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Jul 10, 202418 min read

Helpcrunch: A Complete Review 2024

Updated onJul 10, 202418 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What is Helpcrunch? 
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  • Highlight the existing features of Helpcrunch:
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  • Helpcrunch Pricing
  • Shortcomings of Helpcrunch:
  • Helpcrunch Alternatives 
  • Helpcrunch Integrations 
  • Conclusion
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Omnichannel marketing is a big hit today. Brands that provide customer support and market on multiple channels will grow. You can retain up to 90% of your consumers with this strategy. 

What's next? How to implement it?

There are numerous options available to help you market and provide support on various channels. However, you need to identify which one best aligns with your goals and expectations.

One popular provider is HelpCrunch. Helpcrunch is a Multi-communication business platform that lets you manage email communication and live chat in the same place. More than 2,074 live websites using HelpCrunch.

You can integrate Helpcrunch with a few website builders and some e-commerce platforms. It also offers built-in settings for iOS and Android applications. 

Is the right option for you? Let's Find out together!

What is Helpcrunch? 

Helpcrunch is a modern and powerful customer communication software or platform with e-support and marketing features. It's a modern and well-featured product that can serve customer support and marketing efforts and can be recommended for most companies, particularly e-commerce sites. Smaller organizations with fewer than five agents and larger businesses that can afford to pay up to $50 per agent can benefit from what Helpcrunch offers. 

For instance, Helpcrunch includes multi-channel communication, analytics, tagging, surveys, feedback, email marketing, help desk, knowledge base, pop-ups, auto-messages, etc. Helpcrunch helps drive more sales and upgrade current the retention rate of current clients.

Highlight the existing features of Helpcrunch:

Helpcrunch provides a variety of features. Let's discuss some of the main features of Helpcrunch:

1. Live Chat

Live chat allows you to connect with website visitors and is used by many people. It solves questions and provides real-time support too. Helpcrunch presents an adaptable and customized live chat that you can easily use. 

Inbox- inbox is the code of the entire health guns platform. We have reimagined the agent chat to bring you a faster, easier, and more modern way. Your support and sales teams to connect with assist leads and customers. To further improve your workflow and productivity, Helpcrunch recommends utilizing the power of custom inboxes for private and shared use. You can apply filters like conversation status, assignee, tags, departments, and widgets. You can make this new inbox accessible to everyone on your team or mark it as private, so only you can see and use it. What's also convenient is that you can filter conversations by unread ones or do a quick search for contact and messages. Once you open a particular conversation and send your first reply to a customer, this conversation will automatically get assigned to you. You may also reassign the conversation to your colleague or another department at any time. Change the status of the conversation, snooze it, mark it as in red or email the conversation transcript to yourself or your customer. You can switch from chat to email channel to send important follow-ups and leave quick private notes for your team to resolve issues faster. You can attach images and files and send a help article from your knowledge base. You can also access extended editable notes, user path, device information, and user actions. 

It is everything you need to have a meaningful contact-driven conversation with customers. Use inbox to assist your leads and customers grow sales, improving customer satisfaction, and building long-lasting customer relationships. 

2. Automated Messages

Automated messages are every marketer's best friend as it helps you to engage automatically yet in a personalized way. The possibilities are endless by sending the right message at the right time with auto-messages. You can greet your website visitors and fill your pipeline with more qualified conversations and leads. Streamline new user onboarding re-engage inactive audiences via email, and upsell existing customers. You get a bunch of templates out of the box. The simplest use case for auto-messages would be creating a proactive message. You can also insert user attributes like the user's name into your messages. Moreover, you can add the number of purchases they have made once you pass your customer usage data to Helpcrunch. Email auto messages are helpful when it comes to automating your onboarding and user engagement processes. 

Manual messages- For manual messages, you can choose whether to spread via email or chat, and the rest of the settings here are pretty much the same as in auto-messages. In addition to manual messages via email, you can use pre-made templates or create, save and manage your own. Use it to engage your audience and drive your bottom line by announcing what's new, asking for feedback, and launching time-limited deals. 

