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May 23, 202412 min read

Pipedrive CRM: Pros, Cons and Alternatives

Updated onMay 23, 202412 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What is Pipedrive?
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  • What are the features of Pipedrive?
  • How Does the Pipedrive CRM Work?
  • Pipedrive CRM: Pricing and Plans
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  • Pipedrive CRM Pros
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  • Pipedrive CRM Cons
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  • Pipedrive CRM Alternatives
  • Conclusion
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Staying ahead in this fast-changing competitive world means standing out among the crowd. Brands need to win more business leads and turn them into sales. It is where the importance of CRM, Customer Relationship Management, pops up. As the name suggests, CRM is a tool that helps manage customer relationships. While talking about CRMs, you must have heard about Pipedrive CRM.

Pipedrive CRM has been growing exponentially, with the current valuation at $1 billion. This CRM operates in 170+ countries with over 95 000 companies worldwide. With its unique tagline, "Designed to keep you selling," this product can sound appealing to many sales agents and companies.  

How well does Pipedrive CRM work? Do you think Pipedrive CRM is the right choice for your business? Before answering that question, read this article that presents an in-depth analysis of Pipedrive CRM. With pros, cons, and alternatives, you can decide if you want it or not.

What is Pipedrive?

Many small and medium-sized businesses utilize Pipedrive, a straightforward yet capable CRM and sales pipeline management program, on a global scale. You may use the system to arrange your company leads to obtain a clear picture of your sales. Further, you can concentrate on priority deals as sales experts are the core team at Pipedrive. 

Pipedrive is incredibly user-friendly, and your sales staff may use a computer or a mobile device to access it. It is simple to link with Google apps like Google Calendar and Contacts. Direct sales form the basis of Pipedrive's success. This solution is used to manage the sales pipeline for your company effectively. 

What are the features of Pipedrive?

Lead Management

Based on their sales funnel and online activity progress, you may qualify and rank prospects using Pipedrive's CRM software. To nurture and interact with new leads and keep hold of existing ones, you may build up personalized processes and customized marketing campaigns.

Additionally, you may design tailored outreach programs and categorize leads according to their acquisition source.

24/7 Customer Support

Employees may obtain the information they want from the chatbot without calling customer service. They may have extra time. The chatbot may also be used by businesses to offer round-the-clock customer service. It is a useful tool for the real estate sector as it enables teams to swiftly acquire data from their website about possible clients.

Communication Tracking

You can keep track of and monitor the history of your communications with your leads with Pipedrive. Additionally, it lets you know when a lead opens an email or SMS, which may help you rank leads and provide relevant material at the appropriate moment.

Pipedrive also automatically records and updates all conversations so that you may reflect on them as required. 

Easy to Book Meetings

Meetings with potential clients can be scheduled using the chatbot. The ability to swiftly and easily organize appointments with potential clients makes this a useful tool for businesses.

Pipedrive enables you to create and modify your chatbot without knowing any programming. Your chatbot's name, avatar, color, and template are all customizable. Additionally, you may add as many questions as you like and edit the answers.

You may make your own or utilize pre-made templates and questions. The chatbot may enquire about the visitor's company through the chat window, To generate new leads with Pipedrive.

Intuitive Interface

The ease of use of Pipedrive CRM's user interface is one of its greatest advantages. For start-ups or sales teams, an intuitive and simple design is crucial.

The platform's easy customization is another perk. Changes can be made by teams based on their tastes and needs.

Contact Management

Users can access a central database through Pipedrive, where they may store and manage client data. Contact information, listings, past transactions, and more are available in Pipedrive.

Agents may further filter and organize your contact list by asking potential clients what they are interested in when adding a new contact.

Additionally, the contact record may add custom fields, which helps keep data relevant to your small business or sector.


Pipedrive provides several automation technologies that help expand your sales operations. Workflows, contacts, lead conversations, and notifications may all be automated to help you complete your activities more quickly.

Email Integration.

Unorganized lead and customer data can quickly cause a decline in revenue. Businesses need a mechanism to record those conversations and quickly follow up on consumer encounters.

You can keep track of all client interactions in one location, thanks to Pipedrive's email connection capability. You won't ever miss a chance to make a sale if you do it this way.

Analytics & Reporting.

Each CRM product has to have powerful reporting features. Pipedrive provides several personalized dashboards and reports that may provide useful information about your sales success and recommendations for development.

A single, shared dashboard allows you to set individual tasks or objectives for each sales team member.

Third-party Integrations

Utilizing Pipedrive CRM has the added benefit of interacting with other systems, a useful tool.

Zapier, Mailchimp, Google Calendar, and Slack are just a few third-party programs that Pipedrive works with. It enables you to centralize your tools and automate your sales process.

You may make triggers and actions when you combine Pipedrive with Zapier.

In Pipedrive, triggers are events that occur, such as creating a new lead. Actions are events in other programs, such as sending an email or setting up a meeting. The Android and iOS apps for Pipedrive allow you to view your sales data. On a mobile device, you may utilize Pipedrive's web interface. The navigation of both of these applications is identical to that of the desktop version.

How Does the Pipedrive CRM Work?

