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Jul 10, 202410 min read

How can a Chatbot Improve E-Commerce Customer Experience

Updated onJul 10, 202410 min read
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  • Statistics on how chatbots elevated customer services
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  • E-Commerce Chatbot enhances customer services 
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In the past few years, online shopping and e-commerce have gained significant consideration. And on the other hand, a customer service chatbot is how people interact with brands and businesses. Things change automatically and become positive when the bot is of high quality and intelligent enough. 

Pew Research Center survey suggests there's been a tremendous change in Americans' behavior in recent years as they prefer to shop directly through social media platforms these days. In the era of conversational marketing, the only way to win prospects is to add some personal touch. There is a considerable paradigm seen in the eCommerce industry with the integration of bots in Facebook messenger. This opened a whole new channel for businesses to sell their products and services. The customer service chatbot tightens the gap of customization that online buyers face while purchasing. 

AI chatbots are specially designed to replicate human conversation as they exhibit how they deliver solutions in the same manner. It enables users to ping their favorite brand on Facebook or any other platform and get all the needed information about the latest collection as more. Moreover, they can also get recommendations on styles that they would prefer. Although bot is one of the newest trends, its popularity can be proved by the fact that 80% of businesses wanted bots by 2020 and more. 

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Statistics on how chatbots elevated customer services

It is estimated that 95% of purchases will be made digitally or online by 2040. 

2. Gartner suggests 47% of companies will deploy chatbots for customer care and 40% will use virtual assistants.

3. Lauren Foye says that by 2022, the banking sector can automate up to 90% of their customer conversations via bot for customer service. 

4. As per Opus Research, 4.5 billion dollars will be invested in customer service chatbot by 2021. 

5. 27% of adult clients in the US are ready to purchase essential goods via eCommerce chatbot, 13% of adults at least bought one expensive item using customer service chatbot, by Drift

6. Adobe says that 28% of leading companies use artificial intelligence, while 31% plan to use it in the next 12 months. 

7. Convince and Convert study conveys that 15% of US consumers believe that nothing can stop them from using bots. 

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E-Commerce Chatbot enhances customer services 

 Now the real thing is, how satisfied are the users of instant messaging interfaces? We live in a society where customers expect experience provided by market giants such as Amazon, Netflix, Lyft, tinder, and more. Now let's discuss some of the highlights of how exactly eCommerce chatbot refurbishing businesses CSS's. 

1. Takes over repetitive mechanical tasks 

CSS (customer support services) isn't only about actual selling or consulting on the merchandise. It's quite often; users contact the business to ask general questions such as the nearest store? What are your working hours? When will my order be delivered? And more.  

In this case, assign the job to an eCommerce chatbot and save your time doing repetitive tasks. An accurately designed customer service chatbot can easily support the business and help put off the burden from the human staff. You can also save costs by reducing low-skilled postin hirings. 

2. Improves conversion rates

If you don't know how and where to have the quality leads, you need to engage customers more. You need to know visiting a landing page won't give you a higher conversion rate. It might be possible for a potential buyer to see your site or e-store numerous times and won't leave a trace. Even if you go the traffic with forms (asking for some necessary information such as name, e-mail address, and more), there is less possibility that you'll get a bunch of qualified leads. Hence, you need to effectively strategize your whole process as opt-in forms are sometimes annoying, and visitors are reluctant to fill in lengthy forms.  

While with a customer service chatbot, you can easily collect leads in a far more natural and seamless way as compared to the standard static forms. Your users won't be flooded with the lengthy request, but rather bare minimum text. In this way, your CSS will be smoother and get in touch regularly with your customer base. 

3. Delivers personalized services 

Customer service chatbot is powered by AI, which gives the ability to collect relevant customer information. This information is used to make better product recommendations. It helps in understanding customer needs, likes, dislikes, and preferences. Hence, this allows you to deliver a personalized user experience and build better relationships and affinity. Moreover, an eCommerce chatbot also notifies customers when items are out of stock, and the fresh collection comes, suggests appropriate alternatives as per the need, and other order details. Not only this, the prospects can easily track their order if they feel like they can also cancel anytime by just giving a command to the bot. If anyone of them has any regarding anything they can ask FAQs and can end all their confusion. H&M's one of the retail giants is having a bot from which customers can ask questions about their style and deliver products accordingly. 

4. Round the clock open 

Customers want brands to be there for them and offer support round the clock. Having a customer support staff is an expensive option. With a bot for customer service, you can eliminate the operational cost and ensure that prospects are catered to immediately without further delay. Hence, offering 24/7 services is a great way to provide better customer relationships.  

5. Eliminates IVR via customer service chatbot  

One of the most annoying parts of CSS is interactive voice response (IVR) systems during phone calls. These systems ask some specific questions and root the prospect's call based on their voice responses. These systems are highly structured, routing the prospects through each response until it reaches the pre-programmed place.  

A bot for customer service can be used in a similar way but with less IVR induced processes. With bots, customers feel like their voice is being heard and understood, and they try to lead them towards either an answer or an appropriate human agent. 

6. Cart recovery 

An eCommerce chatbot can also be a great source of revenue via an abandoned cart. It can remind the customer that their product is waiting and if they wish to proceed further or clean it. These occasional reminders push customers to revisit their cart and enable them to purchase some stuff, if not all, the items. 

7. Your billing agent

Do you know bot for customer service is not only interactive but can be your billing agent too! And making checking out more smooth. They can handle the billing desk with the same efficiency and accuracy as any other human cashier beyond imagination. Online shoppers can browse the needed product, add them to the cart and make payment with due flexibility. Hence, a customer service chatbot will perform all these tasks without human intervention. Thus, you can substitute your compassionate staff with a smart bot.  

8. Helps in cross-selling and Up-selling  

With the innovation of an eCommerce chatbot, a better time and age has come where businesses and brands utilize the push notification features. The customer service chatbot responds quickly when your prospects reciprocate to your offers or recommendations. With this, it'll help you make the most of your cross-sell and up-sell attempts.

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Table of Contents

  • Statistics on how chatbots elevated customer services
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  • E-Commerce Chatbot enhances customer services