3. Knowledge Base

With a Knowledge base, your customer can find instant answers to their questions independently. You can turn your knowledge base on and start creating help articles to answer the most common customer questions, walk them through key product features, and so on. You can style your text, insert images, and so much more. You can also set up the knowledge base the way you prefer under the settings menu. Building and maintaining a helpful knowledge base requires some resources but the rewards in the form of improved customer satisfaction and decreased customer team workload are worth it. 

4. Pop-ups

Pop-ups are your auto messages that look a bit different. They help generate more website leads on autopilot, effectively grabbing the visitor's attention at the right time. You can fully customize the look of your pop-up, adjust the pop-up's position color, and change the animation and all of the text you see in the preview. One of the most common use cases for pop-ups is when your visitor is about to leave your website, in most cases being gone forever. Still, with the exit intent pop-up, you get one last chance to make them stay on your website. Use pop-ups to encourage your users to perform the target action and convert them into leads. 

5. Reports

Reports are your go-to resource for tracking customer communication and team stats. They are divided into inbox, emails, and knowledge base reports. The most important ones are inbox reports which tell you how well your team performs and how satisfied your customers are. The performance report shows the number of new and closed chats, first response time, and time to close. The satisfaction report provides data on how great your customer's experience was. 

An email report is pretty straightforward. It tells you how many emails you have sent over the last 30 days, broken down into several categories. Lastly, Knowledge base reports give you actionable insights on how helpful your help center can be. Frankly speaking, it's impossible to know what customers are thinking. Still, with the failed searches report, you can see what customers were looking for in your knowledge base. Also, you can create new articles based on those queries. 

Helpcrunch Pricing


It costs $12 monthly. It will generate an annual bill for businesses. 

  1. One chat widget
  2. Three chat auto-messages
  3. Three pop-ups
  4. Help desk
  5. Knowledge base
  6. Full customization
  7. HelpCrunch branding
  8. Live chat support


It costs $20 monthly. Businesses get an annual bill.

  1. Five chat widgets
  2. Unlimited chat auto-messages
  3. Unlimited pop-ups
  4. Help desk
  5. Knowledge base
  6. Advanced customization
  7. Remove HelpCrunch branding
  8. High-priority live chat support


The cost is discussed directly with a vendor. 

  1. Everything in Premium
  2. 5+ chat widgets
  3. 20+ team members
  4. Personal onboarding assistant

Shortcomings of Helpcrunch:

  1. There is a notification issue in Helpcrunch, so the customer's message might get missed. 
  2. Helpcrunch does not provide any desktop application. 
  3. The chat widget is a bit slow. 
  4. It has difficulty in the vendor communication process. 

Helpcrunch Alternatives 

Here are some alternatives that are worth looking at if you want the same benefits in cheaper options:

  1. BotPenguin
  2. Gist
  3. Intercom
  4. Drift
  5. Freshchat
  6. Zendesk
  7. QCRM

Helpcrunch Integrations 

Helpcrunch has integrations with much popular software such as

  1. OpenCart
  2. Jimdo
  3. PrestaShop
  4. Shopify
  5. Tumblr
  6. Fluid
  7. Big Cartel
  8. 3DCart
  9. Magento
  10. SpaceCraft


Helpcrunch, giving justice to its name, helps many businesses with crucial support and marketing features. It offers Customizable Branding, GeoTargeting, Knowledge Database, Offline Form, Persistent Chat, Proactive Invitations, Shortcut Messages, and Visitor Targeting, which attract leads. However, it has a few drawbacks too, which are genuinely minimal. It integrates with many popular tools. Considering all these, it can be an excellent product for your business that will efficiently fulfill your needs. 

As an alternative, you can go for BotPenguin, with great integrations, freemium offers, and unique features.

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Table of Contents

  • What is Helpcrunch? 
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  • Highlight the existing features of Helpcrunch:
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  • Helpcrunch Pricing
  • Shortcomings of Helpcrunch:
  • Helpcrunch Alternatives 
  • Helpcrunch Integrations 
  • Conclusion