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Instabot Tutorial: How to use instabot in 2024

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Jan 19, 202422 min read
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  • What is InstaBot?
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  • Instabot Tutorial: How to use InstaBot? 
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Do you know conversational marketing has a more significant impact than traditional marketing? Conversational marketing is proactive, and it offers a better understanding of clients and prospects. This software is more dynamic and helps in speeding conversion cycles. But what is conversion marketing software? It can be a chatbot like Instabot( Continue Reading For Instabot Tutorial) Instabot is an AI conversion chatbot for social media platforms like Meta. It is platform-agnostic and connects to any NLP, including Lex, Dialogflow,, etc. It assists in lead generation, auto-route leads, booking meetings instantly, and improving support. Furthermore, it helps in enhancing personalized user experience and marketing by augmenting onboarding. How to use instabot in 2024? Continue reading this article, and learn how to use Instabot to your advantage. 

What is InstaBot?

What is InstaBot Instabot is known as a conversion chatbot that learns about your users. Instabot uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to learn rapidly and answer hundreds of queries. Then instantaneously curates material, answers queries, collects contacts, and schedules appointments. This conversational marketing and experience platform has boosted conversions while lowering expenses. In minutes, you can develop, integrate, and launch Instabot on your website or as a landing page. Transfer data acquired by Instabot to your CRM, marketing automation, email systems, or internal portals quickly. You can live chat with consumers, see extensive bot data, get optimization advice, and change your bot on the fly after it's launched.    As mentioned on their official site, it has the following features:

  1. Easy to Use Builder
  2. Rich Media
  3. Customizable UI
  4. Set goals throughout the bot
  5. Book meetings directly in the bot
  6. Integration with Google Calendar and Office 365
  7. Google Calendar
  8. Office 365
  9. Book a meeting link
  10. Comprehensive Bot Analytics
  11. Analyze popular bot flows
  12. Set and track your goals
  13. Export bot responses
  14. Robust User Profiles
  15. Capture user details based on bot answers
  16. Segment Users
  17. Export user data
  18. Marketing attribution metrics
  19. Natural Language Processing
  20. 1-click integrations
  21. Bots that get smarter
  22. Live chat with users
  23. Real-time notifications
  24. Mobile Apps
  25. Webhooks
  26. Script node
  27. Robust library support
  28. Manage Leads via CRM Integrations
  29. Sync leads seamlessly with Salesforce & Oracle Eloqua
  30. Create meeting events


Instabot Tutorial: How to use InstaBot? 

Like, any other bot, Instabot also has various features. As mentioned above, it's time to learn how to use each feature for your uses.   

Instabot Tutorial: How to choose the pages of your site to display the bot

Step 1: Determine whether the bot should appear on each page of your site where you install JavaScript or if it should only appear on specific sites. 

Step 2: "Launch on every page." Your bot will appear on every page of your website due to this. 

Step 3: Select "Launch on a particular page(s)" from the drop-down menu. The bot will only appear on the pages you specified.   For example, if a user is on a page discussing price plans, you may construct a bot that asks for details to register an account. 

Step 4: Add a trigger that requires the term 'price' in the URL.  The bot will only appear if the page URL contains the term 'price' when published.  

Instabot Tutorial: How to include new URL requirements?

To display the bot on all sites with a few restrictions, you may specify various URL criteria, including Does Not Contain conditions. When should you use "any" instead of "all"?

  1. "all" instructs Instabot that each trigger must match the bot to appear.
  2.  "any," informs Instabot that it must trigger one of the triggers for the bot to appear.


Instabot Tutorial: How to set how the bot should open?

Step 1: Navigate to the Triggers page's How section. 

Step 2: Choose from Persistent Button, Automatic Launch, or "Both" types of launches. 

Step 3: When the website loads, the bot will run immediately, and it will remain available as a permanent button.  

Instabot Tutorial: How to control when a bot launches?

Instabot Tutorial How to control when a bot launches_ You may control not just how but also when your bot launches. These options are available in the When section of the Triggers page.  You can set up these controls in a variety of ways:

  1. Set a time delay for your bot to appear on your website. After your website has fully loaded, this is the amount of time your bot should wait before launching.
  2. A bot may emerge when a user scrolls down a specific amount on your page or screen. Set the bot to fire when the following conditions hold: 
  3. The number of pixels browsed 
  4. You can set it up by the percentage of the pages users scroll.
  5. You may even choose when a bot is active and dormant! Toggle off the "Always active" option and enter your preferred dates, hours, and timezone. It is helpful if you have a bot designed for offline hours or a specific promotion period for your items.