As a cloud-based CRM solution, Pipedrive is accessible from any device with an internet connection and is hosted online. Additionally, it implies that no software installation or upgrades are required because Pipedrive takes care of everything for you.

Pipedrive focuses on offering the most crucial features and tools required to complete more business while being straightforward to use. The pipeline view, the primary screen, shows a list of all your transactions organized by their stage in the sales process. It generates new deals and monitors your progress toward your sales goals. Additionally, you may add or delete any columns from the pipeline view that are not important to you.

The contacts screen, the other primary screen, shows a list of every contact you have and their contact information. This information contains their name, contact information (phone, email), and any comments you have about them. The contacts tab also allows you to examine any transactions or deals that your existing connections are a part of and add new contacts.

Additionally, Pipedrive provides several tools and capabilities to aid customers in managing the sales processes. It includes setting up email reminders, building custom reports, and many other things.

Pipedrive CRM: Pricing and Plans

The plans are the following:

  1. Pipedrive CRM Essential Plan - $9.90 per user per month
  2. Pipedrive CRM Advanced Plan - $19.90 per user per month
  3. Pipedrive CRM Professional Plan - $39.90 per user per month
  4. Pipedrive CRM Enterprise Plan - $59.90 per user per month

Pipedrive CRM Pros

Simple to Use

Even for total beginners, the program is straightforward and simple to use!


It is a service that small businesses can afford with prices that start at $18 per month per user and increase gradually.

Pipeline management

To aid in structuring your sales process, you are provided an infinite number of pipelines and properties.


On all plans, Pipedrive CRM offers round-the-clock chat and email support.

Pipedrive CRM Cons

2-Way Syncing

Upgraded plans may sync with your email program (such as Gmail). The workaround is a little awkward.

No Email Marketing

Contrary to several other CRM solutions, Pipedrive does not offer this capability. The funnel is a top-rated software on Pipedrive Marketplace and was created exclusively for people searching for a close interface between your email marketing and CRM.

No free plan

Pipedrive does not, regrettably, provide a free plan. However, you may use the program for 14 days without charge.

Pipedrive CRM Alternatives

EngageBay CRM

Sales pipeline management, marketing automation, contact management, omnichannel marketing, and a visual workflow automation builder are some prominent features of Engagebay. Moreover, it offers project management, mobile apps, knowledge bases, and many other features.

We think trying out the program is the greatest method to determine if you're making the proper decision. Pipedrive has a 14-day free trial, but no free package is available.

Hubspot CRM

What distinguishes Hubspot CRM as a top Pipedrive substitute? Since the software is initially free, entrepreneurs and independent contractors might consider it. Additionally, it allows sales teams to carry out their duties effectively without altering their current procedures. Small and medium-sized organizations may find the basic functionality offered by this system beneficial. Still, larger firms with more complex demands may find it lacking in depth and breadth.

The CRM platform Hubspot has several native connectors, including BigCommerce, Dropbox, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and others. Top features include email connections, a corporate database, social media and website integration, tracking and scheduling, and templates. Additionally, HubSpot CRM is simple to use and is available for free.

Insightly CRM

Despite being simple to use, it has a significant impact. The Insightly platform is managing an increasing number of company operations. You can use it to stay in touch with all of your friends and coworkers at once. It offers simple Sales Force Automation software that allows us to manage our contacts from anywhere.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is a comprehensive CRM platform that links businesses with their clients. It provides a 360-degree perspective of the consumer to your company's sales, marketing, and other divisions so they may provide individualized interactions.

Depending on the roles, sectors, or types of businesses that clients are in, Salesforce CRM is tailored to meet their demands. There is the ideal Salesforce plan for you, regardless of whether you run a small firm with ten people, an expanding team, or a huge corporation.

Companies may close more transactions thanks to Salesforce CRM since they have extensive access to vital customer data. You may quickly deliver tailored communications to prospects using Salesforce CRM, increasing client retention and happiness. 

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is an all-in-one, free company management tool that serves both major corporations and small to medium-sized organizations. It strives to streamline fundamental company activities by integrating crucial tools for lead management, sales force automation, marketing, and customer support into a single platform. It is an award-winning CRM solution. 

Users may do this to quickly delegate duties, adjust workflows, eliminate repetitive chores, and improve client relations. Managers can monitor operations while on the road because of its mobile accessibility, and distant workers may easily view the status of projects. Additionally, even while they are on the go, sales team members can keep up with consumers.


In conclusion, Pipedrive CRM improves customer relationships with the brands. The solution with advanced capabilities, chatbots, and crisp reporting, Pipedrive CRM, helps businesses of any size. But it is an excellent CRM software for start-ups to medium-sized businesses. Its features like contact management, ease to use, reports and analytics, automation, and templates help you establish a better platform for your business. Like any other software, Pipedrive CRM has its pros and cons. If you are not interested in Pipedrive, you can also try the alternatives and choose.



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Table of Contents

  • What is Pipedrive?
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  • What are the features of Pipedrive?
  • How Does the Pipedrive CRM Work?
  • Pipedrive CRM: Pricing and Plans
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  • Pipedrive CRM Pros
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  • Pipedrive CRM Cons
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  • Pipedrive CRM Alternatives
  • Conclusion