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Mar 21, 20236 min read

9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Drip CRM

Updated onMar 21, 20236 min read
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  • Drip CRM: a brief insight!
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  • 9 facts about Drip CRM that will blow your mind!
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  • Perks of Drip CRM
  • Wrapping it up
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It's 2022, and most businesses now require customer relationship management (CRM) software. Companies are increasingly realizing the value of CRM. Without one, competing and growing your business is more difficult than ever.

Since new subscribers can only view new emails and will never have access to the first emails you would send out to your list, email newsletters are likely in a side race today. 

Drip has become a dedicated e-commerce CRM or EC RM, the core of their marketing automation, as of January 2018. Drip CRM increased revenue by 22% in a year.

Drip is an email service, but it also integrates with Facebook ads and a variety of sales and project management tools to extend automation. 

As with any good email marketing software, they're quickly expanding into other channels, such as SMS.

Drip CRM software recaptured 29% of abandoned carts, as well as dozens of other common sequences tailored to the user's browsing history.

Split testing allows you to determine the best-abandoned cart or post-purchase sequence images and copywriting to squeeze out that extra revenue. 

To know more facts about Drip CRM, keep on reading!

Drip CRM: a brief insight!

Drip is a marketing automation platform designed for e-commerce that uses email, in-house resources, and close third-party integrations to boost sales. 

Drip CRM makes it easy to migrate, and the segmentation options make it easy to slice and dice your customer database. 

However, you may need to customize your marketing automation.

9 facts about Drip CRM that will blow your mind!

1. Provides a skyrocketing level of customer engagement

Customer engagement rates are surged by delivering personalized and to-the-point messages to the exact contacts at the right time. 

2. Make a significant impact on your bottom line

The businesses, which include managing leads, experience a genuine upliftment in revenue. 

Research from Gartner quantifies this increase at 10% or more in just 6 to 9 months. 

The low monthly cost of running a drip CRM means that you want a 10% growth in revenue, turning straight into profits. 

3. Drip CRM grew revenues by 22% in 12 months

It is possible by offering discounts to people who don't buy products at their actual or total price. 

4. A/B testing like never before

For send times, the gap between emails, CTA text, content length, content type, email subject lines, etc., A/B testing is the best option. 

5. 29% of abandoned carts were recaptured by Drip

Drip can be applied to those who abandon theirs and don't take the time to make a purchase, especially when you have tried many discounts and other appeals but can't convince them.

Drip, however, resonates with your brand, catches readers' attention, and encourages them to return to the website to complete their purchase.

6. Drip saves a lot of time

Drip CRMs automate tedious tasks and streamline cumbersome procedures, saving you and your team an absurd amount of time and effort.

You'll have more productivity, better mental balance, and fewer doctor visits.

CRMs can increase productivity by up to 34%, and marketing automation platforms typically increase it by 20%.

7. Emails can have open rates of up to 54% & clickthrough rates of 28%

The total drip funding is US $ 1.6 million, and Drip's Annual revenue is US $ 17.5 million. 

The three email drip sequences can be implemented for cart abandonment. 

It will send an email 30 minutes after a missed purchase, discounts after 23 hours, and deeper discounts after 4 days. 

8. Follow up on no responses

Drip CRM doesn't give up easily when the customers do not react to the drip emails; instead, it creates a solid follow-up sequence and automatically activates after some ignored emails. 

9. Drip includes one CTA per message

Messages sent in excess don't work. Drip limits the sending to once or twice per week. 

Perks of Drip CRM

Let's discuss some effective perks of Drip CRM:

1. Lead nurturing

One of the most important ways to generate leads is effective nurturing. The Drip CRM with comprehensive solutions takes the lead nurturing to the next level as compared to email marketing. 

The key aspect of lead nurturing is to reach within time with proper information and subsequent engagement according to the lead's status. 

Drip CRM software ensures that the lead is generated through the sales process with multi-channel and multi-action plans to deliver the message at the right place. 

Drip CRM helps in automatic lead nurturing, the campaign flow gets triggered based on the moment the lead is captured. 

2. Delivery on time

Drip with its extent to timely delivery of the most applicable message without any physical interactions drives more revenue than any other email marketing campaign. 

Its outstanding ability to prosper the needs of customers and deliver information automatically leads to better engagement between customers. 

Drip CRM emails are triggered by user reaction and higher relevancy. It also reduces the reaction time providing you with the benefit of the first respondent. 

3. Automation

Another major advantage of drip CRM is that it offers complete automation of the campaign flow. The resources are saved because you don't need to create individual emails to send them to different leads. 

Not only saves time and effort but also allows the marketing team to utilize that time for devising better plans and analyzing the performances to improvise the campaigns. 

4. Integration

Drip comprises valuable integration, the software usability can be extended by the user to connect it with other supported solutions and applications. 

This offers users to gain more insights about their clients or transfer valuable information from one device to another in a flawless manner. 

5. Awareness

Drip helps to share the values of your brand and grow awareness. 

In fact, an incredible 56% of people remain loyal to companies who “get them,” and an even larger 89% stick with brands that share their core values. 

43% of consumers actually spend more of their hard-earned cash on brands they’re loyal to.

Wrapping it up

Now you know what drip CRM is and what it takes to succeed with drip marketing.

You now know what makes Drift unique from other platforms and why it is better for your company's marketing efforts than email.

They are a strong competitor in the e-commerce email marketing automation space in the CRM space thanks to their deep integrations, robust feature set, and killer design; their pricing is reasonable, their integration list is extensive, and they are expanding quickly, adding new features and integrations on a regular basis.

BotPenguin, the chatbot creator, is equipped with Natural Language Processing, which understands emotion/context as well as the content.

For more information, head onto BotPenguin today!

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Table of Contents

  • Drip CRM: a brief insight!
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  • 9 facts about Drip CRM that will blow your mind!
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  • Perks of Drip CRM
  • Wrapping it up