Instabot Tutorial: How to customize the appearance of Instabot?

Step 1: Go to the Bot Appearance page. 

Step 2: Select option 3. Appearance tab when editing your bot. 

Step 3: Set your Brand Color The brand color is a simple method to change the look and feel of your bot. Changing the brand color affects: 

  1. The color of your Avatar's backdrop.
  2. Change the Bot Header's color.
  3. Choose a color for the user's response bubble.
  4. Change the Persistent Button's color.

All of these are adjustable separately under Advanced Settings. 

Step 4: Add an Avatar to your profile. 

Step 5: You may add an avatar that reflects your brand, such as your corporate logo. 

Step 6: To upload a file from your computer, select Upload your picture. Recommended Size: 150x150 pixels Note: You won't be able to change the remaining options if you're on the Basic Subscription. To personalize further, you must have the Standard plan. 

Step 7: Change the font of the message and the color of the bubbles. The following options let you change your bot's default typeface and message bubble colors. The preview will refresh as you adjust the colors, allowing you to iterate until you find the appropriate design. 

Step 8: Add a Custom Persistent Button to your page. 

Step 9: The permanent Button will be the Instabot logo with your company's color scheme. You may, however, upload a button image asset from your PC. Suggested Size = 500x500 pixels 

Step 10: Select "Show fullscreen options" next to the Widget Options label to alter the Fullscreen Settings.  

How to set up Email and Real-time Alerts

Use Alerts to be notified when users interact with your bots or accomplish particular milestones in their chat with your bot. 

Step 1:  Go to the Alerts page. 

Step 2: When modifying a bot, go to the 4. Alerts tab: 

Step 3: You may customize alert settings for each bot under the Alerts Tab throughout the bot building/editing process.  

Step 4: Turn on Email or Real-time notifications using the toggle; you may get an email and real-time browser alerts.   There are two ways to get notifications:

  1. You can get an email notification using email alters in the following ways:
  2. Whenever a task is complete within the bot
  3. All interactions with the bot.

It's not only Instabot admins that can send email notifications to particular persons on their team. You may also choose whether you want an alert the first time a new user interacts with the bot or whether you want a notification every time   

  1. Real-time alerts will send a browser message whenever:
  2.  the bot is activated, 
  3. all interactions with the bot,
  4. Whenever you achieve a goal with the bot's assistance

You must utilize browser notifications if you're using Instabot Live Chat! You may pick which specific objectives you want to get information for if you choose Goal fulfillment.   Mobile Apps You may also download our iOS and Android apps to receive real-time notifications when consumers interact with your bots right on your phone. It will allow you to keep an eye on Live conversation and continue it.  

How to publish your Instabot?

Instabot Tutorial How to publish your Instabot_ 

Step 1: Copy JavaScript snippet 

Step 2: Copy the piece of code from the "Deploy" tab of your bot and put it on your site. 

Step 3: Note that all of your bots use the same Javascript snippet. Thus it doesn't matter which deploy screen you use if you have many bots! Based on the Triggers you've set up, Instabot will choose which bot to activate. 

Step 4: Use a Website Builder. Like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, or Google Tag Manager to administer your site 

Step 5: Paste JavaScript into your Website. If you're not using one of the platforms listed above, paste that code into your site's head> element. 

Step 6: Your bot should now be active if you've previously published it! If you haven't done so already, this is the last step before you can see your bot in action on your website.  

Step 7: When you click Publish, a pop-up window will appear, allowing you to examine all of your selections.  

Step 8: Go ahead and publish when you're ready!  

Step 9: Your bot is live!  

The Bottom line

InstaBot is a software tool for automating and replicating human manual processes. It is an AI chatbot and helps build the easiest, fastest way to create an AI chatbot. It allows you to build and launch chatbots on your websites within a few minutes.    It has tools designed for using AI with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). This chatbot provides an organic and sophisticated human-like conversation.    If you're looking for an alternative, try BotPenguin. BotPenguin is an intuitive, flexible, easy-to-build, and managed AI chatbot platform for any business sector.  

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