a lot of time and exempt employees from repetitive tasks.

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The final verdict 

The custom chatbot information is vital for your business because they provide the most robust marketing tools available to the new generation of marketers. 

With custom chatbots, you can go on building your company until it touches the sky. 

The custom chatbot can be your lifesaver in many ways. It may answer your boss's questions, revolutionize your marketing agency, or even start a new career for yourself. 

You can leverage various features of chatbots to add more value to the conversational activities of a business. 

Using custom chatbots can help businesses in Canada grow and succeed by generating leads that lead to increased sales, reducing costs, and offering multilingual customer support.

This allows for expansion into global markets, proactively interacting with customers, and increasing productivity. 

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