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May 28, 202410 min read

What is Helpscout and Why Is It Useful To Get On Board?

Updated onMay 28, 202410 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What is a Helpscout?
  • What does Helpscout's Beacon offer? 
  • Key benefits of Helpscout
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  • Why is it helpful to get on board? 
  • Conclusion
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With the support of Helpscout, over 12,000 companies surprise their clients. With best-in-class reporting, an integrated knowledge base, 50+ integrations, and a robust API Helpscout, you are free to concentrate on what matters the most, i.e., your customers. Additionally, according to 254 businesses, tools like Uploadcare, Trello, and Webflow employ Helpscout in their tech stacks.

A new, distinctive method of engagement and connection between businesses and customers emerged in the 2000s with the advent of social media platforms starting in 2008.

Nowadays, consumers give comments on goods and services via Facebook and Twitter. Customer service representatives collaborate by promptly answering their queries.

Help desk software providers have emerged due to customer relationship management (CRM). They started offering live chat capabilities, website communities, and customer relationship management solutions to address business and customer issues.

What is a Helpscout?

A unique customer support platform called Helpscout was created for expanding teams to provide outstanding customer service.

When you register, you have access to a comprehensive set of tools, including a shared inbox, a knowledge base, and live chat software, all of which are designed to help you deliver the most excellent possible customer experience,

The shared inbox of Helpscout has tools like private notes and @mentions to enhance team communication. Collision detection also helps to avoid duplication of effort by indicating when an agent is actively engaged on a particular topic. Workflows and client profiles let you add more context and automate repetitive processes.

Self-service material may be quickly and easily created using Docs, the knowledge base builder from Helpscout. Customers can locate their needed solutions thanks to built-in search capabilities and organization tools. Reports unique to each document outline the best material and opportunities for development.

What does Helpscout's Beacon offer? 

Help through an embeddable widget, Scout's Beacon provides proactive help choices and live chat functionality. Customers may search the articles on your docs site or ask a question directly to your support staff via the widget, which helps them obtain answers when and when they need them most.

Dashboards for performance reporting are also included with Helpscout. Make your reports focus on the most important metrics to you and your team. 

Finally, you have access to Helpscout's top-notch customer service staff, which is accessible via email around-the-clock to address any issues you might have.

Key benefits of Helpscout

  1. Value: The most comprehensive platform you can get for the money is Helpscout.
  2. Predictable, open pricing: No unforeseen surcharges or additional costs.
  3. Rapid setup: Take your skills from zero to expert in one day or less.
  4. Simplicity: Focus more of your efforts on assisting consumers and less on setting up your software.
  5. Scalability: Easily add more support channels, workflows, and team members.

Why is it helpful to get on board? 

Helpscout is attractive if you only need a simple email customer service program. Scout is excellent at what it does, so please assist it. There's no denying that. It's the fundamental reason many businesses rely on Helpscout to handle customer care.

Benefits of Helpscout: Give the new remote employee a friend.

Helpscout assigns each new remote employee a "work best buddy." A veteran who can respond to their inquiries and welcome them. To optimize availability, they choose the companion based on time zone closeness. This quick action helps much in preventing "absentee" workers. It encourages staff retention over the long run.

The friend should officially welcome the new hire to the team by email or through the company's internal chat platform. In the instance of Helpscout, it was Slack. The friend will offer to respond to any impromptu inquiries in this message. 

Additionally, the buddy is required to check in on the remote worker via an internal chat program. It is sufficient to check in on the recruit once every few days during their first week of employment; it does not need to be intrusive.

When the buddy introduces the recruit to the "unwritten rules" of the business, that's when the buddy shines.

Benefits of Helpscout: Ensure everyone is invested in the team's future.

HelpScout manages its remote teams by embracing pragmatic democracy. Everyone has the opportunity to vote or, at the very least, voice their opinion as long as the choice isn't time-sensitive.

Therefore, extend the decision timeframe to give everyone a chance to speak while working with a team that is dispersed across several time zones. Scouts can accomplish this by voting on Trello cards or pinning things in Slack.

DistantJob advises keeping everyone in sync with one another's time zones even if it requires certain employees to report for duty sooner or stay later than usual. However, the fundamental idea of allowing everyone to be heard remains crucial.

Benefits of Helpscout: Stick to it if you wish to include multiple time zones in your model.

When it was suggested that everyone works in the same time zone at that time, scouts rejected this policy. That's OK; we don't pass judgment! Or, to be more accurate, we think they're AMAZING for making an effort to make it work.

They changed the time of their meetings, which was a crucial move. People are not forced to decide between logging on after bedtime or skipping meetings. Instead, if an appointment is scheduled for Eastern Time for one week, it will occur during GMT the following week, and so on.

People from various areas can participate this way without interfering with their schedules. Naturally, they make sure to videotape each encounter as well. They carry it out using Zoom. Those unable to attend the meeting might still catch up by reading the record.

Benefits of Helpscout: Organize an asynchronous workflow.

They maintain everything in writing and make it available to the entire team because they understand that many things are crucial but not urgent. Because of this, anyone may continue where someone else left off.

Help Any Agile purist will be inconsolable after listening to Scout's moving example. The Java development team no longer uses daily stand-up meetings; instead, they communicate their status via a Slack channel whenever it's convenient for them.

Benefits of Helpscout: Take the time now and then to reach out.

It's easy to forget that a natural person occupies the chat window's opposite side.

Significantly if the time zones don't overlap and you're asynchronous.

Keep an eye out for events like birthdays, and try to initiate conversation whenever your schedules coincide.

For their birthdays, Helpscout staff receives small gifts like cards and cupcakes. It need not be a significant issue. One individual at a time, small actions go a long way in creating a happy team.


The reason Helpscout is one of the most well-liked helpdesk software alternatives for small and medium-sized enterprises is apparent. In light of its features, its pricing is lower than that of competing alternatives. Additionally, it provides its clients real-time assistance daily, every week. 

The dashboard data is probably more than useful for many small businesses, but the inadequate analytical capabilities are the main downside. Overall, Helpscout is a very practical, well-designed, and user-friendly helpdesk application that clients like.

A complete suite of tools is offered by Helpscout so that you may do your online customer support activities quickly and effectively. Helpscout is highly scalable, has useful features, and provides a solid return on investment for both enterprises and small-to-medium-sized businesses.

To determine if Helpscout is a good fit for your company, read more blogs on it on our website BotPenguin!

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Table of Contents

  • What is a Helpscout?
  • What does Helpscout's Beacon offer? 
  • Key benefits of Helpscout
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  • Why is it helpful to get on board? 
  • Conclusion