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How can BotPenguin help your Restaurant Biz?

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Oct 23, 20234 min read
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    Table of content

  • Introduction
  • 1. BotPenguin chatbots makes reservations better
  • 2. BotPenguin chatbots facilitates takeout and delivery
  • 3. Raise the bar on profit-making
  • 4. BotPenguin chatbots compile data
  • 5. BotPenguin chatbots offer 24-hour client service
  • 6. BotPenguin chatbots provide linguistic support
  • 7. With BotPenguin chatbots, you don't have to break the bank
  • Conclusion


The use cases for chatbots are expanding, and restaurants chatbots are still a relatively recent development. 

It's still significant since it has a direct impact on how effectively a restaurant can operate and provide for its patrons.

If we talk about chatbot service, about 25% of companies are using chatbots for their customer service.

The idea that customer service is a topic of discussion in the hotel sector seems obvious. 

Nevertheless, here's how using BotPenguin’s chatbots in restaurants might improve the way you treat your customers:

1. BotPenguin chatbots makes reservations better

Especially now that there are so many online takeaway choices, managing reservations and taking customer orders might take a lot of time. 

Charges may occasionally be incorrect due to human mistakes.

If you deploy a BotPenguin chatbot on your website, app, social media accounts, or a phone system, you can engage with customers quickly.

These time-consuming tasks may be automated by chatbots while still guaranteeing that all orders are accurate. Reducing human error will boost customer trust and loyalty. 

However, the restaurant business is sizable and is expanding swiftly. 

2. BotPenguin chatbots facilitates takeout and delivery

It might be challenging for customers to place a takeout order. Contrarily, chatbots expedite and streamline the process.

While chatting with the chatbot, they can place an order with your restaurant on Facebook or through the chat window on your website.

3. Raise the bar on profit-making

Hotels have to shell out a fortune to get any traffic. Sponsored apps and other types of advertising accounted for the majority of that traffic. 

A hotel chatbot may make sure that the guests' time is well-used.

A chatbot may be used on any service the user desires. What's even better is that AI-made chatbots don't need continual supervision as people do. 

A chatbot for hotels regularly interacting with guests can decrease bounce rates and boost client loyalty.

4. BotPenguin chatbots compile data

As soon as a customer starts a conversation, you must complete a few formalities before offering assistance.

Determine the account they're referring to, then make sure they are authorized to discuss it in secret terms. 

The last step is to understand how their question is resolved. Research may take some time, especially for customers who want to learn more. 

Customers will wait less longer if customer care agents use a chatbot to acquire this data before connecting with someone.

5. BotPenguin chatbots offer 24-hour client service

The chatbots at BotPenguin are available around-the-clock, every day of the week, and are always ready to respond.

Chatbots may provide useful responses to every message, no matter how mundane, increasing the chances of converting first-time visitors into active customers.

6. BotPenguin chatbots provide linguistic support

Many individuals in your company may be bilingual or multilingual. 

Some languages, on the other hand, are not commonly spoken, giving omniscient chatbots an edge over human operators.

Furthermore, unlike a human customer service team, chatbots can manage hundreds of inquiries at the same time. 

BotPenguin chatbots are a significant tool since they enable your company to perform effective, global customer service.

7. With BotPenguin chatbots, you don't have to break the bank

It is possible that you will find the chatbot confusing; it is possible that your budget will exceed it.

We'd be delighted to prove you wrong. 

BotPenguin earns extremely little money while maintaining high quality. 

There are three plans:

  • It is free to have a baby plan.
  • The King Plan costs $4.17 per month.
  • Contact the merchant about the Emperor Plan.


It's a general fallacy that chatbots will replace employment in traditional customer assistance. 

Chatbots support the customer care crew as a substitute. When necessary, BotPenguin contacts a human customer care agent through the customer support team. 

By automating the time-consuming customer service tasks, it also simplifies the user experience for customers. 

BotPenguin works to give people a highly customized user experience based on real-time feedback.

With the help of BotPenguin, you can tailor your brand effectively and efficiently. 

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